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period 7 Gray

No description

maryann carroll

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of period 7 Gray

Why do we have different types of weather?
the weather is always changing,the air of nature around us. In the air the changes may take any form like wind,rain, and snow. Sometimes these changes can even take the form that's really bad types of storms, such as hurricanes and tornadoes.when burning a fossil fuels, it releases carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere. I'm going to infer that the reason why we have different types of weather is because of our nature and the gases that goes to our atmosphere.
Types of weather:
There a lot of types of weather. Some weather may happen in a certain period of time, and some can happen any time. types of weather; cloudy cyclone, fog, frost, hail, hurricane, lighting, rain, snow, storm, tornado, and wind. There can be alot of different weather that can be very dangerous. How? some can kill you, some may do a lot of damage, and some could affect you or hurt you. Not all types of weather are bad. The best weather is a sunnt day!
How weather may effect us:
The changes in weather may effect animal, people, and the ecosystem in a lot of ways. Weather can make us unhealthy (by unhealthy i mean, we can get sick). Depending on what the weather is like you must wear appropriate clothing. For an example, if it is sunny you would probably a tank top and some shorts. However if it was chilly or snowy, you would want to wear pants and a jacket.
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