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combination reaction

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jisney Joseph

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of combination reaction

combination reaction
what is combination reaction?
A combination reaction is a general category of chemical reactions. It may be defined as a "chemical reaction in which two or more substances combine to form a single substance under suitable conditions".

Combination reactions are also known as synthesis, because in these reactions new substances are synthesized.
What are the types of combination reaction?
Combination reactions are of three types.

combination reaction

Manufacture of Ammonia: The manufacture of ammonia gas from nitrogen and oxygen is also a combination reaction.

Formation of Sulphuric acid: Formation of sulphuric acid from sulphur trioxide is also a combination reaction. Sulphur trioxide on hydration forms sulphuric acid. This reaction is highly exothermic in nature.
Did you understand what is combination reaction?

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Let us discuss some more examples of combination reactions.

Formation of Calcium Hydroxide: Reaction between quick lime (Calcium oxide, CaO) and water is a combination reaction.
In this reaction, quick lime reacts with water to form slaked lime (calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2).
The reaction between quick lime and water is highly vigorous as well as exothermic.
Reaction between two compounds:

two compounds react with each other to form a new compound. Example, calcium oxide (quick lime) reacts with carbon dioxide gas to form calcium carbonate (lime stone).

done by : Jisney , Shervin, muneera, Maria
our aim : is to study combination reactions.

Before performing the experiment, let’s find out what combination reactions are!
Reaction between two or more elements:

An example of this type of combination reaction is the reaction
between a metal and a non- metal. A good example of this would be:
oxygen + carbon monoxide - carbon dioxide

Reaction between elements and compounds:

An element and a compound react to form another compound.
Example, carbon monoxide reacts with oxygen gas to form
carbon dioxide.
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