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Small Business Report

Transcript: Small Business Report Who are the major owners? It is a Meat and small good retail butcher shop which sells predominantly to the public but also provides for hotels, roadhouses, sports clubs, etc. They do not supply or buy in any inferior quality meat and “have always been fussy” about what they sell in the store; they try to sell as many products of local origin as they can. They have a farm and grow their own beef, lambs and goats which they feel gives them an edge over a lot of their competitors because it is the only way of having a consistently good quality of meat all year round. 3. Having an edge over other businesses selling the same products. You really need to know the product you are selling so your customers learn to trust you and want to come to you rather than going elsewhere. You need to come up with a product that is unique to you or superior to other competitors either through price or quality. They are unsure of any definite future plans for their business although they have been considering purchasing or building their own slaughterhouse and boning room. They are costing both options to see which one if any will be more viable. They are “fortunate” that they sell food products and everyone needs to eat, however trends have definitely changed over the years. For instance they used to sell 1ookg of fish leading up to Good Friday 10 years ago but now sell very little. They think this is due to people going away from traditional religious followings. Also Christmas traditions have changed over the years. They sell a quarter of the turkeys they used to sell partly because of price but also breakdown of traditional family life. They also see a lot more people going away at Christmas overseas rather than stay locally which means less customers during the best time for the sale of their produce. Butcher 2. Putting your business first and working your lifestyle around it rather than the other way around. You really need to eat breathe and sleep it especially in the first few years. A lot of people fail in business through this, a successful one is gained through hard work and long hours. Also when you start out you need money to get you through the first 12 months while you are building your trade up whether by overdraft loan or savings. Many people fail in the first 12 months because they are under the false impression that you open the doors and the money rolls in. The truth is that if you break even in the first year or two you are very fortunate but mostly it takes 3 years before you start making any serious profits. 1. Great customer service - as important as selling quality goods at competitive prices. If people enjoy the experience of shopping at your store they will tell friends and family and keep coming back week after week month after month year after year. A look inside Gerry's Dublin Meats Unsure of what their market share would be as a percentage of butcher shops and supermarkets etc Their major competitors are the larger butcher shops and supermarkets although they find that “customers will seek out consistent quality of meat which is all we deal in”. The most important part of a Small Business though, is loving the work that you do. “We have built up a business that we are very proud of over 16 years and we still love what we do which is what enables us to work 7 days a week” “We don’t keep the best meat in town, we sell it!” Old Port Wakefield Road Dublin SA 5501 Have there been any recent major developments in the last 5 Years for the business? who serve customers but also prepare all the value added products schnitzels patties etc. Steady build up of customers sales and turnover over 16 years. They try to keep at lower prices than other quality butchers which they are able to do by growing a lot of their own produce on their farm which is only 10 minutes drive from their shop. They do not have as high a profit margin as some but they make up for it by their customers purchasing more and making Gerry’s shop their sole meat purchasing venue. Helen and Gerry have found the 3 most important factors to running a successful business to be... to breakdown the bodies of beef lambs pigs and goats Is there an impact of external factors (social trends, government, economic, environment) on business operation and performance? Assistant Are there any proposed (future) development/plans for the business? What is the Market Share? And who are the Major competitors? Business Management Structure Butcher who serve customers but also prepare all the value added products schnitzels patties etc. Assistant What is the performance trend of the business? Is there significance of location of the business? What are the major goods/services produced? Owner/ Manager There is a regulation in their industry. Gerry's answer to the meat hygiene government department. They have been accredited for 10 years and joined before the compulsory act came in. They are inspected via unannounced checks twice a year and

Small Business Report

Transcript: Service, Finance Manager, Administration I was not able to obtain any solid figures regarding the recent performance of the business, however the general trend of Audi Automotives as been positive growth of around 5%-10% per year for the last 6 years. The reasons for this growth are the following: 1. Investment in marketing 2. New innovating products 3. Consumer confidence 4. Affordable finance Recent major developments Significance of the location of the business Proposed plans Marketing is a huge factor when it comes to sales in this industry. That's why it is essential to try communicate to a specific, yet wide demographic in order to create an appeal to the product. Some advertising includes newspaper, car magazines and television advertisement. Audi television advertisements are more aimed at promoting brand instead of specific franchises like Audi Centre Melbourne however. Furthermore there is a lot of marketing that is aimed at increasing goodwill, such as consumer loyalty. These events include track days, golf and dinner functions. Although specific laws do no effect the business too much, particular taxes and regulations do. These include: 1. Import tax 2. Luxury car tax 3. Stamp duty 4. Car registration The reason behind this is because all of these taxes and regulations force the sales price of the car to increase, hence making the demand for the car less, as it is at a higher price point. Small Business Assignment Major goods produced Manager Finance Manager: Michael Sara Administration: Salena, Mikeala, Georgia, Josh Major Competitors Business Management Structure "Lifestyle. Passion. Drive." As the location of the business is on the corner of Swanston St, heavy traffic on a regular basis makes external appearance a main factor when it comes to advertising. This means that a lot of money goes into signage and easy in-out car access, as it is a crucial part in overall frontage appeal. Furthermore, as the business is located in the city, and hence the name, “Audi Melbourne”, the word “Melbourne” actually has some goodwill associated with it, as it seems to signify that this particular dealership is representing the biggest city in Victoria, and therefore may have higher standards. Impact of External Factors The performance trend of the business Thank you As everyone understands, buying a car is a big investment, and one that is generally meant to provide for years. And like anything that is around the price point of a new (or preowned) car, there are always better times to invest than others. Because of this, the economy plays a great deal on sales and turnover of cars sold. The economy depends on many factors such as the strength of the Australian Dollar, and other foreign markets such as America and China. That is why it is essential that the market is generally strong for the business to become stable. Furthermore on this point, there is a level of consumer confidence that comes with the market strength, and even personal opinions financially, that determine which time is a good time to buy. Regulations that influence the operation of the business Major owner(s) Bobby Zagame 501 Swanston St The sale and service of Audi automotive Sales Manager, Service Manager Over the last few years, there has been limited developments due to proposed plans estimated to be commenced February 2013. However, one recent development is the transfer of service and Audi “Approved Plus Pre-owned Vehicles” to be moved to West Melbourne Audi, an external location. Types of Advertising By James Zagame Customer Service, Event manager, Salesmen Manager: Bobby Zagame Sales Manager: David White Service Manager: Josh Scappello Customer Service: Mario Scerri, Rebecca Zagame Event Manager: Carly Greatbatch Salesmen: Joe Pinto, Frank Sanovsky, Jason Sanovsky, Claudio Giusti Service: Joe Delucci, "Cossy", Pierro, Bibliography Further development is estimated to take place in February next year. These new plans include the creation of a bigger and better service area for all Audi automotive, and a total of 6 floors, which will be able to house 100's of new Audi's and more offices. A Look Inside Audi Centre Melbourne As this business exists in a marketed that is relatively saturated, there are many competitors that compete on price and product. Some of these include: 1. Audi Penfold’s Doncaster 2. Mercedes Melbourne 3. BMW Melbourne 4.. Lexus Melbourne

Marketing - Small Business

Transcript: SHELTON ANSLEY Digital Marketing and Public Relations for Today's Entrepreneur KENTUCY INNOVATION NETWORK - LONDON OFFICE Why Facebook Pages 1. Increased exposure to customers - 1.9 Billion 2. Lead generator - Contests, giveaways, newsletters 3. Cheap Marketing 4. Facebook Insights - Good Analytics 5. Build Brand Loyalty 6. Increase Your Web Traffic 7. Easy to be Mobile Ready 8. Reach a Targeted Audience through Ads Why Facebook Pages Top Benefits Facebook Pages Facebook Pages 1. Click: Create a Page 2. Give it a Name & Blurb about your business 3. Choose a profile photo (logo) and cover photo (store, product, etc.) 4. Option: Call-to-action button. Contact through messenger, shop, start food order, or book a service 5. Publish page when complete 6. Start posting BEFORE promoting it 7. Turn on Messenger to connect with customers 8. Use Insights to see how customers engage with your page How to set it up: Why Facebook Ads Facebook Ads 1. Organic reach continues to be reduced: New focus on "meaningful social interactions". 2. Medium for video ads - HOT! 3. Minimal investment 4. Targeted audience Top Benefits: Facebook & Instagram Ads 1. Choose your marketing objective: 3 Categories - 11 Options Awareness, Consideration, Conversions 2. Select your audience 3. Decide where to run ad 4. Set your budget 5. Pick your format 6. Place your order 7. Measure then manage ad Facebook & Instagram Ads How to set it up: Why Instagram for Business Why Instagram for Business Top Benefits 1. 25+ Million business profiles worldwide 2. 33% of the most viewed stories are from businesses 3. 200 Million users visit 1+ business profile daily 4. 80% of Instagramers follow a Business 5. 30% purchased a product discovered on Instagram 6. Maximized for mobile 7. 59% of 18-29 Y.O. use Instagram 8. Realtime metrics 9. It's where the people are at Instagram for Business Instagram for Business How to set it up: 1. Go to your profile and tap . 2. Tap Switch to Business Profile. 3. Select the Facebook Page you'd like to associate with your Business Profile. 4. Set profile to Public. Private accounts can't switch to Business Accounts. 5. Review your business's contact information, make any changes and tap done. Instagram Hashtags (#) Instagram Hashtags (#) Tips: 1. Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6 percent more engagement 2. Numbers are allowed in hashtags. Spaces and special characters (@ * %) are not 3. You can only tag your own posts. You can't tag other people's photos/videos. 4. You can use up to 30 tags on a post. More than 30 tags and comment won't post. (Word on the street: #shadowban: Too many hashtags will decrease your views.) New value on "tight" hashtags that are not "spamish" 5. Check out what hashtags your competitors are using. 6. Use hashtags that influential people in your industry are using. 7. Double check to make sure that hashtag means what you think it means 8. DO NOT USE: #followme, #like4like, #follow4follow, #tagsforlikes, etc. 9. Try: #tbt, #fbf, #ManicMonday, #WisdomWednesday, #FridayFunday, #nofilter An Instagram hashtag is a word or phrase comprised of letters, numbers, and/or emoji preceded by what was once referred to as the pound symbol (#). Instagram Stories Instagram Stories Benefits: 1. Behind-the-scenes content 2. A potential way to beat the algorithm 3. Takeovers 4. Opportunity for 1:1 communication 5. Live, timely content New Feature: 1. Highlights: Extremely valuable addition to Instagram business profile, because it allows brands to easily curate and showcase the content they want users to see first. Websites & Blogs Be the Authority Be the Authority Margaret River Discovery Co. 1. Sean is the go to guy for info on events and tourism infomation in Western Australia. 2. #1 of 15 Ranking by TripAdvisor for Tours in Margaret River 3. Publishes across multiple channels. Stop, Collaborate and Listen! Stop, Collaborate and Listen! Apple + Nike 1. Imitate co-branding model 2. One brand+ One brand (can) = One AMAZING EXPERIENCE 3. Boost awareness 4. Break into new markets Public Relations FAM Tour FAM(iliarization) Tour 1. Traditional media: newspapers, tv and magazines 2. Online: blogs, videos, podcasters, influencers 3. Group tour organizers 4. Domestic and Foreign Set High Goals Make Friends in High Places 1. Organic relationships matter. 2. National Geographic & Florida State Parks - Started with Ad in National Geographic Traveler Magazine. 3. Collaborated on joint project: World Famous National Geographic Map - Suwannee River Wilderness Trail & Dedicated online section for 2+ years on

Small Business Marketing

Transcript: The Truths that will set you Free! Why “Marketing” doesn’t work Traditional marketing is for big business Advertising and media are out to win awards Build brand, get name out there, top of mind Millions and TIME Can’t be measured and they love it 7 Rules 1. Lead nurturing may be more important than lead generation 2. Customer buying habits and motivations are still a mystery to most of us 3. Content is the new currency that drives customer and sales acceleration 4. Current customers can’t be neglected any longer 5. Social media is required to have a positive ROI (and we have the tools to prove it) 6. Sales, marketing and customer support need to tell the same story to be effective 7. Some old school marketing still works 7.5. If you are B to C local must have mobile/places What matters most? PRODUCT? It’s often assumed that the highest-quality and best product wins. Not true. What’s the No. 1 restaurant in the world? McDonald’s. What’s the No. 1 wine? Franzia (the stuff that comes in a box!). MANAGEMENT? The next assumption is that management makes the competitive difference. Countless “dream teams” have failed miserably (think Enron, the movie Oceans 12 and the 2004 Olympic basketball team, comprising nothing but NBA stars, ending up third, losing to Lithuania. Ouch.).MARGINS?Certainly your accountant and CFO would wish for the highest margins. Tell’em margins don’t matter at all if the product never sells. “The use of focused, relevant, frequent communications to effectively and efficiently get people with similar needs, wants, pains and fears to know, like, and trust you.” Attract the right Ideal Prospect Repel the wrong prospects What are your company’s revenue goals over the next 12 months? Break it down further Leads, conversion, new net accounts, etc. Goals (Clarity) = Actions (Focus) = Execution Marketing Is: “We are all trying as hard as we can – so why not try different?” Marketing Lies MARGINS? Certainly your accountant and CFO would wish for the highest margins. Tell’em margins don’t matter at all if the product never sells. Seth Godin More Lies Person who knows how to get, keep and cultivate a customer gets paid the most. Period. Ultimately, like it or not, the one thing that matters most in determining whether your business succeeds or fails miserably is marketing. “Fast, gigantic leaps come from only one place: sales and marketing.”- Dan Kennedy If you want to be the best in the world, make your world smaller” Seth Godin Who is the exact target market that will purchase your products and services? (Ideal Customer) Lies about Marketing Good Customer Service Quality Reputation Good Results Our Employees Knowledgeable Staff Consistent Management Responsiveness Innovativeness Trust “To grow I need to expand my “market” “More cold calling” “I can’t afford to do more marketing” “Business is down because the phone isn’t ringing” “Lower prices will boost my business” “Everyone buys on price” Tablestakes “I just need to get my name out there” “It is all about frequency” “ All I need a Superstar Salesperson “ “Marketing costs too much” “There is no way to know if it is working” “I tried that and it didn’t work” “My market is different” “ All I need is more leads” Marketing/Sales We have to start with goals? What needs, wants and fears/pains does your “Ideal Customer” have when they purchase products/services like yours? What solutions does your company provide to cure the pains? How are your solutions remarkable enough to start a buzz and set you apart from your competitors? What is your Differentiator?

Example of Small business

Transcript: Thank You PN FARIDAH BINTI JAMIL for being our supervisor Example of Small business MONEY MONITORING TRANSACTION SYSTEM Example of Medium size business We have conduct 50 respondents from around Taman Cempaka and also around Ampang to test the system and show the system in front of the respondents. Most of respondents are quit agree with this system. But still a few of respondents are not agree with this system because of the protocol of the organization is not suitable for this system. This system are accepted for most of the respondents. But still there is the need to be upgrade more. Testing Testing is a phase to ensure the system is run correctly according to the flow. Questionnaire has been pass to 50 respondents from small and medium size business and the system also has been test in front of them. Testing Example of Testing Questionnaire For Money Monitoring Transaction System is suitable to use for small and medium size business. This system is developed for reduce money fraud in the organization or business. Implementation Design is in the stage of system development project when the task required to create a finished project is planned. Design is the process of thinking, choosing , making and creating the project. Design Connect to Transferring Confirmation/reference Data stored Check/ reference Admin System Transaction Database System Online banking site Server CEO/BOD From almost 2 Semester we have take this subject of FN521 and FN621, we learn how to use this LabView Programming software. Also we learn how to be more discipline for two semester. We also learn how to use and implementing the barcode scanner with the software. The most important thing is we learn how hard to make this system can be completed even just a few more percent were still difficult to implement yet. And lastly we learn the hardest thing and we still go trough it and we are very thankful to our supervisor who gave us guide and teach us to be more discipline and hope to be a reliable person one day. Conclusion Upgrade the system to be more reliable and more secure. Make the interface of this system more colorful and can be design. Make an other method besides the QR Barcode scanner. Suggestion from Respondent Money Monitoring Transaction System is a interface that made by using Labview programming software. Labview programming software is a system-design platform and development environment for a visual programming language from national instrument. What is Money Monitoring Transaction System? FINAL YEAR PROJECT GROUP MEMBER : INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT FN621 FINAL YEAR PROJECT MONEY MONITORING TRANSACTION SYSTEM 1 – System Scope Transferring money using online system. Trace the flow of company money 2 - User Scope Admin CEO/BOD Accounting officer Scope The objective of this project is : 1 – Develop system that able to prevent financial stealing. 2 – Ensure every withdrawals into the company more secure with this system. Objective Misappropriation of money in the company. Excessive withdrawals or exceed budget. Used the money for their own use and personal. Problem Statement Example of Analysis Questionnaire We have conduct about 50 respondents from Panasonic AVC Network SDN BHD in Johor from Department of Accounting and Financial Department regarding this system. From the Survey we have made trough questionnaire that we have provided most of them agree if the one system if build to prevent money fraud at each organization. Most of respondent also give a good feedback and suggestion to make sure the system is more secure. Analysis

Small Business Report

Transcript: Interview We went to the lifeline opportunity shop in high street and spoke to Sue, who told us more about how the op-shop ran and other interesting pieces of information about the organisation and this small business that branched from it. Is not only cheap, but also helps people who are in need. It also reduces the amount of things we buy from factories and child/immigrant slave workers overseas. We hope you enjoyed our presentation and have developed a better understanding of how op-shops operate. Lifeline Non-for-profit Business For our small business, we researched an opportunity shop that gives its profits to the organisation 'lifeline'. Lifeline is fundamentally a call center that aides people who have depression and are contemplating suicide. It uses credited counselors to aide these people into feeling more stable and healthy, even if it's just to have someone to talk to. Thank-you! Non-for-profit?! A non-for-profit business is a business that gives its profits to a charity or organisation. They're very much associated with giving back to the community. Or in some, if not a majority of the cases, directs its profits to a more global fund. They focus heavily on charity and helping to fund things for the community that would otherwise not receive any support. Small Business Report Like any small business, the lifeline op-shop had a vision statement for its customers and ways in which buying from op-shops could benefit not only the organisation, but also Australia's economy. Buying from op-shops

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