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Advisory Board Presentation

Transcript: A Snapshot of the Greater MetroWest Labor Market using Real-Time Data 2016-2019 Thank You! Is based on online job postings Provides valuable information about the job seeker and the employer. This data shows a more dynamic-approach than traditional data such as BLS and JOLTS data. 85% of the jobs are posted online The algorithm detects that 80% of all postings are duplicates Real-Time Labor Data (Burning Glass) Real-Time Labor Market DATA Considerations for analyzing real-time data It's a complement for traditional Labor Market Data It has limitations: Not all jobs are posted online Human errors AI is still developing technology The distribution of the online labor data is different from the distribution of the real labor market in terms of job openings. Some considerations about job ads In 2016 there was a Total of 48,392 job ads In 2019 there was a Total of 65,318 job ads Total of Job Postings 2016-2019 for the GMW Regional analysis for the GMW area Job Ads by Community Between 2016 and 2019, job ads grew by approximately 35% in the GMW Area Communities with lower population density show higher percentage growth 76% of job ads are distributed among Framingham, Marlborough, Natick and Westborough Findings and Insights Findings The largest Supersector in GMW is Education and Health Services The top 3 employers for 2019 belong to the software, retail and technology industries. The top 3 requested skills are Customer Service, Sales and Productivity tools (Office) GMW Industry Snapshot Industry Analysis for the GMW By NAICS Supersectors Top Employers 2019 Most Demanded Skills What has happened in the GMW in the last 30 days? Real-Time Analysis TOP EMPLOYERS

Advisory Board

Transcript: LEED Assessment for new Smart Village Building Communication of Sustainability 2013 Objectives: Did you know that? Outsourced -Roof Top Garden (√) -Landscaping (In Process) Double Sided Printing I. Definition Double-sided printing set as default on all Xerox photocopiers in CIB’s head offices. (Budget : No Budget) II. Rationale Reducing CIB’s carbon footprint Raising Staff Awareness about sustainability initiative. Reducing Cost Promoting CIB’s green image in line with the bank’s Going Green initiative and No1 Green Bank in Egypt. Crops Strawberries Lettuce Rocket Parsley Celery Green Wall IV. Measures and baseline: 80% of the printers are Xerox Current paper Consumption : Total all head offices premises average monthly paper consumption is 1930 boxes (a box contains 2500 sheet) Target : 10% reduction first 9 months (Starting September 2013 to June 2014) Energy PC Sleep Mode (√) External CIB Supporting Giza Zoo IV. Measures and baseline: -No measures required V. Recognition: -Tracking -Certificates from Chairman Role Model Newsletter ? Types: GREEN Awareness Sessions with our efforts together, we'll escort CIB towards a well managed long term sustainability journey where CIB, besides being the "Best Bank in Egypt” can be justifiably recognized as the Sustainability CIB employees, in the head offices only, use 31,000 Plastic cups weekly!! !! Sustainability Activities to date An average CIB employee prints around 20,000 sheets* of paper annually which requires 3 trees to be cut down every year!!! Do you really need to print that much? Recycling List of Greens: Rocket Jew’s Mallow Radish Parsnips Parsley Celery Dill Taro Before Did you know that? CIB's Six Pillars of Sustainability 06 /08/2013 NO. 1 BANK IN EGYPT Indigenous Plants Papyrus Desert Shrubs “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” “A good sustainability definition for financial institutions would be simply a clean, efficient and inclusive growth.” To set the stage (Aug) Chairman's message-CD to all staff Quick wins (Aug-Dec) Email messages Green team meetings Activities-Intranet Homepage Awards Certificates Sustainability Initiatives (Oct) Quarterly newsletter-Hard Copies, Intranet, and Email 1-Develop and train a group of Sustainability in house trainers (From Training & Green Teams) to conduct a Sustainability awareness sessions across the organization. 2-Raise Sustainability awareness among all Staff at CIB. 3-Develop a specialized intensive social and environment training program for Credit and Risk departments. By leaving the water running for one minute, you can be wasting about 19 Liters of Water!! Train the Trainers Staff Engagement -Non Smoking (In Process) -Pop-up messages (In Process ) Quick Wins Training After Water Phase 2 *For Internal and External use including bank statements One plastic cup takes 300 years to Biodegrade! Waste Disposal -Solid Waste (In Process ) -E-Waste (In Process ) Keep your work environment healthy Sustainability Governance Structure (Recap) 20 instructors have been identified to conduct these sessions throughout the bank. This training will cover 1,500 staff by the end of 2013 and all Staff by June 2014. Rooftop Garden Non Smoking I. Definition -Smart Village to be a fully non smoking building after Ramadan -To Start turning the other head office buildings to be non smoking after Ramadan -Nile Towers will be non smoking building in October II. Rationale Creating a healthy environment for CIB’s staff. Raising Staff Awareness about sustainability initiative. Promoting CIB’s green image in line with the bank’s Going Green initiative and No1 Green Bank in Egypt Did you know that? Paper Double Sided Printing ( ) 1- Green Team Training 2-Train the Trainers 3-Awareness Sessions 4-Social & Environmental Risk Phase 1 Herbs Peppermint Lavender Rosemary Marjoram Oregano Thyme Spearmint Lemon Grass Ginger Basil Sustainability Did you know that? Definition: Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is a green building tool that addresses the entire building life cycle recognizing best-in-class building strategies. LEED is transforming the way we think about how our buildings and communities are designed, constructed, maintained and operated across the globe. Rationale: Promoting CIB’s green image in line with the bank’s Going Green Initiative and No1 Green Bank in Egypt. Saving CIB's resources such as energy, water and materials and Reduce green house gases. Contributing to low carbon emissions. Steps for completion of the LEED Assessment: Search for a LEED EBOM vendor Finalized Sustainability Tender Process Finalized Sustainability/Tendering Vendor selected (EMS) /Budget Approved 15th of July 2013 Sustainability/Tendering/COO Gap analysis on LEED and proposal action plan 30th of September 2013 EMS / Premises Projects Action plan to take the initiative going forward October 2013 Sustainability /COO Sustainability Status Update Awareness Photo

Advisory Board

Transcript: CRIMINAL JUSTICE ADVISORY BOARD 2018-2019 Overall Strategy Crawl 2017-2018 Tasks Outreach Review files Observation Develop assessment strategy Analysis of data (available upon request) Develop and utilize student surveys Experiment with different delivery systems Outreach to local officials and other pertinent entities Recruit Overall outreach and raising awareness Student Numbers 25+ Primary Instructional Delivery System Online & Experiment Curriculum Maintain curriculum Outreach Online Enrollment Trends Walk 2018-2019 2019-2020 Tasks Continue Crawl Phase Strategy + Develop and implement continuing ed courses Develop and implement non-credit courses Develop campus security Nurture collaborations with other entities like DPSST Pendleton High School Pipeline (2019-2020) Student Numbers 40+ Primary Instructional Delivery System Mix online, seated, and zoom classes Experiment with multiple time lectures/hybrid zoom Curriculum Shift to transfer-ready degrees/certificates Develop and implement continuing ed courses Develop and implement non-credit courses Enrollment CAMPUS SECURITY Campus Monitor force Pendleton & Hermiston Unarmed Private Security Instructor/Officers Only all certified force in the state (CC level) CWE, Federal Work Study, and Experience ACJS, WACJ Innovation Award, Klamath Falls Non-credit for public (June 7th and 8th) Job Fair National & Regional Oregon Association of Criminal Justice Practitioners WACJ (Fall, 2019) ACJS Curriculum Committee CPL Approved by Curriculum Committee Changed CPL for Basic Law Enforcement Academy (from 20cr to 21cr) Changed CPL for Corrections Basic Academy (from 10cr to 21cr) $10 processing/course NTN NTN (National Testing Network) Policing Frontline National ORPAT (I became ORPAT Instructor) Purchase equipment $8k-$22k Borrow State equipment on regular basis? General Online Testing Network Written FireTEAM ECOMM (emergency communications) REACT (corrections) IMPACT (juvenile corrections) MedicTEAM Online DPSST Platform Online Platform Rolling Enrollment Pay-per-block Reserve Academy Police Reserve Academy Hosted at BMCC Possible Zoom to site-locations CJ Department would schedule instructors CJ Department Instructors can instruct some blocks Possibly as part of a contract scenario, providing law enforcement presence on BMCC campuses (Nathan Rankin) Forensics Camp Held July, 2018 Lost & Found Upcoming July, 2019 Potential Training 2 day Evaluating Truthfulness Course $200 per person 25 person minimum 3 day Statement Analysis Course $300 per person 25 person minimum 5 day Tactical Interviewing Course $500 per person 20 person minimum *Travel expenses and training materials are included in the cost. Run 2020-2021 Beyond Tasks Continue Crawl & Walk Phase Strategies+ Seek ACJS certification Research grants Other grants Ongoing Regional Panel Discussions Job Network Centralized Communication Network 4-year degree? Other Suggestions? Student Numbers 75+ Primary Instructional Delivery System Maintain a balance of online and seated courses Curriculum Maintain and monitor curriculum CURRICULUM 2019-2020 Calendar Year Likely (with secondary purpose) -Transfer Ready A.S. Criminal Justice -Transfer Ready Certificates Law Enforcement Leadership Corrections Leadership Security Studies (feeds campus security force) DISTANCE ED/ NON-CREDIT Cops-and-Kids Program Physical Security for Businesses (following ASIS Physical Security Professional Certification) Steady flow of policing non-credit training (like Humintel) Other needed classes, informational sessions, or presentations Suggestions on: Curriculum Non-credit needs Centralized Communication Other Suggestions? What do you need from us? Remember to like us on Facebook! Further Discussion

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