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Academic Conference Presentation Template

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Academic Conference

Transcript: My Education Journey 1958 - Baltimore, MD. 1958 - Baltimore, Maryland Legacy History -In June of 1958 NASA was created by President Eisenhower signs the National Aeronautics and Space Act into law -Cuban revolutionaries- --- - On September 3, 1958, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. attempted to attend a hearing for fellow civil rights activist Ralph David Abernathy at the Montgomery, Alabama, courthouse, when he was violently arrested. The picture captured of arrest sparked national outrage. -On Sept. 15, 1958, a commuter train left Bay Head at 8:27 a.m., carrying dozens of people to a routine day of work in New York. It never made it, instead plowing through three stop signals and plunging off a partially open drawbridge into Newark Bay, killing 48 people aboard. Among the dead were three crew members and 45 passengers, including former Yankees second baseman George (Snuffy) Stirnweiss and then-Shrewsbury Mayor John Hawkins. - With the nation on the brink of a sweeping and active reckoning my grandfather began his first year as a history teacher, 2 years before JFK was elected president. . Legacy Legacy -A history teacher and coach for 39 years at Gilman school and orginially all white boys school located in Baltimore, MD -My Grandfather was the first to diversify Gilman hoping ot make it look more like the city it was located in, a huge step for the time (1960s) -People have often described him as tough and having high standards for his students an players but above all he cared about everyone he came across -He also worked as Senetor Sarbanes' cheif of staff so being politically active was not a choice but instead deeply ingrained in him and the way he taught -He instilled this civic duty to my mom and then to us teaching us to continue working towards a more perfect union 1987 - NYC, NY World War II, also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted 1987 - NYC, New York History History -In the Persian Gulf, a view of the guided missile frigate USS Stark listing to port after being hit by two Iraqi Exocet missiles within 30 seconds. 37 sailors were killed. Though exact details remain unclear, the Iraqi government at the time stated that the attack was in error, that the Iraqi pilot had thought the Stark was an Iranian tanker, and officially apologized to the United States. The incident took place two miles outside an exclusion zone enforced during the Iran-Iraq war. -Michael S. Swavley, vice president of marketing for Compaq Computer Corporation, introduces the new Compaq Portable III at the Mark Hellinger Theater in New York, on February 18, 1987. The Compaq Portable III, starting with a weight of 18 pounds, provides the power and function of a high performance desktop computer in a small, self-contained unit that is easy to carry -After the 'Black Monday" stock market crash of 1987, passengers on board the F train in New York read about it in newspapers. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by nearly 23% in a single day, on October 19, 1987. By the end of the month, global markets had lost between 20% and 45% of their value, but gradually recovered over the next few years. -Lieutenant-Colonel Oliver North, former aide to former National Security Adviser John Poindexter, is sworn in on July 7, 1987, before the House and Senate Foreign Affairs Committee hearing in Washington, District of Columbia, on arms sales to Iran and diversion of profits to Nicaraguan Contra rebels. North testified under limited immunity. The "Irangate" saga erupted 30 November 1986 into a new crisis for the US President Reagan administration with the resignation of Admiral John Poindexter as the President's National Security Advisor and the dismissal of North, a member of the National Security Council Staff. "Ollie" North, a much-decorated Marine officer, known to White House cynics as the President's "Swashbuckler in Chief", was linked to the transfer of some $30 million profit from the Iran weapons sales to Contra rebels fighting the left-wing Sandinista government in Nicaragua. Legacy 2021 - Auburn, MA Timeline History -Joe Biden becomes the --- president and his vice president Kamala Harris becomes the first owman and perosn of color to hold the office of Vice President - A coup was staged on the United States capitol as Trump supporters tried to overthrow the election - Chauvin trial

UoN Academic Conference Presentation

Transcript: Kylie Hazeldine Head of University Partnerships & Prof Mark Mabey Regent College Principal HND to Honours Degree: student transition to and through Background Overview of Regent College Part of a wider education group with 20 years experience of delivering education in the UK Including level 3 and Higher Education Currently have over 1500 students studying with Regent College Higher Education at our various London campuses Largest history in deliverying HND Business Delivering English Language through Wembley English academy (British Council registered) OfS registered and TEF Silver Currently delivering BA Business Entrepreneurship (Top-up) with UoN at our Harrow Campus Student Profile Student Profile 1500 students After operating Top-up's for one year 150 students have undertaken Top-up years with us (90% internal progression) Progression from Pearsons HND in Business 70% of students english is not their first language (although they have had to meet entry requirements) Average age of 35 Average distance from their studying campus 16.5 miles Our Experience So what happened? High levels of academic misconduct Concerning levels of non-submissions Student's weren't copying with the stress and pressure Lead to disengagement and attendance issues Concerning levels of fail grades or low passes Strain and concern on the partnership Key Issues First identify why it is happening HND programme Learning objective led Task orientated Pass, Merit or Distinction Pass mindset Degree Programme Independent thinker Research skills Critical thinking Academic writing Entry Requirements Programme Content 1. 3x2hrs – Academic Writing/Study Skills at level 6 • Critical thinking and academic writing. • Referencing 2. 3x2hrs – Strategic Marketing • STP • Marketing Mix 3. 3x2hrs – Strategy • The two dominant strategic framework. • Complete situational analysis of any business. 4. 3x2hrs – Contemporary Business • Business trends analysis • Overview of financial decision making Passing the programme What We Did Summary Summary Still see the impacts work through 1st intake Top-up completion 30% 2nd intake Top-up completion 60% 3rd intake due to complete in summer and on track for 80-85% completion Do not assume level 5 completion equals ready for level 6 Key success was in the introduction of interviews, the transition programme and the support given during the recruitment period Action plan commenced 6 weeks before this intake started

Lilly's conference template

Transcript: 3 Things I am good at... 3rd Quarter Conferences Handwriting Multiplication Finding common denominators Digestive system How to multiply & divide decimals Things I've learned this year... Typing We are reading a book called Secret Keepers. It is about a boy who found a watch that can turn him invisible for 15 minutes then he reappears. Turning invisible also makes him really hungry and tired. In social studies we are learning about the revolutionary war. We also planned and did a debate. Science & Social Studies Turn things in on time ELA N: plan a debate In DLI we are learning about where to put commas in sentences to still make sense. keep things organized Have a better attitude Reading Not blurt P: Not be late to class 3 Skills that will help me in middle school that I can improve on... Long Division In math we are learning how to multiply and divide fractions. We are also learning a new math curriculum which I think is boring, and I do not get the new math curriculum. Boston Tea Party -Student Led- Be more organized Things I need to work on... Math Turning things in on time Needs Improvement 3 Goals to Work Towards By Lilly Hollingsworth Not have a messy locker Estimating Fractions Exercises Self-Control *P Follows Directives & School and Classroom Rules *P Completes Quality Work *M Time Management *P Organizational Skills *N Shows Respect towards: Peers *P Adults *P Progressing Life Long Learning Skills Evaluation M: american revolution Subject Summary Meets Standard 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c

Academic English Conference Presentation

Transcript: The history of scientific consciousness research. Current problems and difficulties. Future prospects. Cognitive neuroscience Linking subjective experiences to physical mechanisms = explanatory gap Scientific Consciousness Research Enquiries into the nature of human consciousness, aiming to find a scientific explanation. The science of thoughts continues to strive for answers Late 19th century. Rise of information theory Cognitive psychology great amount of research and theories Fundamental questions in science According to Revonsuo (2009): A unified research program is required, based on central theme. The study of bioelectrical activity in corticocortical and thalamocortical loops The 'easy problems' Increased understanding of the nervous system Academic English conference 13/12/2010 An ambiguous term Subjective experience as its central aspects. What is the current state of scientific consciousness research? PET, MRI, EEG... Other problems in consciousness research 17th & 18th century: Descartes: mind/body dualism. Spinoza, Leibniz and Berkely De la mettrie: materialism Kant: Consciousness not a scientific study object The study of neuropathologies The 'hard problem' The history of scientific consciousness research. Problems in consciousness research. Psychophysics A lack of unity and coherence Last 50 years Possible solution? Brain imaging techniques Improved technology required? The future? Definition of consciousness For example: Bridging the explanatory gap

Bella's Conference Template

Transcript: 3 Things I am good at... 3rd Quarter Conferences cleaning my desk Multiplication Turning in my fished work How to add,subtract, and multiply decimals Things I've learned this year... getting all my stuff done more often - Similes - Metaphors - Understatement - Personification - Fact and Opinion - Key Qualities of the Organizational trait - Key Words -Organization of Nonfiction Texts -Decimals -How to add and subtract fractions -Different strategies addition and subtraction -How to divide better -How to estimate better -Trying different ways of reading problems -Matter -How animals interact with each other -A bit about gravity -The Engineering process -Native Americans and how they live -Slaves -The Revolutionary War -The colonies Science & Social Studies Being on time ELA N: How to whisper read better -Comparatives -Superlatives -Quotes -Letters How to write numbers -Where to put commas -Similes -Metaphors Managing my impulsivity Reading Typing the right way How to make an Imovie Thinking flexibly P: not causing drama 3 Skills that will help me in middle school that I can improve on... Participating How to manage my inpulsivity -Student Led- getting a higher reading level Things I need to work on... Math Reading out loud Needs Improvement 3 Goals to Work Towards By Isabella Coalter Getting more organized Striving for accuracy Exercises Self-Control *P Follows Directives & School and Classroom Rules *M Completes Quality Work p Time Management *m Organizational Skills *p Shows Respect towards: Peers *m Adults *m Progressing Life Long Learning Skills Evaluation M: How to convert fraction into percents Subject Summary Meets Standard 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c

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