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The Compass

No description

Abbie Milton

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of The Compass

The Compass
By Abbie Milton

The Ancient Chinese invented the compass. Zheng He was the first to use a magnetic compass between 1405 - 1433.
An object forced by magnetism.
Made up of lodestones.
Magnetic compasses connect to the earth's magnetic field.

Fortune tellers used lodestones to make fortune telling boards.
Found that lodestones were better for telling direction.
2nd century BC - 1st century AD.
Qin, Ming, Song and Yuan dynasty.
First used to search for gems and houses.
Later adapted for navigation.
Ancient China.
Why the compass is important in Chinese history
How they have developed the force of magnetism.
It helped them navigate on the seas.
Primitive compass helped the Chinese people form order and harmonise their environment and lives, as a designator of direction. Harmony was important in their lives.
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