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90 Day Plan Presentation Template

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90 Day Plan

Transcript: 30-60-90 Day Action Plan 30 Day Plan 60 Day Plan Encouraging Others to Become a Leader THANK YOU! Challenging Myself Continued... Review first 30 days are completed. Ensure all plans for first 30 days are completed. Continue the level of communication with Manager/Supervisor and teammates to establish teamwork. Conduct a branch meeting and do a presentation in front of my teammates. Branch training – train someone else to learn how to do the vault and ATM. Get involve with financial and manager reports learn how to read the report and know what each number represents. Meet with Branch Manger Rosa Hermosillio to discuss and prioritize the tasks and activities that need to completed in order to become an Assistant Branch Manager. Work with Rosa to determine how I need to prioritize my activities and tasks. Develop a step-by-step plan in order to continually progress in the activities and tasks I need to complete for the position. Report my progress to Rosa Hermosillio at the end of every business day in order to establish what I am doing well and how I could improve throughout the training process. By: Ernesto Alonzo Reyes Business Development, every Thursday have a new teammate go to La Taza and show them about how our community comes together talks about how to improve new local business and what can we do to improve that local business, that’s where our teammate comes in place and talks to our community about our small business checking account and how we can help. Understanding the importance of operations management for example, Audits, petty cash report, consignment, retention binders, cash order, access to branch applications, alarm test, perform a RRA, etc. Know position responsibilities. Summit progress report to Manager/Supervisor at the end of the 60 days. Establishing My Position Checking My Progress Nominate a employee of the month this will also help me read some of the reports. Conduct a supply order to make sure branch and teammates have everything to succeed their goals. Create a sales challenge and promotion in order to attract the people shopping and get teammates motivated. Every 2 hours have all teammates huddle up and talk about where we stand as a team and individually in sales, set up new goals and talk about the issues that affected the goals from before. Have a cheer to motivate after the huddle. 90 Day Plan Challenging Myself Have a meeting with teammates. Clarify what they expect from me as the assistant manager Clarify what is expected from the employees. Work with teammates to help everyone become a leader in the organization. Always lead by being a good example. Behave and interact as I would expect my teammates to behave and interact with me. Final Adjustments Monitor first 60 days activity level and results and re establish if necessary ensure all plans for the first 60 days are completed. Obtain feedback on performance and discuss plans and adjustments. Continue to track performance to assure personal and business goals. Work efficiently and effectively to ensure optimum time management. Establish myself as an authority figure. Find out each teammates level of confidence, ability, stress, etc. Inspire teammates to take ownership in their work. Track performance and development of goals. Give everyone a chance to voice their opinion. Provide valued feedback and coaching. Encourage others to work harder to surpass their goals. Communicate openly and honestly Working with Teammates

90 day plan

Transcript: 90 day plan Thomas.A Key Objectives Objectives In my first 90 days I will be focusing on achieving three key objectives. 1. Understand the company way of solving problems. 2. Build a relationship with my immediate team and wider group. 3. Deliver quality projects and client satisfaction. Approach Approach The approach I will adopt will be as follows: First 30 days will be around "Education" 30 - 60 days will be around "Engagement" 60 - 90 days will be "Execution" Education In my first 30 days I will act as a sponge and absorb as much information as possible This will be accompanied by allowing the consulting team and my immediate team and manager to understand me as a person. First 30 Days Plan and Milestones Plan A key milestone here will be Begin to build a relationship with the project management team and development team. Learn the company culture Understand our clients and internal structure Possible challenges will be the usual "first day feeling" and understanding my teams working patterns and what gets them excited and what doesn't. Possible Challenge Engagement In this phase I aim to become an active contributor to the team by working on projects and providing valuable insight. The KPI here to track can be around project size and potential ROI for completing a project. Another possible KPI could be on number documents/articles created and processes adopted. 30 -60 Days Plan & Key Milestones Plan Some key milestones here will be Establish key metrics on personal development (E.g - How many projects I will take on and size). Identify team pain points and begin developing plan on how to solve them. Regular 1 on 1's with manager to guide in where best to apply my skills. I will engage with the wider team possibly more senior members in consulting. Maybe Christian or Chris from Consulting. Additional At this stage I will aim to start showing my skills and abilities to the team by potentially writing documents both internally and if allowed to externally. This will be based of my writing abilities I already possess. Build a relationship with senior negotiation training members. Have a clear understanding of company growth and begin to focus on which area best suits my abilities. Possible challenge here can be having the ability to meet wider team in person to build a stronger connection than virtually which is more so a modern day (Post Covid) challenge but still applicable here. An additional one might be setting up time with wider team to meet as time is valuable so I have to build a good case as to why it is beneficial for us to meet (virtually or otherwise). Possible Challenge Execution At this stage I aim to become a well respected contributor to the team. By being a reliable source for document writing, delivering projects, and finding research into new areas. Understanding the technology we use and being comfortable implementing this for new and exiting clients. 60-90 Days Plan and Milestones The Plan A few milestones and plans are: Measure customer satisfaction on a project/ workshops I would have delivered on. Send out a survey perhaps. Build upon my personal strengths and work on weaknesses. Update any internal documentations or processes and measure this by value added and team satisfaction. Provide suggestions and plans on areas we can improve on. Clients might need more time to build trust with me which can reflect in customer satisfaction. To solve or avoid this I aim to understand any of the clients I work with by engaging with them and understanding their business model and perhaps having a champion on their team. Potential Challenge Conclusion Before 90 days I aim to have fully integrated into the team and my 90 day plan is personally cut short by 10 days to 80 days. The best tool set I will use will be my keen research interest to identify new areas of growth for the company and work alongside the team to achieve these. Conclusion

90-Day Plan

Transcript: 90-Day Plan There are 90 days in a quarter but only 62 SALES DAYS!! The First 30 The Next 30 The Final 30 Territory Management Field Dr. Alan Frankel Ph.D. Funded with $3.5M through NIH for HIV/RNA research in BioChemistry Center Director for HARC Center, which allows for possible networking opportunities at UC Berkley It never hurts to have a common interest!! Possible Ride-alongs Call on Directors of various departments to establish high-level relationships Walk the halls. Every door, every floor Relationships with Graduate students Use "gateway products" to show quality and support Office Office Clement Chu, Ph. D. Director for Center for Advanced Technology Equipment list includes a BioAnalyzer and 1100 (Due for an upgrade????) Works in a field that I understand, Molecular Bio We have to use every minute effectively to be competative in the market Louis Reichardt, Ph.D. Director of Neuroscience department Ph.D. from Stanford in BioChemistry may provide networking opportunities for that campus Jim Kiriakis Director of Office of Sponsored Research Important liason between contract, grants and end recipients Had an over-head view of funding for current projects and research Focus on existing customers, introducing myself as the new account manager Cycle time in the field amoung campuses Begin to establish my network. Look especially for collaborations with people I already know Product Training CRM Database mining to find top 20% existing customers Manage incoming CRM leads and pipeline Ongoing training Web and database research for new opportunities Field General Academic Strategy Logistical Supplies (Car, laptop, HR, 401K) Product training, classes? Process any urgent, pending pipeline issues Set performance Metrics with Manager Meet internal people Dive into CRM Office Field Meet with purchasing for each Campus and department Ride-alongs to Key accounts Dr. Wendell Lim, Ph. D. Recipient of $3.2M NIH Funding Pharmacology work is commonly strong in HPLC instrumentation Also connected to BioPhysics and BioChemistry Laying the Foundation for Future Success

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