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Transcript: Common Core Standards will guide instruction Everyday Math & Problem Solving Math Workshop Multiplication & Division facts SRB Online Words Their Way Behavior Class Expectations Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Safe Organization & Responsibility Class Dojo & Classroom Consequences Homework: Most homework will be assigned on a weekly basis. Students will occasionally have other assignments when they do not finish their in-class work. Please let me know if the homework is too challenging for you student. No Name and Neatness: Students may lose points if their assignment does not have a name on it. Handwriting : Students will lose points on assignments when their work is unreadable. Late Work: Students with late work will be required to stay in for recess to make up their homework. Writer's Workshop Questions & Contact Information Homework Harcourt Social Studies- supplemented with books, articles, and activities Map Skills/Geography History Economics Political Science 5 Regions of the United States Scott Foresman Scientific Method Earth Science Life Science Physical Science STEM Notebooks STEM Buddies ISAT 4K Curriculum Night 2013 Common Core Standards will guide instruction Mini-lesson each day on a reading strategy Small groups & reading conferences Title-I Science Social Studies Meaghan Kallembach (309) 557-4413 Common Core Standards will guide instruction Schoolwide curriculum: Each Unit of Study includes mentor texts, mini-lessons, and materials. Students will move through each stage of the writing process for several writing projects. Math Workshop Benefits of word sorting How you can help at home Reader's Workshop


Transcript: SPECIFICATIONS 4K Ultra HD 3840x2160 LED Display 49" IPS Panel (Consistent picture quality at virtually any angle) Tru-4K Engine (Upscales HD to Near UHD) 2CH Speaker System 3D (2 Glasses Included) WiFi LG SMART Features AV Inputs/Outputs: HDMI (x4), USB 3.0 (x1), USB 2.0(x2), LAN, Digital Audio Out (Optical), RF in (Antenna/Cable x1), Component Video in (Y, Pb, Pr + Audio x1), Composite In (AV x1) NEW Magic Wand Remote (Finger Gesture Capabilities) 120Hz Refresh Rate WiFi Enabled, so you can catch up on shows that you have missed, and also watch internet videos on the big screen, instead of a smaller monitor, in 4K (note that only some websites/services support 4K, i.e NETFLIX, YouTube etc.) The combination of the simple user interface and the Magic Wand makes it easier than ever to watch your favourite shows, surf the internet and record TV. The elegant yet simplistic User Interface compliments the minimalistic design of the frame itself. Increase your viewing pleasure by wall-mounting (mounting bracket included) LG's Magic Wand makes it easier to navigate the UI and surf the internet. Increase the simplicity by using voice controls and gestures Built In HEVC Decoder Displaying House of Cards in 4K (Netflix) Look at the difference between 4K AND HD. What is 4K TV? 4k is the next evolution in television picture quality. You will be able to see everything in crystal clear quality. The dual play feature on this TV uses some of the most advanced technology to enhance multiplayer gaming. Instead of having to share a screen with your friends, you can now use the whole screen to play. Once in the game, each player only sees their screen. Not only is this more enjoyable... but it also prevents any chance of cheating! It allows you to multitask whilst watching your favourite TV shows. For example, you can check your Twitter or Facebook whilst an ad break is on. Web OS has complete integration with the LG magic remote, using gesture and voice control Life's good... But make it better... with the 49UB8500 Ultra HD Experience normal 2D films, games and TV shows with LG's latest 3D conversion software Change your TV viewing experience forever... Enjoy easy-to-use, easy-to-share 3D glasses whilst being mesmerised by the crystal-clear and dazzling 3D picture quality Browse your favourite websites... Forget the multiple remotes, your Magic Remote does the job of all Stream films on Netflix... Enjoy apps such as; BBC iPlayer... January Sale! Now only £1, 299!!! With 3D that's exactly what you CAN do! This is one of the TV’s best features. The cutting edge of TV technology... Improved detail and sharpness of on-screen images 4K Dual Play This 49 inch TV is one of the best choices one the market SMART TV Want to experience entertainment like never before? See an even clearer picture quality with 3D regardless of whether or not you're using it Forget the hassle with Smart TVs, let Bean Bird guide you in setting it up within a matter of minutes The 4K television range are the most facilitating on the market; Want to see out-of-world landscapes, in front of your face? With a wide range of screen sizes to choose from, the 4K television range are the most facilitating on the market; the cutting edge of TV technology. The 49 inch TV is a good choice due to the fact that it provides a crystal clear picture without having to squint or even moving your eyes constantly around. With our custom-made IPS Panel, any seat in the house is the BEST seat All from the comfort of your sofa. 3D Four times clearer than FULL HD, experience entertainment in a whole new way What makes the LG’s Smart TV feature better than any other Smart TV? 4K TVS ARE THE FUTURE - JUMP IN RIGHT NOW! Screen Size 4K VS HD HERE TO IMPROVE YOUR TV VIEWING EXPERIENCE More accurate and natural colours for an even more immersive experience is LG's revolutionary new operating system With a wide range of screen sizes to choose from... webOS LG SMART... The differences from 1080p Full HD is immense: A 4K ultra HD TV picture is 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, more than 8 million pixels in total, which is four times the number in 'normal' high-definition (1,920 x 1,080). ...With 3D LED LG Electronics 49UB8500 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV‏ The answer is simple... 3D LG Smart makes it easy to connect to premium serivces with NO HASSLE Smart need not be difficult To be immersed in an entertainment experience every time you sit in front of your TV? Huge improvements on picture quality compared to Full HD when considering purchasing a bigger screen size like 55" This... Get it for less than £ 1, 300!!! LG SMART Enjoy incredibly vivid colours and pictures, all from the comfort of your own home 49-Inch Be immersed in Dual Play, enjoy head-to-head gaming WITHOUT the compromise of split-screens, now LG allows you to play together yet independently on one TV

4K Family Presentation

Transcript: WELCOME! Williams Bay Elementary School 4K Family Presentation March 15, 2023 9:00 AM Principal's Welcome Dr. Ali Bond Welcome to new and returning families! Overview of Williams Bay Elementary Principal's Welcome Dr. Ali Bond Introductions Introductions Please introduce yourself and your child who will be joining the WBES family this Fall! Our Staff Our Staff In Screening Today: 4K Staff: Mrs. Breen, Mrs. Luberda, Ms. Schauer, Mrs. Alness, Mrs. Marten, & Mrs. Knowles Special Education Teacher: Ms. Johnson Speech Language Pathologists: Ms. Syring and Mrs. Schnobel Occupational Therapist: Mrs. Whittaker School Counselor: Mrs. Pye 4K Welcome 4K Welcome 4K Welcome 4K Welcome My Promise To You I promise you that every day your child will learn something. Some days they will bring it home in their hands. Some days they will bring it home in their heads, and some days they will bring it home in their hearts. - Valerie Welk 4K About our 4K Classrooms - Curriculum - Wisconsin Early Model Learning Standards (WMELS) - First Strokes Handwriting Program - Animal Alphabet Jive - Daily Schedule - Report Card - School Calendar - School Supply List - Home/School Connection - "I can" - Reading, Writing, Math School Psychologist Ms. Kassie McOmber School Psychologist Ms. Kassie McOmber What is a School Psychologist? - Available to help ALL students- academic needs, social/emotional and behavioral needs * General Education & Special Education - Serves on various teams - Consults with staff, parents, and families - District-wide- at both Williams Bay ES and MS/HS - Is also the Director of Special Education for the district School Counselor Mrs. Kristen Pye School Counselor Mrs. Kristen Pye - Works at Williams Bay Elementary School full time - Provides Skills for Success for 4K-5th grade students on a weekly basis - Works with individual students and small groups School Nurse Mrs. Natonski School Nurse Mrs. Jacque Natonski - District-wide Nurse - Reviews medical records to assure a healthy experience for all students - Provides medical evaluation and treatment to sick and injured students Lakeland Little Learners Wrap Around Program Mr. Mike Mr. Mike - Before School & After School Options - Planned Activities & Gross Motor Play Our Building Our Building - Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures - At the start of the year, in the AM- 4K students wait by front doors (do not go out back on the playground). This changes mid-year. - Bus Information - Visitor/Sign In Procedures - 4K students have outdoor recess everyday- Please dress your child accordingly! - 4K students have Essentials classes built into their schedules Programs & Initiatives Programs & Initiatives As your child progresses through Williams Bay Elementary School, we have many programs for all students, and also have programs available based on the individual needs of each student. - Response to Intervention- RtI - Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports- PBIS - Social/Emotional Curriculum: Second Step - Talented & Gifted- TAG - Special Education services Get Involved! How and Where? Get Involved! How and Where? School - Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) - Fine Arts Boosters (FAB) - Athletic Boosters - School Board Meetings - Volunteer opportunities- sign up in the Fall - Your child's conference Community - Williams Bay Parks and Recreation - Library Storytime Q & A Today's Schedule Q & A Today's Schedule Please share any questions you have for us! We will also be available after the presentation. - Tours will begin after our presentation - Please turn in forms before you leave! - You are welcome to stay and socialize with staff and other families! Get to know our Williams Bay family. - Pick up at 11:00 - Please sign back in at the main office to receive a Visitor's Badge - Walk to Mrs. Breen's room to pick up your child THANK YOU!


Transcript: Manuel Minjares Rosario 4k Basic Information Basic information 4k Director/editor Alejandro Cuadra Principal Cast Nahia Jaussi Other Data Year January 15th, 2017 Photography Director Producer Producer Alejandro Cuadra Photography director Alejandro Cuadra Other Data Music Producer Music By: Beethoven Angles/Shots Cinematographic analysis Bird's eye shot Worm's eye shot extreme close up close up High shot Camera movements Extreme wide shot Wide shot Back medium shot Back wide shot Tilt Dolly Zoom in Panoramic Images Genre Personal analysis There are only two characters, a boy and a girl, whose names aren't told. The girl appears during the whole film, meanwhile the boy just appears once; they just ride their bicycles around. Characters It does not have a genre, I would describe it as a "Narrative story". Music and sound effects Music/ Edition We can just listen in the background to Beethoven and some running water (maybe waves or rain). Running water intensifies at some point, that made me think it's the sea. Edition We can't see any kind of visual edition, tapes were just put together, without transitions or something like that. There are not any kind of narrators or dialogues, the "story" is described by actions. Narration Narration There is no story, just some guys going for a ride in their bikes. It takes place in a rainy park during an evening. Summary Summary Feelings and emotions Even though it's not a sad story, music makes a sad and melancholic environment.

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