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1930s Presentation

Transcript: U.S. Headlines 1932: Franklin Roosevelt has landslide victory in presidential election 1936: U.S. population: 127 million 1937: Radio brodacst of King George VI's coronation is the first worldwide program heard in the U.S. 1938: 20,000 television sets reported in service, all around New York City 1938: 40-hour work week becomes normal in U.S. 1939: U.S. economy booms from orders for military suppliess from other nations 1939: First televised Baseball game 1939: "Wizard of Oz" released Presidents and Vice presidents 1929-1933 President: Herbert C. Hoover Vice: Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933-1945: President: Charles Curtis Vices: John N Garner, Henry A. Wallace, and Harry S. Truman World Headlines 1933: Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany 1936: Longest bridge in the world opens over the Zambesi River 1936: China declairs war on Japan 1938: German troops enter Austria and Czechoslovakia 1939: Germany invades Poland Major Catastrophes 1931: Depression sweeps worldwide, leading to closing of all German banks 1939: World War 11 begins as France and England declare war on Germany Leisure Time Entertainment Personalities Walt Disney Humphery Bogart Luis Armstrong Movies The Adventures of Robin Hood The Wizard of Oz Snow White Dracula King Kong Frankenstein The Hunchback of Notre Dame Gone With the Wind Books The Grapes of Wrath Of Mice and Men To Have and Have Not Northwest Passage Gone With the Wind Songs Brother, Can Ya Spare a Dime? Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries We're in the Money On the Home Front Technology The First Analog Computer FM Radio Drive-In Movies Scotch Tape Air conditioning The Jet Engine Fashion Evening Gowns Long Skirts Shorter hairstyles for men More feminine hairstyles for girls Language slang Sweet Patootie Coppers Heaters Booze gumshoes Daily Life Daily life in the depression included breadlines for the less fortunate, and occasional movies for the middle class. When you see older movies, like those in black in white, the activities there produce an idea of what life was like in the 1930s in a general way. Thanks for watching! Life in the Depression U.S. & World The 1930s

1930s Presentation

Transcript: The Graf-Zeppelin - 13 – 15 million workers had no jobs - Roosevelt created large-scale temporary jobs program during 1933-1934 o Civil Works Administration: Employed more than 4 million men and women at jobs from buildings to creating art o Works Progress Administration: employed 8.5 million people spending $11 billion as it transformed the national infrastructure  Clothing for poor  Landmark programs in art, music, theater, and writing Population Roads Economy Basketball THEN - The 1930s Student Problems Foreign Affairs Music House Transportation to school was walking, they had no transportation and sometimes the nearest school was about 25 miles away. Any disciplinary problems were handled by the teachers. They use to cane them. School where also segregated. Dress code: Girls wore dresses and boys sometimes wore overalls. Subjects: Math, English or spelling, art ,civics and geography sometimes sewing. The children had to read famous Dick and Jane introduced in 1931. They had sport teams and physical education classes. Douglas DC-2, DC-3 Football First Indiana State Police motorcycles, 1937 Baseball Joe Louis Joe DiMaggio Max Schmeling War Admiral Feb. - oysters, fruit, Washington pie, roast beef, etc. Apr. - cheese souffles, rhubarb Betty, pork chops, chili sauce, banana pudding, etc. July - potato salad, peaches& cream, ice coffee/tea/chocolate, fried/broiled chicken, strawberry ice cream, beef on toast, etc. Oct. - spinach, biscuits, lemon pie, cream of vegetable soup, roast chicken, mashed potatoes, peanut-brittle ice cream 36-passenger Dodge school bus, 1936 Mario Bautista, Alex Chavez, Yenmy Cordova, Donovan Hernandez, Makaila Potlow, Monica Pulido, Becky Yang, & Jason Yang Famous Actors: Clark Gable Bette Davis C. Aubrey Smith John Wayne Myrna Loy Guy Kibbee Boris Karloff Joan Blondell Ginger Rogers Lewis Stone Education A movement began during the 1930's where many students known as "leftists" believed that other political ideals like capitalism and socialism were a better alternative for the United States. Since the depression cause many budget cuts, schools had to layoff many professors and had to cut out a lot of after school activities like sports. The traditional sports were later reinstalled during prosperous times. School life was affected, but many parts of it didn't change. Homecoming and other dances did not change. Certain clubs, especially religious clubs, prospered instead of fall during this era because people were looking for ways to keep their faith up, like the World Student Christian Federation. Schools They had a popularity of a movies. The famous universal horror films that were highly successful during the time period were Swashbuckling Adventures and the Safes Scares. Celebrities Boxing Popular Athletes Suits: More square shoulder pads and wide shoulders and sleeves were reduced of thickness toward the wrist. Had long peaked lapels with up to eight buttons to show elegance in the the jackets. Later in the year the sleeves became thicker and the shoulders heavily padded. Zippers started to become the cheaper alternative to replace buttons. Popular Fabrics:Wool Flannel,tweeds and linens Colors: black,steel,gray, brown, beige and navy Undergarments: Loose underpants and a vest. The boxer and briefs became popular with an elastic waist that replaced buttons. Shoes: Wore black, brown and tan leather.Brogues were popular shoes at that time. Accessories: Handkerchiefs,scarves, leather gloves and rolled umbrellas,fedoras, and homburg Did Not have beards but did have short mustaches and considered popular - Isolationism: the policy of isolating one’s country from the affairs of other nations by declining to enter alliances, foreign economic commitments, international agreements, etc., seeking to devote the entire efforts of one’s country to its own advancement and remain at peace by avoiding entanglements and responsibilities $480 = $6,289 Food Films/Theater Cost of Living Scotch tape, patented by 3M engineer, Richard G. Drew Students writing materials were inkwells, pencils, and colored chalk. For lunch students walked home for lunch and then came back or each their own lunches that they brought. Each child had to buy their own textbooks each year no free books. Report cards grades where A, B, C, D or F and 75% was failure. They also had homework. Government Women First successful helicopter invented by Igor Sikorsky 2nd Hour - American Literature - 02/14/14 1930: Male: 58.1, Female: 61.6 The Cat that went to Heaven (1930) was a children's book about a poor man in Japan that has a cat as a companion. The Hobbit (1937) The Grapes of Wrath (1939) was a book set in this time period of Depression, where a family of farmers were driven out of their home because of drought. Of Mice of Men (1939) Seabiscuit Many of the fascinating books available to us now were developed and created in the 1930s. 1935: Male: 59.9, Female: 63.9 Air Transportation School Life Entertainment

1930s presentation

Transcript: 1930s ! By : Goldfish Great Depression The Great Depression 1929-1939 Causes Stock market crash in October 1929 Bank failures Reduction in purchases Causes During During Poverty became very common in America. There was much more bread lines and soup kitchens. Thousands of banks were closing. President Herbert Hoover said it was not the governments responsibility to provide economic relief for citizens. Didn't take action. People In 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) became president. He said "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself". As soon as he became president he took immediate action to fix all the problems. Numbers : At the worst times during the Great depression, 23% of the U.S. was unemployed More than 4,000 banks closed Incomes were reduced by 40% on average Construction of homes dropped 80% Stock market was down 89.2% from its highest point There was 2 million homeless people in the U.S. Steps to Recovery Created dams to prevent flooding FDR created Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to protect depositors’ accounts FDR created Securities and Exchange Commission to manage the stock market FDR made Bank Holidays Create more jobs Steps to Recovery Entertainment Entertainment TV& Movies Television & Movies Betty Boop debut on dizzy dishes - 1930 looney Tunes - since 1930 donald duck debut in wise little hen - 1934 the telivision ghost - 1931 to 1933 The Wizard of oz -1939 King Kong - 1933 Snow White and the seven dwarfs - 1937 Gone with the wind - 1939 frankenstein - 1931 Dracula -1931 The adventures of robin hood - 1938 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - 1931 Music music in the 1930s was Swing music/dance and big bands were popular, and war songs were starting to become popular. Swing Music/ dance - Theatre Theater Popular shows were Of Mice and Men, Porgy and Bess, You Can't Take it With You, etc. These uplifting musicals helped people forget their troubles in this dark time. Fashion Women wore dresses They kept their hair close to their head Fur + floral patterns = in Shoulder pads were starting Chic makeup Girls - skirts and blouses Women's Fashion Women's Fashion Sporting fedoras Nicely dressed Double breasted over coats Boys- shorts and tall socks Men's Fashion Men's Fashion Fashion Dust Bowl Dust Bowl a.k.a."Dirty Thirties" Causes Causes of the dust bowl There was a drought Farmers removed all the natural praire grasses that kept the dirt from blowing up The dirt wan't getting water and it wasn't being held down the high winds picked up the dusty dirt and it spread everywhere throughout the midwest and southern plains ( kansas, colorado, oklahoma, texas, new mexico ) During Sports Sports General General Because of the Great Depression, Baseball and Football franchises struggled to make a profit First FIFA World Cup 1930 In Yugoslavia 1st Place - Uruguay 2st Place - Argentina 3rd Place - USA Lasted from July 13 to July 30 Sports promoters and athletes made extra money by having a second job, or endorsing products 4 most popular sports in the U.S. were Baseball, Wrestling/ Boxing , Track and Field, and Basketball Baseball Baseball Baseball was the most popular sport in the 1930s Babe Ruth retired in 1935 with a total of 714 home runs Lou Gehrig was diagnosed in 1939 with ALS Attendance was down 13% from the 1920s World War 11 World War 11 Start of World War 11 Start of World War 11 Unsolved issues and conflict from World War 1 led to World War 11. 1939- Hitler invaded Poland. Then Britain and France declared war on Germany Hitler Rising to Power Nazi became the most poular political party in Germany President Hindenburg died and Hitler was in charge In 1933 Hitler became chancellor 1st Concentration Camp ( Dachau) opened in 1933 Nazis had rallies where they publicly burned books by the Jewish, Communists, liberals and foreigners Hitler Rising to Power Affected Today Effects Today Effects Effects We lost a total of about $1.057 trillion from the Great Depression The Great Depression shook confidence in Capitalism . When Hoover was President, he tried to advocate that, and that went badly. The Dust Bowl destroyed farming in the Midwest and there was a lot less farmers. People lost confidence in Stock Markets. Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan were declared lost at sea on July 19, 1937 Al Capone was sent to the island prison Alcatraz in 1934 On March 3, 1931 the "Star Spangled Banner" becomes the national anthem of the U.S.A In The News! In The News!

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