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Transcript: Would be one of the founders of Matrix Management Company. One of the most important Venture Capital firms nowadays. Prior to that he worked in investment banking at Lehman Brothers. Warren Hellman Before everything started Its most common strategies of action are through leveraged buyouts (LBO´s) and minority growth capital investments. It tends to avoid intensive or industrial businesses. Such as -Manufacturing -Chemical -Transportation He was a managing director of Salomon Brothers It is an American Private Equity Firm founded in 1984 by Warren Hellman and Tully Friedman AKA H&F A core element in H&F's strategy is investing in "growth" opportunities whether in an industry sector or a specific company. Tully Friedman Just five months ago, they annunced they would do a colaboration with Blackstone. In August 2015. To bid for British payments processing company Worldpay 1984 — Hellman & Friedman I ($500 millon) 1991 — Hellman & Friedman II ($826 million) 1995 — Hellman & Friedman III ($1.5 billion) 2000 — Hellman & Friedman IV ($2.2 billion) 2004 — Hellman & Friedman V ($3.5 billion) 2007 — Hellman & Friedman VI ($8.4 billion) 2011 — Hellman & Friedman VII ($8.8 billion) 2014 — Hellman & Friedman VIII ($10.9 billion) Investment funds: Recent Deals Since it formation 1987, Hellman & Friedman has raised over $35 billion of committed capital. Strategies Was one of the founders of Worldpay's private equity owners, Advent and Bain, were preparing the company for a London stock market listing which is likely to propel the firm into the FTSE 100 H&F invests in a variety of structures, frequently making minority investments with only limited controls. The firm has focused on several target industries instead, including: Media Telecommunications Financial services Professional services Information services

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