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Portfolio Template

Transcript: ADD YOUR LOGO HERE BEST PORTFOLIO EVER! 2020-2021 Intro Introduction Welcome and thank you for coming to my Portfolio Myself as a Person Personal Statement Share the prompt Read your statement in its entirety Personal Statement Upload your personal statement here. Resume Upload your resume here Physical Health and Nutrition Upload your reflection here. Myself as a Learner Overview of Section Make a table of contents for the different academic sections. Make sure your committee clearly understands that you'll be sharing two pieces in depth, and they will be able to view the rest of your portfolio at the end. In these next few sections I will be sharing work from/about reader, writer, scientist, humanitarian, researcher, and artist. Reader Upload documents (or links) Literature response #1 Literature response #2 Literature response #3 Writer Link to document Link to humanitarian reflection Science Micro to Macro 4. 3. 2. Case Study #2: Genetics Reading Skills 1. Case Study #1: History of Race in US Humanitarian hhtps/:// Link to math reflection Google doc Researcher "I never have liked math, and probably never will" Artist Click to edit text Myself in the World Service Learning and Expedition Culmination Electives Click to edit text Conclusion Conclusion • Wrap up the formal part of the presentation • Allow your committee to peruse your portfolio • Ask for additional questions or comments • Thank your committee for coming and for their time Evaluation • Committee members fill out evaluation • Teachers fill out rubric • Student fills out self-reflection

Art Powerpoint

Transcript: Artist Elements Question Art Powerpoint Quotes One Rule By Nuti Fanam Mind Map Reference Artists According to Oxford Language, Art is " the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power." These are the five artists I have chosen for this assignment. In each slide, I will be going through who they are and what inspires me about them. Omar Dogan Omar Dogan Omar Dogan is a 46 born on the 18th of December 1976 Canadian artist that specializes in animation and digital art. He has worked with UDON (named after Japanese noodles) a Canadian entertainment studio that is heavily influenced by Asian comic books known as mangas. What inspires me about Omar are his character designs and body anatomy, they have beautifully illustrated the different perspectives and positions of his characters from facial expressions to body positions and angles Takato Yamamoto Takato Yamamoto Takato Yamamoto is a Japanese artist that makes surrealistic and detailed pieces symbolic of violence, sexuality and death. Yamamoto is an activist through his art, later in his art, he would go on the coin the term "Heisei Estheticism" which he describes as dark, mysterious, death, bondage and so on. From the moment I laid eyes on Takato's works I fell in love I felt drawn to them, loving the themes he covers, and the realistic and traditional Japanese wooded block print elements of his art. The way he uses the whole page fills it up either with solid colours or art piece skulls or human skeletons. Traditional Japanese customs are used such as samurai swords, kimonos and traditional hair and makeup used in the period he is recreating. He uses mythological elements in his works exploring fairy or angel wings, mermaid tails, and yokai masks (Japanese demons). Alias_art_off Alias_art_off Alias is an underground up-and-coming artist that has inspired me on a personal level. Their evolution in their art proves that as an artist you can grow and change. Personal interview with this artist. Alexandre Cabanel Alexandre Cabanel Alexandre Cabanel was a french classic painter in the 18 hundreds. Born to Pierre and Marie Anne Jean Cabanel on the 28th of September 1823, he grew up in Paris France where he was educated in the arts after showing proclivity and talent at the age of 17, he self-enrolled into the prestigious art university of Ecole des Beaux in Paris, passing away on the 23rd of January 1889. What inspires me about Cabanel's art is his dedication to his craft and his drive even during old age continuing to push through, creating timeless masterpieces even in old age. Jan Matejko Jan Matejko Jan Matejko was a Polish painter born to Franciszek Matejko and Joanna Rosebery on the 24th of June 1838, best known for his art piece Stanczyk. Jan Matejko 5 Question Question 1 Question 1 Q1. How or why does art make you happy/What type of emotions do you feel when composing Art? Question 2 Question 2 Q2. How do you deal with negative thoughts and feelings with art you have created or created? Question 3 Question 3. Q3. How did you create this? what apps did you use? Question 4 Question 4 Q4. What inspires you as an artist? Question 5 Question 5 Q5. Is the a creative process when it comes to making Art? Elements Photography Black and White Working with Black and White in Photography. Space Space Colours Colours On THE IS ONLY ONE RULE Listen, LISTEN TO INSTRUCTION, LISTEN TO MUSIC, LISTEN TO OTHERS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY LISTEN TO YOURSELF AND YOUR HEART!!!!!!!! Quotes Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso The first quote I chose was Pablo Picasso's "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." I chose this because inspiration is hard to find, but this quote allows me to stop, think and relax removing pressure from myself. John Lubbock "Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colours flowers, so does art colour life." -John Lubbock John Lubbock John Lubbock's beauty illustrated what every artist feels as they create. I truly feel free when I create art and I feel at my happiest. I fee Gustav Klimt "Whoever wants to know something about me, they should look attentively at my pictures and there seek to recognise what I am and what I want." - Gustav Klimt Gustav Klimt When it comes to reality I am unable to communicate well if at all, however when I am creating art I am able to tell stories without feeling judged. As most artists other artist inspire me, I also find inspiration by scrolling through apps such as Pinterest or tik tok seeing different art, artist and art styles that I can adapt into mine, But my biggest inspiration is music, different music genres and artists make me feel ways through their songs which I translate to a language I understand ART my emotions also heavily influence me,

Portfolio Powerpoint

Transcript: Tools: Time Capsule These tools are what helped the Aboriginals live their day to day lives. It helped them access food, shelter and make clothing or any other needs. Relation To Theme: John Cabot was one of the major reasons we have settlement in Canada today. He found New Found Land in 1497. He was the first European to reach Canada. It kept the Americans from expanding into the Ohio River Valley which was the First Nations land. The Americans thought that the British were too willing to give up land to the First Nations. The Royal Proclamation was passed in 1672. The royal Proclamation : The Royal Proclamation is a law that doesn't allow any Americans passed the Ohio River Valley. The Government was fighting against the Americans which was one of the factors of the American Revolution. Relation to Theme: Why I Chose This Topic I chose this topic because without the discovery of New Found Land life today, wouldn't be how it is. John Cabot sailed in 1497 with 18 crew members on the search for new land. He came upon New Found Land for England. When he got back he made report of the many scooping fish. Significance: Why i chose this: Significance: This relates to society and culture because without him there wouldn't even be a society like there is in the modern day. Portfolio Powerpoint Timeline: Portfolio Time Capsule Time Machine I chose the Royal of Proclamation because i thought it was one of the important things that stopped the Seven Years War even though it also played a factor in starting the American Revolution. Tools have come a long way. I believe that even in the modern day without tools we wouldn't be able to live the way we do. Although the Aboriginals had slim to no technology they still made their life work with these simple pieces of stone attached to a chunk of wood with some rope. : Significance: time capsule If the day John Cabot didn't set sail for a new trade route the world would be completely different because he found New Found Land and reported that fishing on the Grand Banks was an easy way to catch fish. If John Cabot didn't convince the king that setting sail was a good idea, life today wouldn't be as we know it. The land may still have never been explored because it is still thought to be too cold or too far north. First Nations would still have less technology because the Europeans would have never introduced it to them. If John didn't report the easy ways to fish then they wouldn't have had such a bug urge to make their way to New Found Land and use their new food source. John Cabot has made it so we are alive and breathing today with all the things that comes with it. Why I Chose this Topic

Portfolio Template

Transcript: To Start With... And then...about You! In this story you will enter personal information. You should talk about yourself, what you like, what is important to you. You should talk about your long term goals and what career you would like to work towards. You should also mention something about your family and the activities you like. You should use your "About Me" worksheet to reflect on these questions. In this story you will explain your Curriculum Map and GPA graph. You should incorporate the following information about the Curriculum Map and GPA Graph: This is my Heatherwood Middle School Curriculum Map and GPA. These are all the classes I have taken so far at Heatherwood Middle School. The top left graph shows the credits I have earned by passing all my classes. The next graph shows my cumulative grade point average. This is important for me to understand now because next year in high school I will have to make sure all my classes are mapped out and that I am passing classes so I can earn enough credits to graduate in four years. The next story you will share will be about your Long term goals. The following statements are some ideas that you might want to incorporate: I understand that when I get to high school next year I will have to make sure I have good study habits. I understand that I will have a four year plan to graduate which I must stay on track with I understand that I will be responsible to complete a scholarly paper my junior year I understand that I will have to complete a Senior Project my last year. Therefore, as I begin my eighth grade year I am really going to focus on the following goals From here you will want to elaborate on your school goals for this year. You will need to work through your SMART goal worksheet located on at the back of the ABOUT ME worksheet. These will be personal goals that you believe you need to work on as an eighth grade student to have a successful school year. This will then take you to each one of your classes and the trimester goals your teacher has set. You will need to make sure that you have completed the Goal Sheet Recording form. Make sure that your teacher has sign off on this so you know that you have the written down the correct goal. 1st Period Using your Goal Recording form you should be able to incorporate the following questions into your story about this class: This is what I like about this class This is my goal for this class This is what I need to work on Here is some evidence of my work 2nd Period 3rd Period 4th Period 5th Period 6th Period 7th Period SUCCESS! In this story you want to write about what it will take for you to have a successful school year. You will need to reflect on you strengths and some of your shortcomings. You will need to be very open about this particular story in your presentation. You want to share what you do well and how you want to be recognized for this. You also need to talk about what you need to work on this year. This will be difficult to be honest about what you need to work on. However, this is a very significant concept in goals setting. The ability to recognize one's weaknesses and share how you are going to overcome them is a very mature response. Study Plans This next story will be about your action plan for the school year. After you have shared your goals you now want to put together a plan which will help you to succeed. One of the tools that you can utilize with this program is the Study Plan Graph. Here is what you will need to share with regards to the Study Plan Graph: This is the study plan that I have completed to help me stay on track. There are four parts to it: 1. How I will study 2. The resources I need 3. My weekly class routine 4. A schedule of when my projects and tests are due I will keep this updated and posted so you can help me by checking this. High School This story should be about your thoughts regarding high school. Next school year you will be entering high school as a ninth grade freshman. How do you feel about this? What are some things that excite you about the reality of being in high school? What are the parts of high school that you are really looking forward too? There also has to be some apprehensions! Reflect on your concerns and what you might be worried about. In this story you need to write about how you need to take this school year to help yourself be prepared for the transition. Help!!! Your education at Heatherwood Middle School should be seen as a "partnership" between you, your family and your teachers. Understanding this concept then should allow you to ask for help and support. In this story reflect on what you need to be successful. How can your family support you this school year? How can your teachers help you? And perhaps most of all, how can you help yourself to be the best that you can be? In Conclusion So know you have come to the end of your presentation. Here you must summarize all that you have said. Enjoy the moment. This presentation is about

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