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Bain & Company

Transcript: About us About us Shared ambition, proven results History History Our Team Our Team Dominico Azzarello Partner & Office head, Paris Manny Macedo Worldwide managing director, San francisco Orit Gadiesh Chairman Evolution By the Numbers By the Numbers Shared ambition, proven results Our Business Our Business Human Resources Human Resources Bain on Campus Bain on Campus We look for candidates who embody a wide range of strengths ( a l'oral ) : Analytical and problem solving abilities Strong communication skills Learning agility with the ability to adapt Consistent academic track record and extracurricular interests Relevant industry experience and domain specialization Team players with the ability to lead Your profile 1. A rigorous shortlist of candidates 2. A written test 3. A case study discussions 4. Personal interviews We look for candidates from a variety of backgrounds and experience. Recruitment process Recruitment process Diversity Diversity Your Career at Bain & Company Our flexible culture lets you pursue your passions and shape your own career, balancing both your professional and personal aspirations. Your Career at Bain & Company As a team... The team includes a balanced mix of local hires and transfers from other Bain offices, so we are constantly learning from each other. You will find us: curious, eager, innovative and always willing to try something new! As people... We are ambitious and passionate; hard working, driven and committed; down to earth, friendly and approachable. Our culture is important to us, and our people ensure that every day is fun and rewarding. Our activities... Theme parties, birthdays & festivals, office bands, Ring fence events, Sports (From foosball to football to cricket) ... Our Culture Our Culture Your role Your role Working conditions The management consulting firm Bain & Co. was recently voted the second-best workplace in the US, according to Glassdoor Employees' rankings. Bain has ranked in Glassdoor's top four companies for each of the last 10 years. Glassdoor has recognized Bain & Company's Worldwide Managing Director, Bob Bechek, as a Highest Rated CEO in 2017, based on US employee feedback. Bain's culture of acceptance is winning outside recognition. In 2006, we first received HRC's Corporate Equality Index score of 100%, and we continue to receive a perfect score. Bain is part of Working Mother magazine's "Best Companies" list—now for ten consecutive years. Bain ranks as the #1 consulting firm on Mogul's Top 100 Innovators in Diversity & Inclusion in 2018 list, which took into account minority representation in top leadership roles, support and resources for employees, and social contribution within each organization. " A Bainie never lets another Bainie fail " Working conditions Baineys may work hard, but their compensation reflects it ! From paid paternity leave to excellent insurance benefits, it's no surprise why they are so happy B&C is very generous with its employees, when it comes to the wages, perks, benefits (financing of education : MBA, in return for two years of work), individual bonuses, vacations, .... Compensation Policy Why Bain Why Bain The Bain & Company experience What stays on their mind ? What they think of B&Co ? REx clients et employés feedbacks .. The Bain & Company experience Because your productivity comes along with an healthy social life. The lifestyle at Bain & Company The lifestyle at Bain & Company Sport events Sport events Community involvement Community involvement Community impact day in Sydney,AUstralia Miscellaneous Miscellaneous We hope to see you soon at Thank you for listenning ! Thank you for listenning !


Transcript: Victim described rapist: a mustache bushy sideburns aprox. 17 or 18 claimed his name was "Jim" or "Jimmy" In 2001, a Florida statue made it possible to retest certain cases. Bain asked 5 times and the court denied all 5 cases. The INNOCENCE PROJECT then helped Bain get a post-conviction DNA testing. The DNA came back negative. Bain was convicted of rape, burglary, and kidnapping based mostly on the police lineup. A man with not a scratch on his criminal record, was sentenced to life in prsion Forensic Science used... James Bain is no Bane... :D On December 17, 2009, Judge James Yancey released Bain after 35 years wasted in prison. Sources Post Conviction DNA testing on the semen on the victim's underwear DNA testing on Bain's jockey underwear Blood testing Police investigation Only Bain and one other suspect had sideburns in a police lineup FREEDOM! Wrongfully Accused Victim's uncle thought it sounded like a student of his and took Bain's student file for a picture JAMES BAIN. The trial occurred, however, before DNA testing was available, so Bain could not be definitively tied to the semen found on the victim's underwear the American who spent the most time in prison for a crime he did not commit. Bain claimed he had been home watching TV with his sister to be his alibi but the police didn't buy it and arrested him March 4, 1974 On a quiet night in Lake Wales, Florida, a nine year old boy was lifted from his bed, dragged out the window, forced into a nearby baseball field and brutally and forcibly raped. The man convicted: James Bain Police collected Bain's jockey underwear and sent it to the FBI to be tested

Bain & Company

Transcript: THANK YOU! Culture : transformation,integrity, collaboration, humor, results Strong professional development around the world Open and flexible work environment Welcome Interns "All hand meetings" twice a month Vision and Mission Connect the world's proffesionals to make them more productve and successful (M) Help members and employees find passion and purpose to transform their carriers (V) Why is it an attractive company? World's largest Professional network 400 million members in over 200 countries Linkedin provides access to people, jobs, news, and updates that help you connect with your career It is available in 24 languages Headquarters in Mountain View, California Linkedin has more than 9,200 full-time employees with offices in 30 cities around the world. Recognized by Glassdoor as one of the best places to work Bibliography All employees receive their benefits since day one Coverage for health & dental insurance 401K - saving plan 3 week's vacation Tuition assistance program Maternity (3 months) & paternity leave Unlimited sick days Two extended breaks (typically two months) to rejuvenate or fulfill personal goals Part-time and job-sharing options for when family, career or personal needs have to be a priority. Non-traditional compensation Happy hours Company trips Celebrations throughout the year and more. CONCLUSION Linkedln Corporate Culture Bain & Company and LinkedIn are Highlights as Top Corporations For Culture & Values Comp & Benefits Career Opportunities Work-Life Balance By Guissela and Christine Very competitive level of benefits 401K plan FREE health insurance FREE breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages Maternity and paternity leave Unlimited vacation days Paid Holidays Great Salaries Bain's Attractive Benefits Flam hilts. E. & Randle. Y.(2011). Corporate culture.[electronic resource] : the ultimate strategic asset. Stanford. Calif.: Stanford Business Book. 2011. Bain & Company It is a global management consulting firm headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It provides advisory services to businesses , non profit organizations, and goverment. Bain & Company has 53 offices in 34 countries and 5,700 employees Forbes and Consulting magazine recognize Bain & company as a top Best Firm to work. Glassdoor awards in 2014 for its high performance culture and values. LinkedIn Philosophy Bain's beliefs and values Home-Staffing Model: it creates a true team environment and collegues often become close and supportive friends. Experience the World which means invaluable international experience. 100% of consultants are trained at global programs. Flexible Work Environment Unique Traditions Diversity and Inclusion Offer carreers for undergraduates, MBAs, and advanced degrees . Managers Mission and Vision Statement Help define performance standards Inspire employees to work more productively by providing focus and common goals Guide employee decision making Help establish a framework for ethical behavior

Bain & Company

Transcript: Sources Client Examples Business Model and Strategies Bain Now Period of Downfall Business consulting strategy Committed to their clients and maintain strong relationships. 1973-1990 it was taken too seriously Only worked with one company in an industry Carry out analysis, establish a starting point & goal, and task forces help implementation Functional strategies Have generally all remained the same. Some examples: HR - top talent & intensive training Finance - higher fees at the beginning Chrysler - able to cut $1,400 off price of Omni Horizon car National Steel - company's president, James Haas, states Bainies added economic value of $200 million/year to company Baxter International - after successful years of working with Bain & Company, Baxter eventually just joined Bain through an acquisition Guinness - profits rose sixfold and stock went from $0.50/share to $5.75 Success of Bain's Past Strategies Bain Today Business Model Solutions that Bain provides its clients transform their businesses and provide them with huge payoffs In response to Bain's powerful business model, their brand reputation is strengthened and they continue to make enormous profit from their services Late 1980s - early 1990s Hire and train top talent to provide lasting, meaningful results Pinpoint issues in client organizations and strive to make strides towards creating new standards of excellence in their industries Action-oriented, pragmatic, and enduring results for which clients are willing to pay at a premium Bain Business Model and Strategies The Journey to Success Corporate strategy Achieve better results for its clients through Innovation Strategic decisions Practical action Results driven rather than reports, to help their clients reach their fullest potential Success of Bain's Past Strategies Business Model Opened new offices in U.S. and internationally From founding - 1987 revenues grew at over 50% each year How Does Bain Define Success ? Bain clients receive annual returns of 17 times Bain's fees Bain has created in house, highly customized teams that bring each client a mix of deep industry knowledge and and expert perspectives from other industries Creates value by optimizing the sum of the parts and not just individual pieces for its clients Bain's Past Strategies Success of Bain's Past Strategies Expanded Industry reach No longer working with only one client per industry One-Project staffing model Bainies focus all their effort on one client Financial Prowess Estimated $3.8 - 4.5 billion in revenue for 2017 Invest in Organizational Culture Best place to work Appealing to talented Millennials Style of management led to high employee turnover Guinness Scandal High Debts Sluggish Economy New Leaders -> Bill Bain tries to sell company in fall of 1990 Bain's Past Strategies Success of Bain's Past Strategies Business Model Felicia Amon, Danielle McIntosh, Shadi Gowhari, Christina Gutierrez Strong Leadership Mitt Romney and Orit Gadiesh HQ move to NYC Heart of the industry, makes a powerful statement to competitors Turn of the millennium, ahead of the IT curve BainLab - helping entrepreneurs with internet-based ideas BainNet - help clients with technology-driven strategies Bain & Company Growth: Internal External + International Returns on investment Human Capital Experts in the field Financial Gain Bain is a for-profit company Measurable financial success of their clients Reputation keeps clients coming back to seek their services again Bain's turnaround Thank you!

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