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Annual Sales Meeting Presentation Template

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Annual Meeting Presentation

Transcript: A Harvard Business Review Article Interpreted by Rosie Cipollone Unite Your Senior Team Establish Common Ground Establishing Common Ground "You can not truly enter any world for which you don't have the language." Ludwig Wittgenstein Applying this to business means, in order for you to enter the world of future strategy, you must have executives that have common definitions and assumptions around 3 key questions. What's your Business? Determining What Business You Are In Leadership within a company can often have very different views as to the boundaries of their business. This is especially true as industry boarders continue to blur. Having both a too narrow view or too wide a view can result in an organizations demise. Thus leadership must be in line with the overall sense of the business to achieve success. What's your Innovation Typology Deriving your Innovation Typology There are various categories of innovation. Some examples would be "disruptive innovation" or "innovations that expand access to nonusers". Having a shared interpretation of what innovation looks like for the company is very important. This can be achieved by assessing market size, identifying potential targets for acquisition and doing a review of the competitive landscape. What's your Growth Gap Judging your Growth Gap In the process of planning for the future it is imperative that a company know their growth gap. A growth gap is the difference between revenue goals and what the currently is likely for the business to deliver without major change. This is of the utmost importance and is influenced by numerous variables including competition, cost of inputs, marketplace demand, the performance of new ventures, etc. Having an interactive visualization of this data would be the most effective way of presenting it. Using a visualized presentation is not to force leadership into making firm projections on future growth, but to instead to be more exact about their assumptions. Exposing Misalignments Importance of Exposing Misalignments Managers often stay silent and defer to upper management leaving opposing options under the surface assuming someone else will speak up. They stay silent without agreeing or participating, known as social loafing, to mask conflict. You can help reduce the likely-hood of misalignments by creating groups for open discussions, including Optimists and Pessimists. Members of each group can then defend their stance with no one being allowed to pass and requiring that they defend their belief. Doing this exercise can reveal a wide range of views on any particular subject. This then leads to focusing on getting people to modify their positions in order to reach full alignment. Getting Physical Lets Get Physical! Roundtable discussions to obtain consensus is another step in uniting your team, but these exercises aren't usually effective in creating alignment. Having leadership physically engage in the discussions, as opposed to sitting in a room debating will help move the team towards alignment. By forcing leadership to engage and state their views in an open forum and persuade others towards their view, they are more likely to develop powerful new growth strategies within the company. Overview Overview Without open/honest communication, smart business decisions within an organization are not likely to happen. The hard questions must be brought to light with pros and cons from both sides. Developing leadership dialogues to establish a foundation of common understanding while exposing misalignment and learning from experiences is the only way to ensure the success of any company.

Annual Sales Presentation

Transcript: They informed us that the quoted price was too high Opportunity Takeaway They were treated well and made to feel like they were an important new customer They are a high dollar offshore oil customer Shaun Gray initiated contact with Hiller and negotiated well enough to convince them to visit WC Action Dave Schweiger gave them a great tour of the facility, and they were "WOW'd" by the near net shaped product line Hiller was looking for new suppliers for their decanter-style centrifuges There is potential for orders in the near future Convincing them to tour and then rolled out the red carpet for them RADOIL Above and Beyond The specifications and units were interpreted and converted into the proper format We put the customer's needs first and delivered on our promises There is no substitute for hard work and perseverance RADOIL and HILLER They are a $500,000 annually potential customer Radoil was impressed with the proposed price and quality of the parts in question Worked with Radoil to help make sure the wrought specifications were satisfied with the as-cast tubes that were ordered Action We provided them with a quote for a rough machined part Situation Technical support was supplied by Sandusky engineers and samples were sent to Radoil Hiller is a dynamic and expanding German company Result HILLER PLUS 1 All of their specifications were in German and all of their units required conversion Radoil's customer is National Oilwell Varco They make a many different types of centrifuges Result The parts shipped and performed well so far Radoil specializes in depth compensated accumulators HILLER Hiller placed an order for five trial parts from WC to be put into varied centrifuge applications At the end of the meeting, they placed a 1.2 million dollar order for the as-cast version of the tubes RADOIL PLUS 1 Samples were sent to Radoil for review with their engineers Opportunity Addressed Challenges and Conquered Radoil wanted to utilize the cast alternative to wrought pipe There is a potential for improved relations Jason Kay remained in contact with the customer and proposed that they look at as-cast tubes instead Situation

Annual Meeting Presentation

Transcript: Member Penetration Strengths|Weaknesses|Opportunities|Threats *The actual legal purpose contained in the Articles of Incorporation states: "primarily to promote..." This plan intentionally removes the word "primarily" with the belief that for this plan, all facets of the legal purpose are of equal importance. Strengths Metrics Top Participation Corporate Department Number and role (associate (by year), partners, management (by role), professional staff) of specific people in member organizations that participate in Twin Cities Diversity in Practice programs annually. The Business Meeting will begin shortly. Survey of Young Attorneys perception of member organizations work environment; Survey Young Attorneys perception with Twin Cities Diversity in Practice programming and results; and Survey Member Organization’s perception of Twin Cities Diversity in Practice programming and results. Dorsey & Whitney LLP Faegre Baker Daniels LLP Leonard, Street & Deinard, P.A. Law Firms: 8+ Years Position Twin Cities Diversity in Practice as the diversity and inclusion leader in the Twin Cities legal community. Increase overall percentage of attorneys of color in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Top Participation Small/Mid-Sized Firm Leading the Charge Xcel Energy Cargill, Inc. Land O' Lakes This document sets out a strategic plan for Twin Cities Diversity in Practice. It reviews strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities; presents a series of statements relating to Twin Cities Diversity in Practice’s purpose, values, and objectives; and sets out its key strategies and action items for 2013. Val Jensen The following key strategies will be pursued by Twin Cities Diversity in Practice in order to meet its objectives: Sapientia Law Group Igbanugo Partners Int'l Law Firm Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. Michael Connelly Changed Legal Market Fatigue Loss of Member Commitment Provide thought leadership, programs and facilitated communication to and among members to support them in their efforts to create a more inclusive work environment where all attorneys, but most specifically attorneys of color, can succeed and be Retained by members. Provide an inclusive community, tools and support to attorneys of color currently practicing in the Twin Cities to facilitate their successful integration and Advancement in the practice of law in the Twin Cities. Michael Connelly Objectives Collaborate with Nonmember Communities to bring together the multiple diversity constituents in the Twin Cities legal community. Attract/Recruit Welcome Service Awards & Member Participation Recognition Introduction to 2012 Strategic Plan Closing Remarks "to promote the common interests of its members, private law firms and other public and private employers of legal professionals in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, to improve the business conditions of legal professionals in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, as well as to support the efforts of its members to identify, recruit, advance and retain attorneys of color in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area's legal community. Welcome! (By percentage of department) Collective Engagement Effective Programming Credibility in Community (by percentage of firm) Marlon Cush Jennifer Miernicki Chris Pham Brandon Vaughn Corporate: 0-7 Years Opportunities Maintain a collegial environment. Take into account the viewpoints of the stakeholders (members and attorneys of color) of Twin Cities Diversity in Practice. Be good stewards of organizational resources. Twin Cities Diversity in Practice and its leadership shall at all times: Mike Connelly Megan Hertzler Brian Pioske David Robertson Organizational Values Law Firms: 0-7 Years The long term objectives of Twin Cities Diversity in Practice are to: Geography Membership Engagement Organizational Structure Twin Cities Diversity in Practice Annual Meeting: The mission* of Twin Cities Diversity in Practice is: Purpose Statement April 11, 2012 Thank you! Enhance Member Collaboration so that members can collaborate and learn collectively from each other. Stakeholder Experience Weaknesses Top Participation Large Firms Individual Participation Advance/Retain Roshan Rajkumar Marta Chou Kim Lowe Rick Mark Jim McCarthy John Fitzgerald Corporate: 8+ Years (by percentage of firm) Enhance Organizational Effectiveness by identifying and mentoring diversity leaders within member organizations who will advance the values and strategies of Twin Cities Diversity in Practice. Member Recognition Threats Strategic Plan Where do we stand? 2012 Opportunities Key Strategies Percentage of attorneys of color in all members organizations; Percentage of attorneys of color in the original members; Number of new attorneys of color at members organizations from schools outside the Twin Cities. Number of new attorneys of color at members organizations from schools within the Twin Cities. Agenda 2011 Service Awards Flavio Acosta Chris Okoroegbe Damien Bass Build Community Leadership Mentoring Position

Annual Meeting Presentation

Transcript: It's all possible because of donors like you! 8 12 6 5 1 The Globe held 678 public performances, with record-breaking total ticket sales There were 221,568 paid admissions, a 4.5% increase from 2010- which means 9,970 more people in the theatre. 6,709 students and teachers attended the Globe’s free student matinee series, which included performances of Emma, Groundswell and Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The Globe offers more than 20 Education Programs, including Theatre Tots (shown), School in the Park and Globe Readers literacy programs. 27 nominations in 18 categories Jane Austen's Emma: A Musical Romantic Comedy August: Osage County The Tempest Amadeus Somewhere The Rocky Horror Show The Globe produced: Four musicals Three World Premieres Three Regional Premieres One MFA Production One Production with a Cast of 200 I The Board of Directors Jane Austen's Emma: A Musical Romantic Comedy 11 9 3 The Tempest 2012 In 2011... Craig Noel Awards 10 More than 45,000 children and adults participated in the Globe's award-winning, year-round education programs. The Globe employs approximately 106 full time staff and 550 artists and professional artisans each year. August: Osage County 4 7 Thank you from all of us at the Globe! 2 Amadeus 43 Directors currently serve on the Board Loyalty & Longevity 25 Directors have served more than five years Two Directors have served more than 20 years Diversity 23 companies are represented including banks, universities, government and hospitality. Generosity and Commitment In 2011, the Board alone contributed more than $1.5 million to the Globe’s artistic and Education programs As of January 2012, Nine Executive Committees are served on by 46 Directors, Emeritus Members and Community Volunteers The 2011 Summer Shakespeare Festival was the most successful in the last five years, exceeding box office expectations and an 11% increase in paid ticket sales. The Globe employs 106 full time employees, and appoximately 550 artists and professional artisans annually Odyssey

Annual Sales Meeting

Transcript: Annual Sales Meeting Addressing Air Overview The air coming out of the overhead array is clean. The facility is meeting the current standards Operating Rooms Operating room air: Not as clean as it should be Typical O.R. air quality is not adequate for today’s O.R. environment: More procedures per day and faster turnovers increase biological load in the O.R. More personnel, activity and technology in the O.R. Increased use of implants, particularly in orthopedics which have a higher risk for SSI Older and more acute patient populations Antibiotic resistant organisms More revision procedures No standard for particulate levels in the O.R Laminar Laminar Air Flow Current systems, including laminar flow and positive pressure systems, do not deactivate pathogens, just displace pathogens. These pathogens are continuously being shed within the OR setting and contribute to the airborne pathogen concentration. Dirty Donut Explain the Dirty Donut Sales Stradgies Our Customer Support Supporting Cast Close Sales Stradgies Demo Demo Free Demo Standard Demo No Charge to facility Proves it works in THIER operating room How do the surgeons not advocate Facilitates placement meetings Training for new products Paid Trial We have seen some facilities more willing to sign on for a short paid trial. Low risk to the hospital, and low cost. Gives us more time to gather support to ensure placement happens. Independent Sales Agents Independent Agents Territories Territories Manage Managing the Groups How do we manage the independent groups? What works? What doesn't What are the goals? Who are thier top realtionships? Do we have a hospital taget list? Regular meetings or calls? Working together in the field, how often? Let's discuss as a team to better understand how we get the most out of our distribution network.

Annual Meeting Presentation

Transcript: You Seth Williams, Student Government Repersentative 240 seat, casual, full service restauraunt Design will include a bar, open kitchen and lots of seating Thank you, HSCSC Board Kenneth Keys What does this mean for you? After Clean and Safe Ambassadors Revitalization of Old Spaces Thank you to our Interns!! New Tenants on the Street You I Love New York Pizza Clean and Safe Program Ricardo Kearney Clean and Safe Program Phase II of the Hillsborough Street Streetscape Before Waffle House Food and Beverage Sales Growth on the Street You Economic Boom Looking Forward: 2016 even benefit from our mistakes After 2015 Annual Meet Please stay for the annoucement of the Raffle Prize Winner Will Gaskins, Economic Development Specialist 2015 Hillsborough Street Hero Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Charles D. Leffler Adam Zimmermann, Clean and Safe Program Manager New Tenants on the Street Upfit of Current Merchants Food and Beverage Sales Before Welcome to all the Elected Officials design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Alan Lovette, Hillsborough Street Merchant Repersentative Growth on the Street 7:30 PM Before Thank you to our outgoing Board Members Before Food and Beverage Sales *Winner will receive a free one night stay at Aloft Raleigh and dinner for four at Gonza Taco and Tequila 2010-2015 Over 50 Projects Plus Commercial Upfits $917 million dollars invested 2010-2015 19 Projects 18 Commercial Upfits $350 million dollars invested After benefit from our growth David Dean, Director of Programs 7 Days a week Clean sidewalks, curbs and public spaces Ambassador and hospitality program Maintenance, reporting and fixing issues on the street Security presence and a connection with Raleigh and N.C. State University Police Maintain the new LED street lights Maintain banners and decorations After Waffle House Staff benefit from our experience I Love New York Pizza

DHL-Annual Sales Meeting

Transcript: Efficient logistics and greener transport Make sure the latest trends and the right basics are always available in stores At the best price and with minimum impact on the environment DHL company H&M’s requirements on Green Transport DHL Services Easily and instantly access the clear and transparent analysis of emissions The analysis is based on a wide range of factors, which includes shipment mode, weight and volume and actual distance travelled A specific breakdown towards your carbon footprint We pay special attention to improving the energy efficiency of warehouse facilities 1. Intelligent lighting, which uses integrated daylight and occupancy sensors to detect whether there is sufficient daylight for lights to be turned off 2. LED lights 3. Reducing the use of natural gas, replace by solar photovoltaic 4. Run switch-off programs across our facilities that educate staff about the need to save energy and turn off devices when they are not used Aims Minimize business operations' impact on the environment Goal Improve the carbon efficiency Reduce 30% Co2 emission in 2020 compared to 2007 levels Vision: Logistics Company for the World Mission: 1)We want to simplify the lives of our customers 2) We make our customers, employees and investors more successful 3) We make a positive contribution to the world 4) We always demonstrate respect when achieving our results Found in 1969 Division of the German logistics company, Deutsche Post DHL International express mail services World market leader in sea and air mail DHL-Annual Sales Meeting Proposal Presentation Main elements Optimizing fleet and network Improving the energy efficiency of buildings Introducing innovative technologies, Mobilizing workforce Involving subcontractors and customers Our mission of GREEN solution service H&M can count on our forwarders to find the best routes and connections for the worldwide transport of your goods, and the most carbon-efficient solutions Potential CO2 reductions vary depending on H&M’s needs. We can combine a range of freight transport options to ensure a fast, climate-friendly flow of goods For example, we can reduce air, ocean and road freight emissions by switching from air to ocean transport on certain stretches of a given supply chain. Depending on the situation, significant carbon savings can be achieved by consolidating goods and by better utilizing load capacities Most efficient on long distances Environmentally sustainable DHL offers its own equipment High payload of up to 30 tons High level of security SmartTruck & The intelligent route planning system Intermodal transport WayAhead At least 70 percent of road freight carriers’ drivers must have received training in fuel-efficient driving Trucks carrying H&M goods must not be more than 10 years old All nominated and potential road freight service providers must have a CO2 reduction target that is accompanied by an action and follow-up plan DHL’s Carbon Dashboard Providing you with a high-performance, web-based tool With just a few mouse clicks, you can access statistics on the carbon emissions generated by the transport of your freight Based on these numbers, you can then consider various scenarios for a more efficient transport mode Green Solution for Your Consideration Economic benefits Use of new technologies to further optimize route planning so as to reduces fuel consumption All these measures combined ensure that DHL is moving forward. For future generations You can GOGREEN by: Providing all-in-one solutions from a single source for you Your shipment is loaded onto one single loading unit (This unit can be a container, a swap-body or semi-trailer) is compatible with all modes of transport ensuring the safe and secure packaging of your goods throughout the journey We decide the best way to transport your valuable shipments and to bring them to their final destination on time Product Carbon-neutral shipping options Environmental management Certification 6,800 (54 %) sites are certified the ISO 14001 standard Adopting RFID and a completely new type of route planning software, which navigates express vehicles and other vehicles away from inner city traffic jams SmartTruck also benefits the environment, since through efficient route planning the vehicles' fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions are not wasted Efficient flows H&M is both importer and retailer Make careful choices regarding every transport link in the supply chain from factory to store DHL Environmental protection - GoGreen Low-energy warehouse design Vision & Mission Mail Services DHL's worldwide expert in providing customized solutions for customers’ mail and B2C parcels. It maintains one of the world's largest delivery networks on five continents Supply Chain Solutions Global market leader in contract logistics, providing warehousing, managed transport and value-added services and offers solutions for corporate information and communications management What H&M would like to achieve in

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