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Aerospace Presentation

Transcript: Fifty-two computers control the systems on the ISS. The same rocket fuel that helps launch the space shuttle is now being used to save lives— by destroying land mines. A flare device, using leftover fuel donated by NASA, is placed next to the uncovered land mine and ignited from a safe distance using a battery-triggered electric match. The End. Thank you. Space Shuttle Space Shuttle Program alone has generated more than 100 technology spinoffs Facts & Figures 30 years of missions First launch: April 12, 1981 (officially out of commission April 12, 2011) There were 135 missions in total http://www.nasa.govpdf/566250main_2011.07.05%20SHUTTLE%20ERA%20FACTS.pdf The ISS (International Space Station) and the Space Shuttle Image, Construction, & Purpose Artificial Heart International Space Station JAXA aims both to "Stimulate the curiosity of children, cultivating their spirits, and encouraging their passion to pursue craftsmanship" Some of the Technology Spinoffs. Lines of Computer Code: approximately 2.3 million The Space Shuttle(s): NASA Langley Research The ISS: the United states & Russia ESA, Canada, Japan, Brazil The Six Shuttles: Enterprise(never flew in space), Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Endeavor and Atlantis Who? Infrared Camera Colombia: its 28th mission, during re-entry it broke apart Challenger: its 10th mission when a seal on one of its boosters failed and hot gas burned through the external tank, igniting the propellants and causing the shuttle to break up in the resulting explosion A sensitive infrared hand-held camera that observes the blazing plumes from the Shuttle also is capable of scanning for fires. During the brush fires that ravaged Malibu, CA in 1996, the camera was used to point out hot spots for firefighters. Humanity's first reusable space craft The Shuttle & the ISS the two most renowned manned space research advancements that have been used for the studying in and of space Land Mine Removal Device Power Generation: 8 solar arrays = 84 kilowatts - spans more than half an acre Links/Works Cited The technology used in space shuttle fuel pumps led to the development of a miniaturized ventricular assist pump by NASA and renowned heart surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey The tiny pump -- 2-inches long, 1-inch in diameter and weighing less than four ounces has been successfully implanted into more than 20 people Manned Flight Space Research Life Saving Light The Image, Construction & Purpose Special lighting technology developed for plant growth experiments on space shuttle missions is being studied to treat brain tumors in children. Doctors are working with light emitting diodes in a treatment called photodynamic therapy, a form of chemotherapy, to kill cancerous tumors. every 90 minutes it completes orbit Space Shuttle Launch : STS-129 planned to provide transportation, maintenance, and act as a staging base for possible future missions to the Moon, Mars and asteroids The life of the shuttle program has cost $113.7 billion Fun & Not-so-fun Facts A total of 180 spacewalks; totaling over 1,130 hours, or approximately 47 days parts launched into space and put together, or shuttles would transfer pieces and parts Fun & Not-so-fun Facts Cntd. Enterprise Columbia Challenger Discovery Atlantis Endeavor It has a: pressurized living and working space approximately equivalent to the volume of a 747 jumbo-jet or a conventional five-bedroom house can accommodate up to seven astronauts a gymnasium, two bathrooms, and a bay window

aerospace presentation

Transcript: Engineering By:BrandonM,TroyW,LapoiV,WestonL Aerospace Jobs Process Engineer Propulsion Engineer Engineers Process and Propulsion Engineers Process and propulsion Engineers They design spacecrafts,satellites,and missiles. They create and test prototypes to make sure that they function according to design. They work on the the performance and reliability of rocket motors, jet engines, and compressors. They are the people who make the jet power and the rockets that make planes and rockets to go up in the air. The process engineers are the people who design the rockets and jets first. Market Size 3 $26 54 Salarys & Benefits Average Pay -$100,000 Median Annual salary -$51 hourly - Varries on type of engineer Benefits Benefits - 40 hour work weeks - Easy hours - Paid Vacation Hours - Easy jobs to find - Needed jobs for all types of enginerring What they do What they do - Inspect damaged products to find sources and solutions. - Develope new technologies for use in aviation, defense systems, and aircrafts. -Evaluate projects to determine if they are technically and finacially feasable. Duties Design Aerospace engineers work to develope designs that meet the engineering principles, customer requirments, and enviormental regulations. They also determine if the product will result is safe operations that meet goals. Specialized fields Can specialize in designing different types of products such as.. -Commercial and military airplanes and helicopters. -Remotley piloted aircrafts and rotorcrafts. -Spacecrafts and launch vehicles.

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