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Chapter 3: How to Reduce Math Anxiety and Math Test Anxiety

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Jayna Ellis

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 3: How to Reduce Math Anxiety and Math Test Anxiety

Chapter 3: How to Reduce Math Anxiety and Math Test Anxiety
What is Math Anxiety?
Math Anxiety is a state of panic, helplessness, paralysis, and mental disorganization that occurs in some students when they are required to solve math problems.
Types of Math Anxiety
Math test anxiety:

Describes anxiety revolving around Math tests.
Abstraction Anxiety
Anxiety that comes from working with variables and mathematical concepts used to solve equations.
How to Reduce Anxiety
Talk to your Math Instructor
Attempt some homework problems with your teacher before or after class.
Prepare one homework question to discuss during class

Numerical Anxiety:
Causes of Math Anxiety
Bad experiences with math at an early age,usually during elementary school, can cause math anxiety that lasts throughout one's lifetime.
Anxiety caused by everyday math situations that require working with numbers and performing arithmetic calculations.
What is Test Anxiety?
Test anxiety is a recurring experience of high anxiety to evaluations used to measure one's mental performance. This not only includes tests, but also includes reasearch papers, oral reports, written essays, or solving a math problem on the black board in front of the class.

Types of Test Anxiety
There are two types of test anxiety: Emotional(somatic) or Worry(cognitive).
Signs of emotional anxiety are:
upset stomach
sweaty palms
neck pains
stiff shoulders
high blood pressure
rapid breathing
rapid heart beat
general anxiety
Worry (Cognitive) Anxiety
Worry anxiety leads students to think negatively about their ability to succeed at taking a math test causing them to focus less on the mathematical concepts and more on their own anxiety.
How to Reduce Math Test Anxiety
Deep Breathing
Visualize what you're doing.
Relax your body.
Wipe out all negative thoughts.
Negative Self-Talk
Negative self-talk can really break your performance on a math test
Types of Negative Self-Talkers
The Worrier
The Victim
The Critic
The Perfectionist
Counteract Negative Self Talk
Negative self talk is destructive to your health as well as your math performance.Counteract negative self talk with positive statements.
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