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Transcript: Jesus Christ Keep My Commandments Remember Me The Abrahamic Covenant I AM THAT I AM I AM THAT I AM Follow My Servants Heavenly Father wants to have His children know who their real God is. God has established covenants with His people since the beginning. He rebukes the Israelites against false idols and shows his might with the plagues He created the Earth and the Heavens and performs wonders to his people Moses saw the Glory of God and all his worlds and wonders Delivers his children from the hands of their enemies So mighty and Holy that we have to prepare to be in His presence The Israelites needed to trust Moses to make it through the wilderness By looking to the staff, the Israelites were saved By following Joshua, the Israelites were able to cross the river Jordan. By following Moses, the Israelites were saved from the Angel of Death. The Lord's servants will never lead you astray Promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob Land, Priesthood, and Posterity Abraham didn't get to see all his blessings in full fruition in his lifetime Gave the Abrahamic Covenant The Lord gave the Law of Moses to help the children of Israel remember Him Practice of sacrifices in remembrance of Jesus Christ Constantly reminds them to cease worshipping false Gods Issues the Ten Commandments to Moses and the Israelites Establishes the Law of Moses in the Books of Leviticus and Numbers Establishes a covenant with all His people starting with Adam. Gives specific instructions to Moses, Joshua,and Gideon on how to lead the people to safety Promises them blessings when they follow the commandments, and problems happen when they live in wickedness Adam was commanded to offer sacrifices in remembrance of Jesus Christ Christ is the God of the Old Testament The firstborn in the family got the birthright and responsibility to save the family, like Christ Joseph, Moses and other prophets are a type of Christ All the Israelites who would look unto the serpent (Christ) might be healed The veil in the tabernacle represents Christ, that through Him, we might return back to Heavenly Father

All that I am

Transcript: all that Caliesto Pelletier, Miss Marshall's Gr.9 i am Identity Identity is the fact of being who or what a person or thing is Identity can be decribed as multiple things. It can have different meanings to different people. It can mean who they truley are or it can be just a name. Identity is what someone would describe theirself as or what/who they identify as. Although their identity is what they identify as, its how others will identify them as, too. Identity identify knowing you Do you know who you are? importance of knowing yourself importance of knowing yourself Knowing yourself is respecting your strengths and weaknesses. Its knowing your values and your beliefs. Your desires and dreams. your likes and dislikes. The importance of knowing yourself is to know all these, and the differnces that they may have so you can live in harmony with yourself. Conscience An inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one's behavior. right or wrong One's conscience is an important aspect of who they are. Their conscience is whats making all the decisions in their life. It decides whether or not if they are gonna make a good or bad choice. Everybody's got one, its what makes a huge impact in one's life. It can choose to do the right thing or the wrong thing, and their choices are what present them to others; and what others will see/judge them upon. past, preasent and future What happened in the past affects what happens now. Whether it was good or bad for the good or bad. What someone did in the past reflects their image on who they are now. If they are still like the way they were before or their different now; their past shows who they were. past past The present impacts ones life because what their doing in that moment shows who thery are, and what they think of themself as. It shows what they do, and that tells a lot about persons charecter. What someone shows about their character, tells a lot about who they are, what they want, what they have, where they been, where they'll go. present present Somone could tell another a lot just by saying what they want to do. one could tell a lot about who someone they look up too. If someone knows what they want to be, that shows that they got their life together. They will do anything to get that to that point in their life. They do so because, their aspirations are higher then their egos, which causes them to do what they want. future future Responsibilities The state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone. Responsibility Responsibility Being responsible is essential to someone because they need that to go places. If they aren't responsible then they have no self discipline, and when they have no self discipline then they won't get anywhere in life. Reponsibility shows that a person is willing to 'change' when its needed to move on in life. an exaggerated sense of one's own value or importance Self importance Self importance is important because it gives you all the necessities you'll need in life. It does that because if you have self importance it means you care enough to give yourself your needs. For example: you will feed yourself, and help yourself. self importance self importance Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions, disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior. mental illness mental illness Mental illness effects the way a person thinks and acts. They can't always control the way do things. Like normal ordinary procedures that most people can do, are more of a 'mission' to them. It can effect they way they learn. mental illenss mental illenss the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual Character Character Charecter is what a person is. It shows who they are. Its what they show others. Their character is all who they are. Its what they want to be and who they are. Charecter is so important in ones life. if one has no charecter, they have no life. character character

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