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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Template

Transcript: Drug and Alcohol Addiction Abby Ballast 4/25/22 Introduction Introduction Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Drug and alcohol addiction is a difficult cycle to break and while any individual is capable is getting addicted, the first step of breaking this addiction is being self-aware. The difficulty in beating addiction arises because addiction is a complex disease and requires tremendous willpower to break away. It’s important to find this willpower, though, especially before becoming addicted. Thesis and Essay Map: Addiction to alcohol or drugs can touch anyone’s life and have devastating consequences cognitively, psychologically, and even socially. Causes of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Causes Cause #1 Addiction to alcohol and drugs can touch anyone’s life and have devastating consequences cognitively. Cause #1 Cause #2 Cause #2 Psychological effects can have extreme consequences. Cause #3 Family and friends need to be attuned to the possible social effects of addiction. Cause #3 Effects of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Effects Effect #1 Effect #1 Each person’s brain produces large amounts of dopamine. However, after repeated use of a drug or alcohol, the brain is unable to produce normal amounts of dopamine on its own. Larger amounts of the substance will eventually be needed to achieve a person’s desired effects. Another cognitive problem is someone that may find that they are having different sleep patterns due to their addiction. Finally, other areas of cognitive such as memory are affected by addiction. Effect #2 Effect #2 People with mental disorders can be a target for addiction, making them more curious to find something that makes them feel good. the desire to limit use of a substance is the first sign of an addiction. As an addicted person needs an increasing amount to experience the same high that they felt the first time they used, they become more dependent on using. Someone may say they are going to quit or are quitting soon, but still continue to use the substance. This means that the more someone worries, the more they may become addicted to something that may make them stop worrying. When using, this can increase a person’s anxiety because of the intensity of anxiety whenever the substances wear off. Effect #3 Effect #3 Someone who withdrawals from social contact as a whole may be dealing with an addiction, and even someone who has a new set of friends may be included in something along the lines of an addiction. There are people that may be active, but cancel plans at the last minute, resulting in ignoring commitments or responsibilities. A person with an addiction will do anything in their power to get the drug or alcohol that they are addicted to. Work Cited Work Cited -Australia, Department of Health. “Alcohol and Drugs - Dependence and Addiction.” Alcohol and Drugs - Dependence and Addiction - Better Health Channel, Better Health Channel, 5 Aug. 2019, - Juergens, Jeffrey, and David Hampton. “Understanding Drug and Alcohol Addiction.” Addiction Center, 18 Apr. 2022, - “Drug Addiction: Know the Warning Signs.” WebMD, 9 Feb. 2018,

Alcohol Powerpoint 6th per Health

Transcript: Alcohol Powerpoint by Gabrielle Bookman per. 6 What is alcohol? What is alcohol? Alcohol is a drug! Alcohol depresses your nervous system, lowers inhibitions and impairs judgment. Drinking a lot of alcohol can lead to a coma and even death. Mixing alcohol with medications or street drugs is extremely dangerous and can be fatal. Alcohol influences your brain and leads to a loss of coordination, slowed reflexes, distorted vision, memory lapses and blackouts. Drinking and Driving In 2016, an average of 28 people a day were killed in DUI accidents. The fatal effects of dirnking and driving continue to effect peoples families, which is where MADD comes in. Drinking and Driving MADD ( mothers angainst drunk driving) was founded on September, 5, 1980 by Candy Lightner. On may, 3, 1980 Candy Lightners daughter Cari was killed in a car accident; The driver was drunk. To prevent further incidents like this Candy founded MADD to raise awareness about the matter. MADD MADD Carime Anne Lightner, better known as Cari, was struck from behind by car at the age of 13. She died on the scene and her organs were in such bad shape, that they were unable to be recovered for donation. Cari Anne Lightner Cari Anne Lightner driving under the influence (DUI) n. commonly called "drunk driving," it refers to operating a motor vehicle while one's blood alcohol content is above the legal limit set by statute, which supposedly is the level at which a person cannot drive safely. DWI DWI driving under the influence (DUI) n. commonly called "drunk driving," it refers to operating a motor vehicle while one's blood alcohol content is above the legal limit set by statute, which supposedly is the level at which a person cannot drive safely. DUI DUI Blood alcohol content (BAC), also called blood alcohol concentration, or blood alcohol level, is mostly used as a way to measure alcohol intoxication for legal or medical purposes. All 50 states have now set .08% blood alcohol concentration as the limit for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while impaired (DWI). BAC BAC Underage drinking is a serious public health problem in the United States. Alcohol is the most widely used and abused substance among America's youth, and young people drinking poses enormous health and safety risks. The consequences of underage drinking can affect everyone— regardless of age or drinking status. Underage Drinking Underage Drinking So "Alcohol is bad", blah blah blah "don't drink till you are 21" yada yada yada. we shouldn't drink; but why not? Studies have found that the effects on teen brains are simply worse than the effects on the brains of adults. Our brains are still growing and and are more sensitive to damage. It effects your mood and memory Effects on Teens Effects on Teens One of the greatest dribblers of all time, his playing style combined pace, skill, balance, feints, two-footedness, goalscoring and the ability to beat defenders. George Best George Best Winehouse was an english singer and songwriter. She was known for her low pitch voice that was highly expressive. She died on the 23 of july 2011 ( aged 27 ) of alcohol poisoning. Amy Jade Winehouse Amy Jade Winehouse Enablers, similar to codependents, support and addicts dysfunctional behavior. Not only do they support addicts behavior, they also protect them from the consequences of that behavior. This sort of relationship does nothing but create a downward spiral for both parties. Enablers Enablers As people get older, their bodies change. Alcohol is broken down more slowly, and they become more sensitive to the effects of alcohol. Therefore, if people continue to drink the same amount of alcohol, as they get older, it is likely to affect them more. It is important for people as they get older to be aware of how much they are drinking and to think about drinking less. Effects on Elders Effects on Elders a smooth ridge between the upper lip and nose small and wide-set eyes, a very thin upper lip, or other abnormal facial features below average height and weight poor coordination delayed development and problems in thinking, speech, movement, and social skills poor judgment problems seeing or hearing heart problems kidney defects and abnormalities deformed limbs or fingers FAS Symptoms/Diagnosis FAS Symptoms/Diagnosis Women who drink during pregnancy can give birth to infants with fetal alcohol spetrum disorders, also known as FASD's. The disorders can be mild or severe and can cause physical and mental birth defects. At birth, the baby's dependence on alcohol continues. But since the alcohol is no longer available, the baby's central nervous system becomes over stimulated, causing symptoms of withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal may begin within a few hours after birth, and symptoms may last up to 18 months.Types of FASDs include: fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) FASD's FASD's Alcoholic hepatitis is inflammation of the liver caused long term and excessive alcoholic consumption. Alcoholic hepatitis is most


Transcript: Yushi is basically an authentic Asian cuisine turned into a modern Asian cuisine. We get our ideas of food from different Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc. We are basically a fast food chain place with the concept of an “Asian Subway/Chipotle”. Unlike these places, most of our food is freshly prepared. We receive fresh fish everyday, which are used for sushi and salads. We have just-made chilled and hot grab and go dishes. You have an option to try something different everyday due to the variety of options being provided. We review performance every 6 months. We keep tracks of their overtime. This shows that they are willing to put in extra hours for themselves as well as for the company. That shows the amount of dedication they have. Our employees are one of our top priorities. We want them to succeed as much as possible and reviewing performance is a great opportunity for them to show case their abilities and talent. How would you describe Yushi? YUSHI: ASIAN KITCHEN Date: October 26 2012 Time: 3pm Individual's name: Tenzing Jangchup Position: Human Resource Location of employment: 100 Maiden Street, New York, 10038 Contact Number: 9174344767 Email Address: BY: Dorje Sherpa what kind of training program does the company offer? Is it highly structured or more informal? How often do you review performance? In order to determine the status of an employee, performing Evaluation programs is very helpful and important. It helps the HR and the manager figure out how the employees are performing. In Yushi, Jangchup evaluates his employees once every 6 months. In my opinion it should be taking place 2-3 times every six months. There are employees who might not be able to stick with the job for 6 months. It’s a very long gap that needs to be filled with the records of the employee and their progress that they have made so far. Application -Interview -Hired on Spot -Orientation _start off your first day at work. When we first opened our restaurant in Maiden Lane, we had an orientation, which lasted for a week. One of our executive Chef Danny Lachs talked about the background information of company such as when we were created and what influenced us to open up a food chain such as Yushi. It is highly structured because we planned out the orientation before hands. We have a process of going through all the information they need to know about the job and their position. We train our employee before the restaurant operates. asd NEGATIVE ASPECTS EMPLOYEE SELECTION THE END

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