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Batman Batman Batman!

Transcript: Tori S. and Nicholas W. The Dark Night is a movie all about justice triumphing over evil. The movie came out in 2008 and is the second in its trilogy. The theme is positive in that justice triumphs over evil, but this movie is a little bit mysterious and dark. The Dark Night trilogy Batman Dark Knight Trilogy Batman TV show Batman TV series (1960's) Analytical comparison Batman Comics A major literary device used in the Dark Knight trilogy was foreshadowing. For instance , foreshadowing is evident in the Dark Knight Rises when the the viewer learns how the child escaped the prison and ends up being batman's opponent. Characterization was a major device used in the TV series. It was seen in how Batman himself was a typical good guy who always won, while joker was the typical bad guy and always lost. Batman, Batman, Batman! Batman Comics Constant theme The Batman TV show is a remake of the classic Batman comic books. It first aired in 1966 and ran for three seasons. This series was all about how teaching children safety. The theme song (playing) contains an upbeat rhythm and major key signature; making it a "happy song". This show reminded kids about rules of society. They reminded kids to do things like buckle their seat belts and think of safety Literary Techniques Starting in 1940 the Batman comic books were huge. They were very popular and all were about a crime fighting, vigil-ante. He fought numerous criminals. He showed the power of ordinary people. Batman was one of the first super heroes that was ordinary. He had no special powers, just tools and his dedication to help him fight crime. This was inspiring to its viewers because it showed how any average person can do great things. One doesn't need super powers to special. Justice prevails over evil. The common theme in the three selected genres is good triumphs over evil. The three genres all use different techniques to display this theme. The TV series uses more of a characterization technique. The typical good guy who always wins is Batman whereas the Joker is the bad guy who never can seem to triumph over Batman. The Comic Book series uses allegory in creating the theme. The allegory is seen in how Batman always beats the Joker giving the reader a subtle impression that evil will never win, despite any of its efforts. The movie, however, is a little different. The theme is still good beats evil it just is a little harder to spot. It uses foreshadowing in its create the theme, in the beginning of the movies you see a small almost unnoticeable scene that will foreshadow the end, when Batman wins. While all three genres have similar themes, they are displayed in different ways and other content is different. For example, while the comic book is inspiring that ordinary people can be more than ordinary, the TV show is helping children to be safe, and the movie is really dark in comparison to the rest. Allegory is used in the batman comic books. Underneath of all of the crime fighting it subtly gives the impression you don't have to be special to do good. Also it tells the reader that good triumphs over evil.

Batman Presentation

Transcript: Batman- The Dark Knight Rises We find out it's not truly the end for Bruce. He makes his house a place for orphans and passes the crime fighting onto Blake(Robin). The symbolic meaning of The Batman unites and makes Gotham powerful. The Hero's Journey Stage 2: Initiation Bruce kills the woman with the help of Catwoman. He needs to sacrifice himself and face death one last time. Crossing the Return Threshold The Road of Trials Batman refuses Alfreds wish and continues his life as Batman in Gotham. Bruce Wayne goes to his lair to retrieve his Batman suit and goes to fight Bane. Catwoman and Bane set up a trap that unfortunately leads Batman to Bane and into the prison. The Ultimate Boon Batman works out to get strong again but he realizes he has a lot to do before he can even confront Bane and try to save Gotham. Apotheosis Refusal of the Call The Magic Flight Stage 3: Return Batman goes on to live his life married to Catwoman and leaves Gotham with courage and hope. Woman as Temptress Batman meets Catwoman for the first time Call to Adventure Supernatural Aid Batman wants to continue his journey and stop the bomb from blowing up the city. Batman finds the bomb and flies it across the ocean, far away from Gotham. The bomb goes off and everyone assumes Batman is dead. Batman looks through streets everywhere looking for the bomb. He kills Bane and faces one of his "partners". He finds out she was behind this all along. Stage 1: Departure In The Dark Knight Rises Alfred begs Bruce Wayne to start a new life outside Gotham without Batman. Freedom to Live The Belly of the Whale Rescue from Without Batman fights with, but fails to defeat Bane. Bruce is finally free and can save Gotham Meeting with the Goddess Atonement with the Father Master of Two Worlds Bane and Batman finally meet each other. They fight, but ultimately Bane wins and puts Batman in the prison. Bruce talks to the prisoners to figure out how to escape and save Gotham. Crossing First Threshold Refusal of the Return Bane tells Bruce he cannot win because Bruce does not comprehend true despair and Bruce thinks he has been to hell and back but in reality, he has yet to face true evil. Bruce realizes he needs to fear death in order to get out of the Inmost Cave. He faces death and his greatest fears and "rises" and escapes.

Batman Presentation

Transcript: C C T By: Joel Serrano Batman Title Characteristics of a hero C.O.A.H. 1 Is a natural leader Batman is a tactical genius. He has the right weapons for whatever situation, and he creates signals for police with the big bat signal in the sky, so they can finish up what he has done. He also knows how to utilize the members of the justice league, which shows he's a natural leader. He uses them to have a stronger offense than he already does. 2 Batman is always ready no matter how hard and complicated the situation may be. Batman knows what to do, as he sets up plans on how to take down his oponent, and when it's a good time to get help into the situation. His strategic mind shows that he's a great problem solver, and that he is most resourceful. He uses his skills in every battle or task. Generally Smarter Than Everyone Else, Problem Solver, and Resourceful 3 Batman fights many Supervillans, including Bane. In this video Batman shows how he uses his fighting skills, and how he takes town anything in his path. Fights Supernatural Monsters, and/or Gods ar Goddesses Who Stand In His Path Characteristics of An Epic Poem C.O.A.E.P Tells The Story of The Hero's Journey and Deeds He Does Throughout Batman has a crazy life. His parents had been murdered by a mugger in front of his own eyes. He used to be scared of bats as a kid, now he uses the symbol to represent himself as he was inspired by the bat. He continue his deeds as he keeps on beating his oponents, for example, when he saved Gotham City from a nuclear explosion. Tells The Story of The Hero's Journey and Deeds He Does Throughout An Epic Has A Hero An Epic Has A Hero Batman the an epic hero. He has all the characteristics that make a hero, following smartness, quickness, combat moves, vehicles, gadgets, and etc. He saves countless of lives, and fights off his oponents. Information About Culture, Religion, Customs, and History Batman never was Batman at one point. When he was a kid, he feared bats, but then got inspired by them and named himself after them. And unlike most epic heroes, he doesn't have a superpower. Instead, he relies on his genius intellect, martial arts abilities, detective skills, gadgets and technology, and his quickness of thinking. He can bench press 1200 lbs, is a master 127 martial arts, and has IQ of 192. He uses all of this as his superpower. Information About Culture, Religion, Customs, and History

Batman presentation

Transcript: everyone in Gotham are now safe and bane can no longer be a threat batman goes out from retirement and goes out to try and stop bane. ordinary/special world Batman's ordinary world would be when he is in the bat cave and not stopping bad guys, but when he goes in the special world he fights crime and protects Gotham. Batman gets free and the people of gotham form an army to attack banes army while batman fights bane and bane tells him where the bomb is. Step 8 Result Batman gets to keep the city safe and gets to go back to retirement Step 10 New life Step 11 Resolution Step 3 departure Status Quo Batman's status qou in the movie The Dark Knight Rises he starts off with him being retired and is out of shape. Batmans call to adventure is when bane is doing bad things in gotham and threataning the people batman takes the bomb far away and has the treasure of keeping Gotham safe while everyone thinks he is dead. Step 1 Call to adventure Step 7 treasure batman gets assistance from his butler Alfred. I consider Batman en epic hero because he follows the twelve steps of an epic hero. As his job he protects the city of Gotham from super villains. Some of his main enemies are Joker, Bane and penguin. He stops people like them from stealing or killing but his main job is to protect the people of Gotham. Step 4 Trials Step 5 Approach Step 6 crisis Introduction when he escapes from the hole and goes out to fight bane and he gets caught, but he has to save the city from banes bomb Step 9 Return batman cant go back to retirement so he goes back to fighting crime again Batman presentation Step 2 Assistance the chalenge batman faces is getting back into shape and getting out of the hole he also has to stop bane while he blows up the football field Step 12 Status quo the city of gotham returns back to normal now batman gets to go back to fighting crime but not be known

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