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Annual Budget Presentation Template

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Annual Budget

Transcript: Income This bill can't be answered because i don't know the service I might have but...$50 / month. Beauty/Hair Annual Budget Project Residence Groceries Dining Out At this moment, my style isn't like others. They all look alike because of the "Trend". I believe that since I'm like a business woman I should spend $300 a month including shoes & etc. Dining Out Water & Sewage/Garbage Left Overs. . . The water would be $12.5 (split) and garbage would be $7.5 (split) Beauty/Hair Cable Well, a press would be $90 (twice/ month), nails would be $28 (twice), eyebrows would be $20 (twice), and i mean ill put aside $170 for extra. I now am left with a total of $1,374.31. . . . I can use this for gift giving, shopping, travel/vacation, and entertainment. I'll give moms like $200 a month or more. I'll probably save $300 a month. I would still have a lot of money left over. might as well save up! Clothing Arianna Hinton Ms. Hall/ Ms. Ahmed 2nd Period I believe that I'm going to be out then in. I really don't need groceries. I need the money for outside food. About a good $200 i think. End leftover: $1,074.31 This bill would be split with my roommate. The total that I would pay would be $125/ month. Savings Telephone I am a Major Movie Camera Operator. I make 60K yearly. Meaning that i make 5K monthly. After all the taxes come through I actually bring home 3,569.31 per month. The difference was 1,430.9. Transportation My Husband! I'm rarely at home but i might spend fifty a month for it. Electricity/Gas I'm getting a 2012 Ford Mustang Convertible. My monthly payment is $322 and insurance is $150. ($472). Gas would probably be $200 monthly. 972 Windwood Ct, College Park, Ga I am a camera operator. When i come home i would be tired of TV. So, I'm just going to pay my $8/month for Netflix I don't want him for the money! Well, I have found a nice house in College Park, Ga. The community is good to live in. My job is 5 minutes from where i live. My rent is 800/month but, i split with my roommate. 3 bed / 2bath.It comes with Dishwasher,Range / Oven, and Refrigerator. Total gas.

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