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Transcript: Determine the kind of data that must be assembled to carry out the required analyses Criticisms & Extension Step 6: Identify the problem and see how the research results will be implemented What's your opinion about the author's ideology? What pros and cons can you identify about the author's idea of reaching research goals? What balance should the researcher and manager have in terms of collaboration during the research? (considering the manager is generally "very busy") Step 8: Step 2: Collaboration between manager and researcher is time consuming. Sometimes a new way is not wanted by the manager, they are just looking for info to fall back on. Research results must be projected into visual representations of the data in a way that makes it easy to understand (not talked about in the article) Results match intended purpose - easier said than done. Technical steps, not enough examples of the process. Steps: Step 3: Specify the analysis necessary to “fill in the blanks” in the research report. If data doesn't already exist, look at research instruments and a sampling plan that will uncover the data that is required. Step 5: 'Backward' Market Research Step 4: Summary Discussion Questions Caffeine Junkies Traditional Research Methods often lead to interesting but mostly useless information for the clients. Cause? Lack of communication between the researcher and the marketing VP. Problem expressed by the manager revolves around unknown information, once the research is done they often don't know what to do with the data. by Confused Superheroes Step 7: Do the analysis, write the report, and watch it have its intended effect Alan R. Andreasen outlined the Backward market research process in 8 steps: Conduct a scan of secondary sources to see whether or not the required data already exists. Pros In theory working backwards should allow you to determine your goal from the very beginning so that the research is guided and doesn't waste resources. It proposes a new way to reach the company's marketing research goal. Management is more likely to support and implement research results if they are closely involved in the process. Thank you! Carry out the field work, continually checking to see whether the data will meet your needs. To make sure the results will work, one must determine what the final report should contain and look. Step 1:


Transcript: Backwards by: Matthias What I feel when I hear this song What I feel when I hear this song I feel like I am motivating myself to go forwards in life. But sometimes, I just can't and I fall backwards. How I feel How I feel I chose this song because it represents who I am as a depressed person. I also chose it because it motivates me to stand up for myself. But when I can't, this song is a last resort. Why did I pick this song Why did I pick this song Too True Too True -He was born in 1988, September 20th About the Artist About the Artist I am going to explain Matthias's life and idea for the music video. Matthias's life Matthias's life Matthias's life began Matthias's growth to now is amazing. He started youtube He got Married to a woman named Amanda He wrote the song "backwards" Yellow= Where he lives Red= Where I live Yellow= Where he lives Red= Where I live Chart Chart No music The chart explains how I feel without the song. Other music instrumentals Listening to the song What is the song about? What is the song about? It is about being held back by things in life and trying to get past them. It is basically my life in a really depressing nutshell. This song... -This song helps me by having a actual meaning to the song. -This song helps me with my Social Anxiety by being able to fight back. This song... Why does this song relate to me and how? Why does this song relate to me and how? Since I have Depression and Anxiety, it has been really hard to get past anything in life. And this song is a motivater for me to get things done and to have a better attitude. Last of all Last of all I recommend this song to anybody who feels like they are being pulled in the opposite direction against their own will. Sometimes emotions get the best of us. And, for me, this song prevents that.

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