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Back To School Presentation Powerpoint Template

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Back to School Night Template

Transcript: About Me The best way to reach me is through email Books and Materials: Writing or Project Expectations: Back to School Night: Jennifer Pell Notes This course is novel based and there is no English textbook. Students must check their assigned novels out of the library and are responsible for their return. Resources for Students: This Humanities course will include information presented in both thematic and chronological formats. Our goal will be to create learners who will be able to think critically and apply historical facts to themes that transcend our nation’s history. In the Humanities course we will concentrate on the literature and historical archives from the years 1930-Present. This class uses a unified department writing rubric that has been shared with your student in google Technology Used: How much time? 30 minutes per night Types of assignments? Online through googleapps and ongoing reading assignments Humanties II In this class we follow all of the school norms. We have our own procedures for signing in late and using the restroom. All presentations and handouts are available on googleapps HW assignments are emailed to the entire class Many novels are available electronically on the department website Our class also uses prezi and goanimate for certain assignments Important Class Policies Homework Expectations Contact Info googleapps for education I have been teaching in the Burlington Twp. School District for 10 years. I have 2 Children; Ethan and Emily I love antiques, books, animals and all things Disney.

Back to School Presentation

Transcript: fun creative structured critical thinking Classroom Expectations in classroom Wiki computer learning games interactive white board webquests Overview provide effective learning environment advocate for my students open communication with parents welcome parent involvement Student Centered Hands-on learning positive reinforcement Mission Statement Summary meet the teacher educational philosophy classroom subjects classroom policies technology integration summary treat other's kindly respect eachother Poison Spider School 2345 Poison Road Casper, WY 82604 Ph. 307.253.6900 email: Poison Spider Elementry School's site learning is FUN! I look forward to teaching your child this year. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas please contact me at, Back to School Night Technology is a great tool to enhance learning and I look forward to incorporating it into my lessons. My teaching goals Meet the Teacher WELCOME! Education should be fun but challenging. Classroom Procedures Technology Integration About Me Classroom Policies Poison Spider Elementary School Casper College/UW Emphasis on special education Mother of three children "A person's a person no matter how small" Dr. Seuss Class Subjects Classroom Rules Math Guided reading Balanced literacy program 6+1 of writing skills Ms. Julie Stanley My Classroom Educational Philosophy Ms. Julie Stanley The mission of Poison Spider School is to ensure a culture of learning where ALL achieve at their highest potential.

Back to school Presentation

Transcript: what about me? consistant comunication If you have questions or comments please call Me at 307.315.8707 access to online resources answer we will have fun effort Question be courtious mathmetical in Evansville Elementary email me at we will learn lots Get to know me what do I believe what does the school believe how will I teach your child what will be expected what you can expect what is new sum it up Graduated from Casper College and the University of Wyoming self help infromation on your childs progress fun on computers active learning time to practice be safe careing loving atmosphere demonstration of knowledge analitical physidcal and active assistance when needed interactive learning boards time to read Artsy Lots of activity Welcome to Ms Taylors Fourth Grade Class be respectful lots of Patience mom of two News Letters showcaseing student work presentation up todate infromation on class activities time with techonology Ms. Taylor wait for instruction Independant Class Rules team interactive learning with the new tools minimal listening provides an engaging atmosphere for all students. Staff members believe and act on the mission statement, “Empowering Students to Succeed” by excelling in attendance, achievement and citizenship. The school also supports the idea that every child can learn. Every student sets personal goals in reading, math and writing. To empower students in reaching those goals, the school uses programs that develop a child’s ability to think, problem solve and create solutions in reading, math and writing. Before- and after-school programs/clubs are another way to build student success. Loves to read lots of love

Back to School Presentation

Transcript: Class Rules 1. We will listen when others are talking. 2. We will raise our hands and wait for permission to speak or be dismissed. 3. We will keep our hands, feet, and objects to ourselves at all times. 4. We will respect others, respect ourselves, and respect our school. 5. We will try our hardest each and every day. There are times when we all need a break! I am a firm believer in letting you take a break from the environment that you deem stressful and attempt to regroup before returning to the lesson. We have an area in the classroom known as our cool down space. Once you feel like you are ready to return to the class, you will be welcomed back with open arms. I want you to know that our classroom is a safe and comfortable learning environment. If this method fails, I will present you with a stop sign card that reads, “Please stop what you are doing and make a better choice.” If the disruption or bad behavior continues, I will work individually you to determine the best course of action. In this room, you will assign your own consequence after you've had time to think about what your actions. I will never immediately initiate a loss of privileges or an office referral! We are problem solvers and will find a positive solution! Walk quietly to the restroom. Wash your hands with soap and water. Leave the restroom clean. Quickly and quietly return to your seat and continue working. Positive Reinforcements Homework has been completed and is ready to turn in to our "Turn it in Bin." Done as soon as you enter class Restroom Rules Travels to Clients VIDEO ARCHIVE Please come talk to me if you are having trouble in any way! My door is always open. Remember that no matter what I support you and am proud of you. I expect and accept failure, but I can't accept not trying! The Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC) exceeds the Life Time Value (LTV) a customer brings us. Consequences Lunch & Specials Schedule We have two dogs that I often refer to as my fur-babies named Bella and Kosmo. When we’re not busy with football we love to take family vacations to places that we can include the dogs! When we are preparing to leave for the day, please make sure you do the following: Homework is in your folder and ready to take home. Clean up your workspace and stack your chair. Line up quietly once I have checked your area. High fives and hugs are a requirement! Start of the day! Heart to Hart! Each morning you will write me a journal entry. Your topic will be written on the board when you enter the room. Consequences I am married to my wonderful husband, Lee, who is a teacher in RISD. He is a football coach so I spend most of my free time cheering on the Eagles of Richardson High School! When we aren't at his games, we are cheering on my SMU Mustangs! Coats and backpacks are neatly hung in our lockers, on our chairs, or in our cubbies. Mrs. Hart Hallway Expectations Harvard Business Review About me! When walking through the halls we will always have butterflies behind our backs, all eyes forward, bubbles in our mouths, and walking at all times. Let's practice! Matrix Partners preso! Positive Reinforcements Class Rules How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? This is my third go-around selling to large enterprises, SkyStream, Kontiki and now Qumu. I like to explain to you the problem the way I see it, the changes I suggest to avoid making the same mistake again. and When you exceed my expectations and help make our classroom a more positive environment you will be presented with “Helping Hart” tickets. These tickets can be presented for good behavior, completing assignments on time, or helping someone within our school community. These tickets can be “cashed in” for any of the following: Eat lunch with the teacher. Sharpen dull pencils. Pick a reward from the treasure box. Choose a classroom job to perform for the week Be the line leader. Extra time in the reading corner. Receive a homework pass. Happy note sent home. Move your desk anywhere in the room for the day. Pack & Stack

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