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10 minute presentation

Transcript: Cincinnati Real Estate Keeping it Real ABOUT Hunky fiance, Nate. We have been together for 6 years now. "Work husband" =Deron I have been a real estate agent for 4 years now. Never looking back! I was born and raised in Boone County KY. Currently live downtown Went to Ryle HS and graduated summa cum laude in 3 years from University of Kentucky with a Political Science degree and history minor. Fun Facts: I was a total band geek in high school. I was drum major for 2 years in high school, and played clarinet for CSYO. Especially proud of playing in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Learned how to scuba dive this year. Goals: Do an episode on HGTV, write a book, speak French fluently! What I Do De- Bunking Some Myths (1) First step is looking at homes. (2) Buying is about selection vs. elimination (3) We are responsible for providing demographic info (4) Zestimates are accurate (5) Selling FSBO saves money Best Referrals >Friends that are looking to purchase a home. >Friends that are looking to sell their home. >People that want to know where their home stands in the market. >People that are interested in getting into the real estate business. >Solo-state licensed agents. >People that are considering remodeling. Best Referrals CONCLUSION & QUESTIONS What? Why? When? Who? Question Time CONTACT INFORMATION Jessa Harden HUFF Realty (859) 445-5355 Contact Information Create your own layout and change colors Customize the Design Create your own layout and change colors Customize the Design Customize the Design

10 Minute Presentation

Transcript: Similar Traits? The Bully Rachel's Challenge 1)Recognize Characteristics of a Bully 2)Explain how to eliminate Bullying within in a school 3)Support Rachel’s Challenge 4)Demonstrate Kindness and Compassion through “ Kindness Cards,” and simple acts. What are some characteristics of a Bully? Kindness Cards What are some characteristics of a victim? Bully - Low Self Esteem - Victim - Depressed - Insecure - Outcast - Angry - Compulsive - Peer Pressure Rachel's Challenge "I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same. People will never know how far a little kindness can go." -The Bully was once a victim of some sort of incident -Driven to compensate for something missing in themselves or having been abused by others - They need to feel power over someone. -They pick vulnerable targets who have a weakness they can exploit. Kindness and Compassion Rachel's Challenge Bullying within Schools What am I looking for? In a bully and a victim. How can I change the mind of bully? How can I engage in the school to eliminate bullying? Questions? The Victim - Is being targeted by the bully because of a disability they may have, or a characteristic or trait that the bully desires, and is jealous, of. - Is generally lacking confidence and self-esteem - Low attendance rates - Not many friends - Suicidal -First student killed at Columbine High School in 1999. - Rachel left a legacy... of kindness and compassion. School Resource Officer As a resource officer, programs and awareness of bullying can be effectively used through Rachel's Challenge. Raising awareness of bullying in a "real" context. Objectives for this Presentation Columbine Shooting April 20, 1999 Rachel's Challenge Victim - Low Self Esteem - Victim - Depressed - Insecure - Outcast - Disabled

10 minute presentation

Transcript: Cyber criminals do not discriminate based on size or location Problem Solution Customer notifications Ongoing credit monitoring service for customers Risk Your Options Transfer it Most criminals want to access patient personal data to use for credit card fraud Assessment of other potential problems, security flaws You don't have clear defined rules about your technology Why Us? 98% of compromises took minutes to happen - easy passwords, limited security in place We understand that technology "supports" running a business How to be Cyber Safe The Problem How WE can help YOU Accept it Patch managment What you must pay Almost 1/2 of reported data breaches in 2013 were in the health care industry Cyber Security involves protecting your confidential and proprietary information by: Problem Risk Why take action? Don't connect to your computer network. EVER Cyber Security Group can partner with your to balance your business risks with security measures Cyber security risks will ALWAYS exist Answer any proposal questions Summary 78% of breaches took months to discover Website monitoring Solution It is happening frequently You will lose confidential information and client data to cyber criminals Purchase insurance against cyber attacks and device theft How we help you Brief discussion of your needs as you see them and your risk concerns Penetration testing Legal representation Top Statistics We help you understand the risks Next Steps We tailor the solution to meet your specific situation Solution You might be blacklisted by Google or Yahoo Development of policies and procedures Solution Our experience and industry qualifications let us guide you to best practices and implementation Preventative steps exist Be Cyber Safe Cyber Security Group, Inc. 775.737.9004 Risk Hackers find you an easy target because you have security flaws Ask 10 key technology questions Your employees don't know how they can hurt your business You focus on Your Clients Reduce it HIPAA Information Fix to initial problem Problem Submit a services agreement with a statement of work, identifying deliverables and time frames Awareness training for employees Solution Implement strong security measures Problem We understand the problems Solution You don't know where the security flaws and problems might be Vulnerability Assessment Risk What a Cyber intrusion costs you PCI Compliance Problem You need to confirm the security level of your system In 2014, 1 in 2 businesses will probably be hacked Avoid it Problem Prepare a proposal with our suggested solutions What is Cyber Security Detecting Responding 76% of intrusions were due to weak or stolen credentials such as passwords Bank funds if they stole your access information Customers will leave you Your positive reputation 55% of small businesses had a data breach in 2013 Preventing Revenue while your system is down You lose

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