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Android App Presentation

Transcript: Ms c ESE What is it ? What helped us create it ? In the Home screen, the student is able to directly access the list of trips and just tap it to call the driver The "DRIVE ME HOME" App We noticed How much Students suffer taking transportation means. Perspectives : App Inventor for Android is an open-source web application originally provided by Google, and now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Abderrahmen Ben Jemaa My SQL Android Application It is an android application that kind of imitate car lopping but in a different way, now it helps students find a pickup to get home early without being stuck in a crowded bus station in the campus after a tiring day at college. A Prototype using Pencil software We developed the app using App Inventor which is : Negative effects on the Student's life and studies. Ahmed Hamed Live DEMO Thank you For your attention Mobile Computing Anis Elloumi How does it work ? Now, he will be able to log in He can also see the trips he had With an External Database using : the world’s second most widely used open-source relational database management system. The student driver must join first time he opens the app Screen shots We don't have enough buses to pickup all the students in ease. He is ready to add a trip by providing the right information We are trying to implement this application on a real IDE like eclipse, but discovering a cool tool that helped us bring our idea to life within a short time, was great. No Punctuality. 2014/2015 What drove us to create it ?


Transcript: EXISTING SYSTEM Creating Groups : Languages Used : Java,Android IDE : Eclipse WebService : KSOAP Designing User Interface : LIST OF UML DIAGRAMS usecase class sequence collaboration activity statechart component deployment object PROPOSED SYSTEM SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS ABSTRACT Sends SMS to user group. Group SMS : Creates customized group from contact list Sends SMS to the group. THANK YOU 1.1problem definition: UML DIAGRAMS This application is mainly intended to send sms free of cost from android mobile.Here User can send any no. of sms for free at a time with a maximum character constraint. we can send sms without SIM card using Wi-Fi. It sends group sms,customized sms and has a feature to view history.No need to bother about service provider cost. ANDROID FREE SMS APP USING KSOAP We integrate web services through KSOAP. Then send SMS to intended party. MODULES 1&2 HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS History Module : Group and customized SMS will be saved in SQLite database. SMS can be retrieved and shown to user to view the history. BY U.KARTHIK P.RAGASUDHA V.RENUKA Y.PRASUNA Under the Guidance of K.SRINIVAS MODULES 5&6 Sites like sends SMS for free from a PC connected to internet.This is not always possible to send SMS for free from PC when we are roaming. UserRegistration is must for SMS apps like FreakySMS,way2SMS,JustSMS,TextraSMS,GOSMSPRO etc.,Most of the android apps provide limited number of sms per day. This application doesn't need any user registration.Amount will not be deducted from present balance.User is provided with option to send SMS to single or multiple persons.There is no restriction on no.of SMS can be sent per day. It uses SQLite 3.0 for storing SMS history and doesn't rely on third party tools. MODULES 3&4 We create user interface for application. For Android applications, we use XML to create user interface. Ram Needed: 1GB and Above HardDisk : 50GB and Above Processor : DualCore and above Using auto selection box, user can send SMS to single or multiple user. We need an Android mobile phone with atleast 2.3 version to use this app with Wi-Fi or service provider internet package. Integrating web services : Customized SMS : ARCHITECTURAL DIAGRAM

Android App

Transcript: Compras BD OVERVIEW Welcome To Compras BD Course Title : Software Development IV Course Code : CSE 400 Project Topic: An Online Shopping Android Application Project Title : Compras BD VISION VISION Welcome To The Presentation Compras BD Discover and Buy…Enjoy! Israt Jahan -16172103268 Supervised By: Maruf Ahmed Rahad -16172103268 Md.Ashraful Islam Lecturer Dept. of CSE, BUBT Kamrun Nahar Pinky -16172103264 Submitted By: INTRODUCTION This project is an android based shopping system for an existing shopping mall. Admin has all the authorization INTRODUCTION OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVES • To provide user friendly system • To provide error free system • To handle all the products as an admin/owner • Different interface for admin and consumers • Adding product or changing information facility about products for at any time for admin • Changing information process for consumers. MODEL PROPOSED MODEL Have different types of functionality. Users can view all the transaction by using orders process. Users must have to register first to do any kind of bank activities. FEATURES User: 1-Login and Join 2-Main Menu 3- Cart 4- Search 5-Category 6-Orders 7- Settings 8-Logout FEATURES Admin: 1-Login 2-Add products by category 3- Manage Products 4- Confirm Orders 5- Logout REQUIREMENTS H/W Requirements: Hard Disk: Minimum 10 GB Ram: Minimum 4GB Operating System supported: Windows XP, Windows 7,8,10 S/W Requirements: Operating System: Windows OS Framework: Android Studio Language: Java Database: Firebase Real-time Database Tool: Android studio, VScode, Chrome Note: must be connected with internet/wifi REQUIREMENT DESIGN ER DIAGRAM DATA FLOW DIAGRAM DATA FLOW DIAGRAM SNAPSHOTS SNAPSHOTS SNAPSHOTS Cont..... SNAPSHOTS snapshots PERKS PERKS There is scope for further development in our project. These are: The security system can be upgraded. Online payment system can be added. Customer’s information details auto refilled system can be added. CLOSING THANK YOU

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