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Transcript: 1950s by Kenny Venancio Introduction In this age there were many changes like new music such as rock "n" roll, new technology like tvs and radios, and also automobiles. Benefits and disadvantages to cars The down side to this change of the automobiles was that many of the roads for travel were dirt roads and could easily flatten the tires because they were extremely bumpy. Highways were made to help people travel to far away places easier. In this process people who lived in apartments or houses that were near the highway or on the highway construction were kicked out, basically being thrown out of there own homes. the tvs and radios The tvs in the 1950s showed most of the change that went on through this age. Entertainment started to skyrocket which was very good in this time period for the people to make money off of the tv. This made massive bussiness and comedy helped people stay entertained instead of going places to be entertained. The radios in this time were in competition with the tv's but the new invention of the tv became more popular by americans. Radios decided to broadcast news, weather, music and community issues. This helped the radio views increase by 35% and helped the radio survive. Segregated americans in the 1950s In this time many native latinos and african americans were extremely poor. The "White flight" impacted the community because the rich people left the cities and the major income taxes dropped rapidly. Because of this lower class americans were put into poverty. Next the urban renewal came in and the National Housing Act of 1949 was made which stated that a house and a suitable living environment for every american would be made. Also the mexican american known as Felix Longoria was killed in the Philippines and the hometown undertaker in Texas refused to give him a good burial because they were mexican. Protesters organized the American G.I. in 1948 to go against the prejudice. The teenagers of the 1950s In the 1950s most of the teens were recognized as the first to be unique. After the war was over many teenagers would not stay in school or work to help support the familes. ADs like coca cola also influenced teens to buy and drink their products. Teens also wanted to get clothing to fit in and look good. And Finally... In conclusion the world in the 1950s showed how much teens, automobiles, and racial prejudice was in this time period and how much things have changed. THE END. In the 1950s started to transform what america has become today for the this was the Golden age. Main Statement Automobiles changed the american way of life by helping americans travel. Gas was abundant which was very good because it helped people in their everyday life. People bought more new cars because of this. More impotantly the designs of the cars attracted many people. ADs persuaded people that if they bought their car they would look wealthy and urge others to go purchase the newest model.

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Transcript: Presented by Jaidyn Weidle for History Period 3 1950s TOPIC 1 1950s jaidyn weidle american politics (presidents, laws, etc) topic 2 ***The 33rd president of the US is from 1945-1953, Harry S. Truman. He was elected vice president to FDR. ***The most important law passed in the 1950s was the Supreme Court decision of Brown v. Board of Education. ***This law ruled that public schools could not be segregated, and after that there were many cases that were opened to integration, and more public places. Important historical events (with the us) TOPIC 3 Jan 31, 1950-President Truman approves h bomb construction. May 4, 1950-Postwar baby boom begins as birthrate rises dramatically. June 25, 1950-Korean War starts music & art TOPIC 4 Frank Sinatra- 12 Dec. 1915-14 May 1998. Academy award winning actor and grammy award winning singer. Elvis Presley- Jan. 8 1935- Aug. 16 1977, best selling solo artist in the history of the US. He is known to be the king of rock and roll. Ernest Hemingway- 1899- Feb. 7 1961, one of the great American writers of the 20th century. Stories usually delt with men living active and dangerous lives. (men who meet challenge and hardship with quiet courage) * Jailhouse Rock-Elvis Presley 1957 * I want you,I need youI love you-Elvis 1956 * Diana-Paul Anka 1957 * Juke Box Baby-Perry Como 1956 * Be Bop Baby- Ricky Nelson 1957 * Witch Doctor-David Seville 1958 * I'm in Love With You-Pat Boone 1956 * Venus-Frankie Avalon 1959 * Peggy Sue-Buddy Holly 1957 Marilyn Monroe- June 6, 1926-July 5, 1962, legendary actress who had the "ideal" women's body. Married to baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and playwright Arthur Miller. James Dean- Feb 2, 1931- Sep. 30, 1955, a brooding, rebel actor who achieved cult figure status after only making three films. He died of a car accident which cut off a very promising career. Jackie Robinson-Jan 31, 1919-Oct 24, 1972, was an American professional baseball player who became the first African American to play in the Major Leagues. Sports & celebrities TOPIC 5

1950s Powerpoint

Transcript: Technology Recording Musical Elements 1950s In this Powerpoint we will be covering Musical Elements, Technology Recording and Format. 1950s Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley Style : Rock and Roll - incorporating elements of blues, country and pop music Instrumentation: Piano, guitar, bass guitar and drums Structure: Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus Chords: A throughout with occasional D and E Melody: The beginning of this song is based on a nursery rhyme Top 5 Best Selling Singles Vinyls, Record players and Grammaphones were the common way to listen to music and started to become very popular. You had to go to lots of live concerts to hear new music. Word of mouth also links in to the music - as the word spread bands would become more popular. Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley Style : Up-beat tempo (usual rock song. Around 170bpm Instrumentation: 5 - guitar,piano, saxophone, drums, trombone Structure: Verse-Chorus throughout Chords: Same throughout the verses and choruses Melody: Stop-time rhythm, swing and rock 'n' roll is used Format Musical Elements Rock around the clock - Bill Haley & His Comets Structure: Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Solo Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Outro Chords/Harmony: 12 bar blues format using the chords D, A and E7 Style: RnB/Soul Instrumentation: Piano, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, String Bass, Tenro Saxophone, Steel Guitar, Drums, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals Released in May 20th 1954 Musical Elements 1950 - multi track recording was introduced 1950 - development of the first hi-fi stereo 1951 - first portable tape recorder was created 1959 - first mobile Ampex VTR unit 1958 - world standard for stereo records established By: Harriet M, Tom W, Harriet P 1. Bill Haley & his Comets - Rock Around the Clock 2. Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock 3. Joe Stafford - You belong to me 4. Doris Day - Whatever will be will be 5. Rocco Granata - Marina


Transcript: 1950`s Fashion Famous People Rosa Parks was a major leader in the bus boycott Fads For Kids hula hoops were a big fad for everyone but mainly the kids Every girl wanted a babie during the 50`s the swing was a very popular dance for teens News Entertainment Major Catastrophic Events A twister attacked Massachusetts in the 1950s In the 1950s there was a flood in Kansas This is damage done by a landslide just like the landslide in Madison River Canyon T.V. And Movies I love Lucy used to be a very popular T.V. show singing in the rain was a very poular movie in the fiftes Sports Baseball was a big sport durimg the nineten fiftes Boxing was a big sport in the 50`s Politics segregation was a big issue all over the U.S. in the fifties The 34th President of the U.S. was Dwight D. Eisenhower.He was President from 1953-1961.Before Dwight became President he was a five star general in the U.S. Army.He ran for two terms.During those two terms he used nucler threats to end the Korean war with China. The 33rd president of the U.S. was Harry S. Truman.He was the third vice president for Franklin D. Rosevelt.He served as arrtillery officer in his National Guard unit in France. Economy In the ninteen fiftes there was a very huge baby boom Times were great but people still needed money so eating out was something you wouldn`t do very much In the fifties milk cost 82 cents A gallon of gas cost 27 cents stamps cost 3 cents minamum wage was $0.75 cents per. hour Websites Elvis was a very famous musician Marilyn Monroe was an actress and model she was a very famous woman Martin Luther was an important part in american history Favorite Foods glasses and sunglasses were a big accessorie in the 50s The poodle was a very popular hair desghin for girls Mary Janes were very poular brand of shoes for girls Jhonny cash was a very famous musician in the 50`s Dog orbits the earth The first 3D movies came out the peaunuts are first introduced The D.A. haircut was a very big fad for young men in the 50s disney land opens Poddle Skirts Were A popular Fashion Fad For Girls A dozen eggs cost 79 cents

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