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Proper Planning

No description

jenn yost

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of Proper Planning

Proper Planning
The first of the 7 p's. This is where it all begins. Start by listing your future plan ideas.
"He who fails to plan, plans to fail." Proverb
Benjamin Franklin
The 6 P's
Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance
Make sure your plan is safe and appropriate for all members involved in the plan.
Prior Planning Examples
List your destination
Find hotels near destination
Map a route
Know how long the trip will take you
Check the weather for days you will be traveling
Proper Planning Examples
Do not plan to drive to California during a 96.
Don't try to drive if you don't have a drivers license
If you drive alone, make sure to get plenty of sleep before you leave.
Proper Planning
Plan to succeed.
If you are staying over night, book a hotel before you leave.
Try to book the hotel near to the area you are visiting to avoid driving in traffic.
Know numbers of cab companies ahead of time.
Have a recall roster handy.
This is the process of making decisions
Keep conflicted actions from happening or arising.
Prevention Examples
Car inspections before driving
Have a Designated Driver to prevent DUI, jail time, and possible death. More than 1 Designated Drivers varies depending on the size of the group.
Obey traffic laws to prevent car accidents
Poor Planning
Some things that contribute to poor planning are:


Not being fully informed on the situation

Not having multiple back up plans

Poor Decisions
Driving to a bar without a Designated Driver
Waiting last minute to book a hotel
Having too much alcohol
The action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function

Performance Examples
Don't drink so much you're hungover
Don't show up to work still drunk
Return early enough to get the proper rest before a work day
Going camping
5 Marines are going camping over the weekend, no alcohol is involved, the nearest town is 30 minuets away.
Plan their trip so it's safe for everyone.
The Bar
A large group of friends are going to a bar to celebrate a promotion.
Plan their trip so it's safe for everyone.
Beach Day
3 Marines go to the beach and they all get drunk with no DD. What did they do wrong and how could have they planned their trip better?
Something to think about
Proper planning is more then just figuring out transportation

This scenario also requires timing and preparation days in advance so there will be a plan from something as small as extra bugs spray to making a quick escape from a bear attack.
Why is this important?
Liberty is a privilege not a right

When everyone's safety is at risk it's not worth it.

Keep what you've earned
Different situation
Why is this important
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