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Transcript: Since I work at a technical high school, this program couldn't suit my needs any better. I am excited to learn about the new (and old) technologies I can implement in the classroom. I am excited to show my colleagues everything I have learned. High School Where I realized that Mathematics is indeed my strong suit. I was able to excel with little effort. My mother was shocked, I told her she should have known my math capabilities because I'm a lefty! ;) Finally, I landed a position at Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School. I currently teach Common Core Algebra and Statistics. Our school offers various technology programs that requires the students to become certified in their field in order to graduate. Here I hope to implement many of the new and emerging technologies and hopefully do a good enough job where the otherwise reluctant teachers would willing to utilize as well. I am excited to make a difference! According to my mother, I had trouble with counting money as a child. She states I just couldn't grasp the concept that each bill had a different value. She immediately thought math would NOT be my strong suit. MALET Professional Background Ironic Back Story TIME 2000 My Current Position I decided to pursue a career in teaching. TIME 2000 (Teaching in Mathematics Education) is a rigorous program at CUNY Queens College specific for secondary math teachers. The courses were intense and the training was extensive. However, the hard work was well worth it. Due to the NYS hiring freeze, finding a teaching position was difficult. Throughout college I was working for a Urologist. I started off as the filing girl and moved my way up as the doctors' personal assistant. Throughout my run, I worked for every single department in the practice. Eventually, I became the go-to trainer for new employees where I trained them on our scheduling, billing, and Electronic Medical Records systems. Little did she know.... Progressive Urology

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