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Transcript: criteria for priority what is the age for organ donation? generally about 20% of those are on the waiting list cause of organ donation 1. age 2. health condition 3.success rate 4. addiction 5.weight 6. complications the removal of tissues of a human who has recently died, or from a living donor, for the purpose of transplanting 2. how is the priority for transplant determined? fun fact getting a donated organ there is no age restriction to becoming a donor. if a minor ask for parental consent. ORGAN DONATION 2.they was born with a disease or developed a disease prognosis you can sign up on definition dominion donation is a donation in which multiple people who are not compatible for donation are placed together in a group so that they each can have a matching donor recipient there is high demand for organs now, patients can qualify for transplantation through the following transplantation trends life after donation 1. they was born with a bad organ living donors usually recover well and without complication after donation 3.what organs can living donors donate? resources 1. how/where to become a donor 3 most asked questions a living donor can actually donate their heart as long as they receive a replacement heart after donating the recovery time is about 6 weeks or depends on what type of organ was donated to you, you will then be placed on medicine and have check-ups

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