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Artificial Intelligence Template Presentation

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Artificial Intelligence Presentation

Transcript: 5) Kate and Alice engage in a brief argument about the room temperature. What does Alice need to know about the structure of arguments to be able to respond appropriately? how to keep kate happy, and calm her down 8) what can you infer about the location of Kate’s dorm relative to Disneyland? What can you infer from the fact that Alice suggests they drive there? she must live in California. Artificial Intelligence Presentation 4) What knowledge and reasoning are needed for the room to respond appropriately to Kate’s declaration? Alice had to have alot of understanding like a human. 6) List the associations Alice needs to make in order to suggest a trip to Disneyland or Frisbee and the movies. she needs to be able to recognize emotions and remember past converations 7) What is boredom? How does it affect a person’s behavior? What causes it? What cures it? boredom affects a persons mood by making them grumpier, you could solve this by doing something interesting. 1) What would cause Kate to consider the room warm and friendly? she spoke to the room frequently . Questions (7-9) Questions (10 & 11) Questions (4-6) 11) Describe at least one collaborative system to which you would like to have access. i would probably say artificial intelligence. 9) How likely is it that Kate is athletic? What would a computer need to know to draw the same conclusion? its a 50/50 chance, alice could tell by the things she wears or the activities she does. 10) List some real world examples of collaborative systems you have read or heard about. instant messaging systems like google, is a good example as a collaborative system. Questions (1-3) 3) What does “incidentally” reference— a break in the previous conversation or the sentence it is in? it references to the coincidence of the matter at hand 2) What role does the word “incidentally” play in the conversation Kate has with Alice? it amused kate that she had stumbled upon extra tickets

Artificial Intelligence Presentation

Transcript: Before Philosophers have discussed the nature of intelligence and asked ..? 1950 1956 After It was a time of great progress in artificial intelligence To sum up Real Intelligence the processor components to perceive, understand, and act Driverless car Jeopardy is an American quiz show. What is Artificial Intelligence? Sensing the abillity to understand, and make decisions IBM Watson Mind Applications of Artificial Intelligence having sensors Thanks for listening Please, feel free to ask ... the five senses VS It is a computer system that has the ability to answer questions posted in natural language History of Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence It has developed to welcome and serve guests Short History of Artificial Intelligence Alan Turing Interacting John McCarthy the brain Asimo is a human-like robot developed by Honda Motor Company Artificial intelligence timeline AI term did not exist until 1956. McCarthy coined the phrase "artificial intelligence" What is Artificial Intelligence? Human-like Robot It is a way to determine if a computer is intelligent a branch of computer science Many scientists have defined AI Herbert Simon' defifnition Alan Turing Real-life Applications of Artificial Intelligence Turing Test He has wrote one of the first published papers in AI field. John McCarthy The basic layout of the Jeopardy! game board, using the dollar values from the first round Jennings WAtson Rutter Artificial Intelligence Presentation Welcome to By Othman Aljeezani

Artificial Intelligence Presentation

Transcript: Emma Brelsford/ LSC 508 Libraries 12/4/19 What has been done? // AI In Libraries What is AI? What is AI? Like the field of information science, there are many different definitions of AI Simple definition from Lexico: "the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages" (Lexico, 2019) Defined in regards to it's goals: (Bringsjord, Selmer, Govindarajulu, Sundar, 2019) Relation to libraries Information retrieval Effects both librarians and patrons Catherine Coleman the Digital Research Architect at Stanford University Libraries states "Considering the profound change AI can bring as power tools for scholarship, making our vast library collections discoverable, searchable, and analyzable in new ways. How best do we bring the skills and knowledge of library staff, scholars, and students together to design an intelligent information system that respects the sources, engages critical inquiry, fosters imagination, and supports human learning and knowledge creation" (Coleman, 2017) (Pixabay, 2018) What has been done? Hugh the Library Assitant- Aberystwyth University, Wales Robbie Library Inventory Robot- Temasek Polytechnic Library, Singapore URI AI Lab in Library (The University of Rhode Island, 2018) (Thinking Machine, 2016) (Temasek Polytechnic Library, 2018) References References “AI Lab.” AI Lab, University of Rhode Island , Bringsjord, Selmer and Govindarajulu, Naveen Sundar, "Artificial Intelligence", The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2019 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), Coleman, C. (2017), “Artificial intelligence and the library of the future, revisited”, Stanford Libraries, available at: "Hugh Library Assistant A.I. Robot Aberystwyth University.” YouTube, Thinking Machine , 8 Nov. 2016, "Library Inventory Robot .” Youtube , Temasek Polytechnic Library , 31 Oct. 2018, Massis, B. (2018). Artificial intelligence arrives in the library. Information and Learning Science, 119(7), 456-459. doi:

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