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New Start For Altawfiq

Transcript: ** Change mentality for our team. ** Activate the ERP system. ** Determine & process the spare parts needed. ** Apply preventive maintenance schedule. ** Put the target for each section production & scrap % ** Continuous Follow up. ** Analyze the result & apply necessary corrective action. ** decrease costing by ( improve production planing, Purchasing cost saving + reduce scrap+ minimize overtime). ** Build up Purchasing strategy. ** re-engineering spare parts inventory from scratch. ** Apply crisis mode and cost reduction initiative in all department. ** Focus on collection. ** Develop new local supplier for RM, and develop new equivalent grades. ** Enhance our relation with main suppliers for spare parts and develop new European suppliers such as PEC. ** Cooperate with our mother company in KSA technically, & plan to apply the best practice in EG. ** Activate the CC TV system with upgrading the equipments. ** Plan to enhance our portfolio to improve the profit and reduce the wastage ( new product 50 kg sugar bag) ** Re- organize the plant to add a new production area for stitching 50 kg sugar bags. ** Improve Utility equipments ( chillers, compressors) due to bad and poor performance for existing equipments. ** Improve efficiency and out put of looms and other sections by having a right management and re organization for all departments. ** Target to get rid of huge quantity of scrap and stagnant maximum by mid of March. ** High liabilities with limited facilities. ** Severe shortage in foreign currency. ** Impossible to import from overseas main resources. ** The temporary admission of customs issue. ** Missing Database for( Finance, Purchasing, Inventory, Sales, HR) ** Bad Discipline and loose organizing system. ** Factory problems ( machines stops, spare parts shortage, order delay, bad mix orders, high scrap, high overtime values, and high stagnant WIP without records). ** No purchasing manual & dealing with sub-dealers. ** Missing File system, Fixed agreement for Purchasing. ** No ERP system. With Concept Our Strength Points ** We are the biggest capacity for BB. Sacks in middle east, So we are capable of supply large quantity of PP. sacks in short duration. ** Our machines and equipments are the latest of the art European Technology. ** Our customers are big companies. ** About 60% from sales orders are regular and stable orders. ** New servers and end users hardwares speed up the network and the dataflow system. Good Seeds + Good Care = Good Reap Thank you AlTawfiq Team Our Action Plan Our Action Plan How To Start Jan. 2016 achievements The Journey of Thousand miles begins with a single step ** Decrease Overtime hours by 19% compare to Jan 2016. ** Start preparation for new production area 50 kg sugar bags. ** Reduced wastage and scrap stocks by 50%. ** Accomplished 50% of the chillers renewal. ** Modify lamination machine in- house to increase efficiency and run in safe mode. ** Improve the efficiency of BOPP product from 80 m/min. to 150 m/min. ** Improve out put of Sphinx extrution Line from 430 kg/hr to 480 kg/hr. ** Develop new supplier for filler(caco3) and Msterbatch. Apply Preventive Maintenance Schedule (Fridays). Decrease Overtime hours from 22,649 hrs in Oct.-2015 to 7,608 hrs in Jan.- 2016 . Close Sheraton Office (cost deduction Policy) Finalize installation of new compressor. Starting chillers renewal. Increased the out put of looms by 9%. Improve Shop floor moral & loyalty. ** Collect Data ** Data Analysis. ** Our Strength. ** Our Weakness. ** Action Plan. December Results New Start For Altawfiq Road Obstacles Feb.- 2016 Achievements Increase the output Production ( AD-Star Product) Re-Organize & apply new attendance rules. High Scrap% High Overtime Hours.

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