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Transcript: To never judge someone by there race, color or by how society labels you.(Outsiders) To never give up on what is right. (Falconers) Greater good Plots “You little snot, how'd you like to lose your telephone privileges for a month?” Connor Wright When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, When the road you're trudging seems all uphill, When the funds are low and the debts are high, And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest, if you must, but don't you quit Contrast The types of genre he writes about is Literature, Fiction, Mystery and Thriller POEM Characters The Book We Read Was... Ameer Moussaed Dialouge What is the secret of Gordon’s success? “It’s a combination between real life and pure imagination,” he says. Writing Styles “Mom and Dad – framed! The two of us, stuck away in the back of beyond! We don't even know who we are anymore!” BEST GROUP Themes Literary Techniques Steven Bak The Greater good of the story is that Aiden and Meg never give up to try to free there parents from jail for doing treason. Busy work for the “residents.” Inmates, Aiden thought bitterly. Setting Doesn't work steadily -- tries to write every day, though. Writes mainly in afternoons and late nights Video Created By: Compare and contrast Compare Main characters are younger (Teen age) Not living with family (parents) Outsiders are all boys / Chasing the Falconers is a boy and a girl. Contrast Compare To hide from the police or the juvenile detention guards. Contrast To hide in the entire story. (Falconers). Hide for wrong doing. (Outsiders). Compare To stick together with family and friends. Compare Took place down south, in America. Contrast In a suburb area. (Outsiders) Takes place in a rural area. (Falconers) Compare Both wrote book for young adults. Contrast S. E. Hinton's books mostly came from actual events and time. Gordon Korman mostly wrote fantasy books.

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Transcript: African Art Funerary Sculpture Madagascar Mid 20th Century Wood, Pigment, Metal Double Figure Kuyu Peoples, Congo Early 20th Century Wood, Pigment Works Cited,1314942292,10/stock-vector-background-africa-african-pattern-83864131.jpg National Museum of African Art Thanks for Watching! All artwork pertains to some aspect of social class or role in society social status hierarchy niche in life role in society Early 20th Century Made to resemble characters Ekiti State, Nigeria Female figure Mask Recurring Themes Surprising Idealized features Moral value of hard work Recognition of hard work This Epa is Iyaibeji "the mother of twins" Wood, Skin, Plant Fiber, Bone, Dye Mukwakuhiko Working woman Lower but trusted Early to Mid 20th Century Chokwe peoples, Angola Early 20th Wood, brass tacks, glass beads, plant fiber, oil patina Skin associated with spirits and dead Wood and Pigment Mask Matt Gibbs, Jacopo Gliozzi, William Liu Wee peoples Liberia and Côte d'Ivoire Wood, metal, oil patina Late 19th to mid-20th Connection Spiral horns are simmilar to girls hair style at the time during ceremonial activity Realistic facial features Muscular warrior Social Status In Prime Look up to Ancestors Lower Cross River Region, Calabar region, Nigeria Youngest wife entrusted with feeding husband African women usually portrayed as "busty and lusty", fertility is a prized virtue Believed to promote fertility and harvest Ceremonial Spoon Mask Carved by renowned artist Bamgboye Matt GIbbs, Jacopo G, William Liu Epa Helmet Mask Male Dominance Tears, Feet, Tail Initiation Rites Worn at dances to honor ancestors

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Transcript: Five Kage Country Presented by PERSON for COMPANY Great Ninja War In the Five Kage Country their have been four great ninja wars called the Great Ninja war. There was no better name for these civil wars. The Great Ninja war between are villages fight each other to gain power or to cause fear to the other villages. In the Fourth Great Ninja war, our founding father, Narto Uzumaki stopped the all wars between our villages. Today, we don't fight each other anymore, but instead we stand together as one country thanks to our founding father. History _ Founding Father Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha The founders who put peace and balance in the Five Kage Country was named Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto and Sasuke was part of the fourth Great Ninja War and stopped the villages from fighting each other and combine their strength to fight enemies that my try to harm the country. They both put peace in the counrty hoping another war between the villages in the Five Kage Country won't start another civil war. Constitution Constitution Article I: Kage Council=Legislative branch Section I: The people who serves this branch are called the Kage Council. Section II: The Kage Councils main responsible for making laws. Section III: They make this branch successful by making the laws so every citizen in every village obeys it. Article II: Five Kage=Executive Branch Section I: The Five Kage serves as the main branch in the Five Kage Country. Section II: The Five Kage are responsible for keeping the citizens safe. Section III: The Five Kage are known to protect their village from threats. Article III: Interrogative Office=Judical Branch Section I: This branch is well suited for the Interrogative Office. Section II: The Interrogative Office is responsible for bring criminals to justice who don't obey the laws. Section III: To gather information from outsiders that may com and threaten or try to destroy the Five Kage Counttry. Article IV: Relations Among the Villages Section I: The job to keep the relationship among the villages goes to the Village Clan Leaders. Section II: The Village Clan Leaders are responsible for making sure to keep the relationship locked with the Five Kage and the villagers. Section III: The Village Clan Leaders not only keep their clan from breaking the law, but also keep the villagers under control. Article V: Provisions for Amendment Section I: The job for Provisions for Amendment goes to the Shinobi Force. Section II: The Shinobi Force is responsible for providing the amendment or to make it better. Section III: The Shinobi Force tries to provide the amendment anyway possible. Article VI: National Debts, Supremacy of National Law, Oath Section I: The people who take care of the national debts, supremacy of National Law, Oath is the Shinobi Defense. Section II: The Shinobi Defense is responsible for the debts that the Five Kage Country made with other countries. They are also responsible for supremacy of national law and giving oath to the next leader of each village. Section III: They perform this job by giving money (our taxes) to the country or one of our own. They also perform making the law that are even stricter than the regular ones and make sure that the next leader of the village carry out the oath that they pledge to. Article VII: Ratification of Constitution Section I: This job is well suited for the shinobi form every village. Section II: They are responsible for approving this Constitution. Section III: They check up with each village and see if it might be well suited for them. Bill of Rights: 1. Freedom of the use of chakra. 2. Right to challenge one of the Five Kage in a one v one battle for the throne. 3. Right to pick your retirement (have to reach jonin first). Preamble: We the people of the Five Kage Country will not abuse the use of chakra for our own ambitions, establish justice so every citizen in the Five Kage Country will be treated equal, secure the loyalty and trust toward the citizens and the Kage in their own village, do ordain and establish this constitution for the sake of the FIve Kage Country. Pledge Pledge I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Five Kage Country, to the shinobi's for who they stand, one nation under God through invisible for peace and loyalty. Flag Flag National Anthem National Anthem A boy with no parents bought up hated and alone, wanted attention and was always on his own. a Beast inside made the villagers afraid, for this reason.. they all displayed, an attitude of hate, which they made bait. lonely and behind, was also kind. Year's went passed, time really went fast, a team of 3, he was happy. He vowed one day, he'd be the village hokage. He Trained and trained, felt drained and pained. Kage Council: Legislative Branch Who: Kage Council. What: The Kage Council is mainly responsible for making laws and pick the next leader of their village. When: Each five main villages have their own Kage council. The Kage council meets up only when there

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Transcript: group 5 WE gonna learn you up good This here reading supplement will provide you with some knowledge about some basic things. Such as *Network overveiw *Telaphone Networks *Computor networks And a whole mess of stuff im to lazy to type Here is a quick over veiw for those not to bright yea im talkin to you blue shirt now then lets get back to busyness. A network is a collection of nodes. Primarly used by nerdy type people The most used network is a radio now if you had half-a-brain you'ed know what a radio is Fine print | other common network include but are not limited to yo tellie, computor and yo phone over here look at me!!!! distraction! (>'_')> Telephone networks The worldwide telephone network is formed by many smaller networks, including local, interstate, and international networks. what to type. what to type. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm There are 2 and only 2 phone networks Landline= the one in your home cellular= the one in yo pocket I AM A LION!!!!!!!! peer-to-peer computor networks may also into peer-to-peer configuration Computer networks are normally used in homes and offices Network components Networks contain various components that are used to interconnect the network nodes and control the flow of traffic between them These components include: hubs switches bridges routers and firewalls A hub is a simple device that connects the nodes of the network together. The advantage of hubs is that they are inexpensive and easy to install A switch is a device that interconnects network nodes, just like a hub. However, switches have a major advantage over hubs. A router is a device used to interconnect multiple networks and guide the traffic between them. A firewall is a system that restricts access to a network or specific parts of it. Im still a lion! A bridge is a device that connects two networks together and acts as a gateway between them. ........... \ | /

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