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Online Retailers: Amazon BuyVip, YOOX, Net a Porter

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R Romano

on 4 January 2014

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Transcript of Online Retailers: Amazon BuyVip, YOOX, Net a Porter

1. Advisory in designing comprehensive e-tailing strategies
2.Online store design in line with usability best practices and set up
3.Online store operations
4.Ideation and development of creative concepts
5.Digital PR and Social activities...

Amazon BuyVip is an

online shopping club

which offers its members a selection of garments, accessories, cosmetics and home or electronic products of the best available brands at discount rates. Amazon Buy VIP offer goods in limited "
" and are able to maintain low prices due to fact that they
do not keep stocks
themselves but instead deliver the products directly from the producer once the event is closed.
"To guarantee its members a unique online shopping experience, offering the customer an

easy, fast, safe, fun


service allowing maximum satisfaction after each purchase".

To be among the

top online retailers

expanding its served markets

overseas and extending its product-lines to include
more high end brands
, without loosing the characteristics that distinguish them from the rest of the online retailers.
“The giant online retailer Amazon is turning its eyes toward innovators in the industry they currently dominate. After Zappos and Goliath, they have now chosen to acquire BuyVip for 70 million Euros. Who will be next?”
(The wall street Journal, 4 October 2010.)
Amazon can now dispose of new rising star which presented 100% increase in revenues during the last FY (from 60 to 130 mln Euros). In addition, this means that they can

reinforce their presence in Europe

with a well know brand in markets like Germany, Italy and of course Spain.

On the contrary, for BuyVip this means that they can take advantage of the technology, experience and vast knowledge possessed by the American colossus which will ultimately

increase their reputation.
In addition, this could potentially allow them to gain access to more high-end brands like LV or Hèrmes.
Home accessories
Product Portfolio
Garments and Apparel
Shopping Experience
Website structure
App Structure
Let's shop!
We love customers!
The main aim is:
"...keeping the shopping experience as easy, fast, fun, safe and convenient as possible"
Consistent with
the web structure
1. Call me service.
2. Online Chat.
3. Email Service.

... and then we talked to Mauricio, who was very nice :)
Once the items are inserted in the shopping basket, we have 30 minutes to fill it in with other stuff and proceed with the purchase or we might lose the item.
Delivery Fees are free

if the basket overcomes the total amount of 100 Euros or if lower 6,90 euros would be charged for the first item and 0,50 cents for the following items. The items ordered on the 3 websites (Spanish, Italian and German) would be delivered to
27 countries

belonging to the European Community.
Delivery Fees and Market served

Amazon BuyVIP currently update information and communicate with customers through social media platforms like
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
. However, their target is apparently still mostly about the three main European markets since the majority of information they upload is either
in Spanish, German, or Italian...

Social Media presence
The web-site stresses how


is to make the purchase with a
dedicated customer area

which explains for instance how to protect the password and how to recognize eventual fishing attempts.
Corporate Social Responsibility
For Christmas 2012 Amazon backed UNICEF initiatives by selling

UNICEF-branded products

featured in a special event. Thanks to such fund raising

200,000 euros

have been collected.
Amazon BuyVIP vs BuyVIP
Before the Acquisition
After the Acquisition
Spain was the only market
After 3 years: 8 countries, 5 million users
"We are Fashion, We are Cool, We Love Brands."
From a “Fashion approach” to a “Push- no-matter-what approach”
What is the purpose of acquiring another Online fashion retailer?
Amazon BuyVIP vs Amazon Fashion
To show an example...
Authentic Watches.com
If we take a look at this watch, offered both by Amazon Fashion and Authenticwatches.com we find that both watches display
similar pricing
. This shows that Amazon Fashion with luxury products cannot compete on prices. Hence in order to be more competitive on prices they needed a company like BuyVIP. Indeed the aim of acquiring BuyVIP is not only because they wanted to
use BuyVIP to increase their presence in Europe
but also because in this way they can
utilize BuyVip's unique business model and high discount rates
to complement their other service, not only limited to fashion.
The Net-A-Porter Group Limited is the
world's premier online luxury fashion retailer
that offers the style-savvy customer exactly what she wants - unprecedented access to the hottest looks of the season from international cutting-edge labels via worldwide express delivery. NET-A-PORTER currently operates from
three offices in two countries
; the head office in London W12, the UK distribution center in London SE7 and finally the distribution center and US office in New York.

Net-a-Porter was
founded in 2000
by current executive chairman Natalie Massenet. The name is a play on the fashion term
, French for ready-to-wear.
2000 was a difficult time to start an online business but Massenet found initial backers in friends including Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon. In 2010,
Gucci sold the virtual online shop
to luxury holding company Richemont, who bought a 93% stake, valuing the company at $533 million.
YOOX Group S.p.A is an
Italian internet mail order retailer
of men's and women's multibrand clothing and accessories. It serves more than 100 countries worldwide
acquiring overstocked or unsold items
previous seasons
from renowned fashion houses, as well as manufacturers and authorized dealers, and selling them online at discounted outlet prices. This is to enable "luxury brands to off-load last year's merchandise without undermining their brands or cannibalizing sales at their existing stores".
Three multi-brand Retailers
Powered By Yoox activities
Yoox developed the necessary
expertise to gain trust
with more than
30 fashion brands
. As a result they chose to outsource their online activity to a this trustworthy partner.
Partnership with Kering
Since 2012, Yoox has initiated a strong partnership with the Kering-group to manage the online web sites of many of its fashion brands. The
joint venture
is owned
51% by Kering
and the rest by Yoox Group, an agreement which will
last for a 7 year-period

YOOX’s vision reflects a
tendency to grow
(in terms of geographical area and product categories) through constant
improvements in energy optimization
in order to
protect the environment
. In particular YOOX’s strategic priorities include a further global
expansion without leaving aside Italy
(Italian DNA), that remains the main strategic market where Yoox intends to consolidate its leading position. In addition, the Group intends to increase the in-season offering through further developments of the Mono-brand business lines and of corner.com and shoescribe.com in the Multi-brand line.
The Yoox Group always seeks for improvements

relying on its quality, creativity and innovation

to listen to the client and to

establish relationship based on honesty, transparency, integrity and quality

with all the company’s stakeholders.
Values and Mission
Founded by Federico Marchetti, near Bologna in 2000, Yoox Group has become a profitable e-commerce company. The name YOOX reveals the nature of the Group, a mix of human touch and technology:
X and Y, the male and female chromosomes, embrace the zero of the binary code, the fundamental language of the information age.
"...the fact that Internet customers cannot touch the product is a false problem. They can at home, in the privacy of their bedroom..."
What is it?
"YOOX is the best player when it comes to e-commerce and
logistics platforms in the world of luxury and technology."

The Mono Brand Proposition
A global reach with local expertise
Product Categories
Shopping Experience
Web Structure
To proceed with your order you have to select a delivery option (standard-delivery in 4-6 working days, express-delivery in 2-3 working days, next day-delivery guaranteed next working day...

The last step is the selection of payment method (credit card, cash on delivery, PayPal).
Easy registration to create your own space on YOOX.

To purchase you can choose a category, a designers, new arrivals, special edition, Yooxygen, or vintage), select the item and add it to your basket or to the dream box (wishlist of up to 50 items).
Riding the Mobile wave...
April 09: YOOX.COM

Speak and Shop

“Again Yoox beats peers: the first online retailer to offer mobile e commerce service giving the chance to purchase directly from the I phone!”
Best in class...
Media Presence
2. Accessories
1. Fashion (women, men, kids)

Armani, Pollini, Tod’s, Marni, Sergio Rossi, Brunello Cucinelli…
Furla, Nixon, Grifoni,
Marc Jacobs
, Stella McCartney…

Lizzie Fortunato, Lara Bohinc, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli…
Diesel, Hugo Boss, Givenchy…
Breil, Casio, Festina, Fossil…

Alexander McQueen
Alberta Ferretti
, Blumarine, Calvin Klein, Céline, Scervino, Fendi, Gucci, Iceberg, Moschino, Prada, Tory Burch, Vionnet…
Toy G., Valentino, Wrangler, LiuJo, Levi’s, Jacob Cohen, Diesel…


Marc Quinn, Paul Stolper Gallery
Magnum Photos
Artist Objects:

Marc Quinn, Tate, Victoria Miro
: Steidl, Les Belles, The Museum of Modern art, Rizzoli International…

4. Art
Home accessories:

Maison Martin Margrela 13, Moustache, Kartell

Normann Copenhagen, Missoni Home, Muuto

Foscarini, Slamp:, Cappellini

Klippan, Zucchi, Diesel, Colombo
Lexon, Areaware, Jacob Jensen
3. Design
In collaboration with the international fashion weeks
Yoox offers a unique shopping experience which allows customers to buy
garments in exclusive availability from the runways
thanks to the partnership with Vogue Who is next?
7. Direct shopping from Runways
6. Special Edition products

Essie, L’Oréal Paris
5. Cosmetics
In collaboration with some of the most prestigious brands and designers Yoox has launched a series of limited edition products that were
available only on Yoox.com
Logistics and Value Chain analysis
purchases products
a huge variety of products from the main brands, stores the products in the warehouses and ships them once the order is placed. In this case products are written in inventory.
Technical Details
Yoox responsibilities and additional services
Brand Responsibility
1. Pricing
2. Inventory Ownership
3. Product assortment definition

Terms and Condition
1. Contract length:
5+ years
2. Set-up fee to cover online store initial investment
3. YOOX’s compensation based on a
revenue sharing model.

5 logistic center strategically located world wide
Worldwide distribution is managed by the main hub in Italy to other hubs in the key markets
The automation project
It was
launched at the end of 2010 and completed in February 2013
in the main distribution center in Bologna. It is based on:

Set up of automated Order Storage & Retrieval system
folded garments and smaller items
Sort & Pack solution
for picking and packing
Traditional manual handling
for hanging garments and
bulky goods

Reduced handling & warehousing costs
as a percentage of Net
Revenues by 35%
Significantly increased storage capacity
and throughput
Improved customer service

– higher order accuracy
– record level of on-time deliveries (99.4% of deliveries on time in 1H 2013)
4. Low environmental impact
– All totes made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable
Customer Care
Reliable deliveries:
Delivery Costs are flat and there are no extra costs at delivery. UPS is the courier for all shipments. You will receive an email containing your Tracking Number once your package has been shipped from the warehouse.More than 99% on time deliveries!
Fast and easy returns:
you can return any item purchased on yoox.com within 7 working days of the delivery date. Once your package reaches the warehouse, 3 to 7 business days (depending on peak times) are needed for your return to be processed. When your return has been accepted, your refund will be issued and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
1. The management of activities in a way that
minimize the environmental impact

2. The consideration of the environmental risks making corporate decisions;

3. The improvement of an internal eco-efficiency;

4. The implementation of the employees’ awareness to strengthen the culture of sustainability;

5. The
Promotion of eco-friendly projects and products

6. The implementation of the customers’ awareness regarding the choice of eco-friendly products.

Commitments to Environment
is an initiative launched on the occasion of the
Earth Day 2009
to promote the
environmental awareness
. A section of the web site is entirely dedicated to
eco-friendly fashion, design, jewelry and books
, through the
Even the packaging is testament to YOOX Group’s commitment to environmental responsibility, indeed all orders placed are shipped worldwide using the fully recyclable
YOOXYGEN works closely also with several nonprofit environmental organizations and institutions including

In addition recently launched the campaign
, which aims
to create projects
, which
merge the aesthetic dimension with the ethical one
. Profit are delivered to
international no profits organizations
like GreenPeace, Amnesty International...
International Awareness
fashion magazines
economic journals
worldwide have cited Yoox for its main core aspects. Fashion magazines celebrate Yoox for their innovative shopping experience and in time deliveries, while economic journals emphasize their financial stability and positive stocks trend.
Financial Analysis
Stocks performance
Yoox Group was the only Italian firm to be listed on the stock exchange market in 2009.
Despite the economic downturn and the crisis at the time, Yoox stock price has
increase by 415% in 4 years.
Monthly visitors (mln)
AOV: Average Order Value (E)
# of orders (000 Euros)
Active Customers
+ 25%
NB: KPIs related to the JV with Kering are not included
Multi Brand
Mono Brand
Revenues analysis
A growth of
has been registered from 2011 to 2012 and a positive growth trend has been observed also for the first half of 2013. Thanks to the JV with Kering and with an increasing number of Powered by Yoox websites, the
monobrand business is increasing its shares
in the group revenues.
exceed customer expectations
at every stage of the shopping process ­ through our worldwide express delivery, luxurious packaging, and unparalleled customer service..."

fair and ethical labour practices
and promoting human rights is
central to our reputation
and on-going success.”
Richemont Group
Healthy and safe working conditions

Wages and working hours
– complying with local legislation on minimum wages

3. Freedom of association – allowing workers to associate

4. No discrimination – not subjecting people to discrimination based on factors including ethnicity, age, religion and sexual orientation, amongst others

No child labour

6. No disciplinary treatment – not subjecting people to harassment, violence or intimidation

7. Responsible environmental management.
Financial Analysis
Product Categories
The group recorded revenues of E8,867 million during the financial year ended March 2012 (FY2012), an increase of 28.7% over FY2011. A trend of
positive growth (+14,5%)
has been registered at the end of March 2013 compared to March 2012.
Web structure
The operating profit of the group was E2,040 million ($2,811.9 million*) in FY2012, an increase of 50.6% over FY2011.
The net profit wasE1,544 million ($2,128.2 million*) in FY2012, an increase of 41.7% over FY2011.
On the web site are highlighted: designers, product categories, the cover of The Edit, some curiosities and new trends, the Net a Porter Live and at the bottom of the page customer care, about the company, community, the customer’s preferences.
NET A PORTER is part of the
“Other Segment”
section which counts for the 13.8% of the revenues of the group, $ 1,426 million in FY2013 (increase of
over FY2012).
The other segment includes: Alfred Dunhill, Lancel, Chloe, Net a Porter, Purdey, textile brands and other manufacturing entities.

With this app you can:

all the hottest looks from over 350 of the world's leading designers.
-Create and manage a
wish list
of all your favourite pieces.
daily fashion news
and watch exclusive
on your mobile.

NET-A-PORTER app for iPhone, iPad and Android is here.
The Magazine App
For IPAD Read it, watch it, shop it!

With NET-A-PORTER weekly Magazine app you can:
exclusive editorials
watch exciting videos
-Shop the hottest trends direct from our glossy shoots
-Add all your favorite pieces to your wish list
-Share the latest looks with your friends and family.
The Netbook
Net-a-porter Group has created a new mobile app to create a
social network
of users sharing their favorite products from the luxury e-tailer. The App is based on the idea of a diary and the idea is to build a
that fashion-minded people would want to join. In the same way that Facebook has “friends” and Twitter has “followers,” users of the image-based shoppable app will be able to
“admire” their friends
and other users.
Delivery fees are different according to the postal code or to the country. It’s around 23/25 euro for the Express shipping and 15 for the Standard one.
Express Shipping
time: 3-5 working days outside Europe and 2-3 in Europe;
Standard Shipping

3-4 working days in Europe.
Contact us
•E mail: customercare@net-a-porter.com
•Telephone number ( one for the UK and one which is international)

Shipping Information
Returns & Exchanges
Making a return or exchange is easy. Just make sure you request a Returns Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and send your item(s) back to us within 28 days of receiving your order.
Items should be returned new, unused, and with all NET-A-PORTER and designer garment tags still attached.
Where provided, belts and any designer packaging such as authenticity cards, dust bags and leather tags should be included with your return.
All items returned should have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

"We are more than just pioneers, we are a group of individuals with a shared goal of excellence, innovation and integrity underpinning all we do. Thanks to an enviable pool of talented people, we have evolved to
become the world's premier luxury online retailer and fashion destination...
Net-a-porter in February 2013 launched a free,
weekly online magazine
called The Edit. The online magazine will have 52 themed editions annually, included in 30 pages, and features fashion shoots that
allow readers to buy directly from the pages
, as well as news, features and interviews with women from around the world. It carries a
mix of advertising
from brands that are stocked by Net-a-porter. It will be published in French, German and Mandarin, in addition to English. So far, some 1.5 million customers have signed up to get an e-mail of The Edit sent to them each week, although anyone can access the title on the site.
Mr Porter has a lot of editorial content, and the website is designed to
resemble a broadsheet newspaper
, in order to make men find this format more reassuring than a glitzy magazine design. The site uses
generous amounts of white space
, in contrast to Net-a-Porter's busier layout. In addition, the
and many of the
accompanying the articles are in black and white.
"I think guys sometimes feel 'It's too complicated, I'm out of here' or 'I don't have time, we just want everything to not be shouting at you. It is a subtle, calm hand-holding journey into buying products."
J. Langmead
Net-A-Porter uses the Google TV platform to create Net-A-Porter TV, that includes
runway shows, designer interviews
and other content. What makes this intriguing is the combination with of content with commerce.
Consumers can shop as they browse and comment and share content
. Products will appear on screen and buying is nearly seamless.
In real time, you can see what other
people around the world
are browsing for on Net-a-Porter.com as well as what they are
adding to their carts
, wish-lists or share through social media and e-mail.
THE OUTNET is the world's most fashionable
fashion outlet
devoted to selling discounted designer womenswear and accessories.
Dress me is an option in your account that you can use to find inspiration. It is updated weekly, you'll find inspirational fashion shoots, outfit ideas. They have selected
different events
that you can choose: vacation glamour, wedding bells, modern work wear, cocktail hour looks... After you pick one event you can select the different outfits according to your size, favorite colors and designer.
3. Gruppo Dieci: the Website.
2. Improvements.
10 Social Media!
in designing comprehensive e-tailing strategies
2. Online store
in line with usability best practices and set up
3. Online store
NET A PORTER + YOOX: a merger to dominate the market.
9 October 2013:
Il Sole 24 Ore dedicates an article on a possible
merger between YOOX and Net a Porter
. The price of the stocks sharply increases when market opens, but through interviews and press releases the company suddenly denies every rumors. The
stock price fell sharply
, and the market feeling remains unconfident for the following fer days.
9 Oct: -0,85
The fusion could lead to an absolute leader in the retail world. The
two companies seems to be complimentary
since NAP covers only the high end luxury segment, while Yoox has recently developed trustfulness and expertise over managing mono brand online activities.
September 2011:
Net a Porter celebrates Fashion Night Out launching the
Window shop only for one night
. Thanks to an app made on purpose for the event and to the introduction of augmented reality it was possible to
shop directly from Ipads or Iphones
, simply pressing a button. Just for one night event the video on Youtube has been shared by 6.9K people and viewed by 86k people.
NET A PORTER Temporary store
a) A physical store active for one month;
b) It should be designed in alinement with NAP brand DNA of a fashion magazine;
c) Night events with designers, CEOs, models, where a certain number of NAP customers win the invitation simply answering to contest questions related to the fashion world.
d) Evening runways where new collections are presented;
c) Special day of the week entirely dedicated to emerging artists.
a) Cross selling: products cannot be sold during the event, but during the day customers can choose items to buy through digital screens in the shop and comfortably receive them at home within one day if in the same city;
b) Products can be either be picked up at the store, or returned directly to the store in case of not satisfaction.
2) Engage the customers who are still skeptical about the luxury online purchase:
We propose an enhanced version of this temporary concept. The main objectives are:
1) Increase brand awareness, through:
a) Cross selling: products cannot be sold during the event, but during the day customers can choose items to buy through digital screens in the shop and comfortably receive them at home within one day if in the same city;
b) Products can be either be picked up at the store, or returned directly to the store in case of not satisfaction.
2) Engage the customers who are still skeptical about the luxury online purchase:
1. Positioning Map.
how we perceive them...
In order to depict an industry analysis as reliable as possible we define our industry perimeter, including:
Pure online retailers
(only web site, no physical store)
Non pure online retailers
(physical store and website designed and structured on purpose for an online activity)
Online Multibrands retailers
Wide categories of products offered
(shoes, bags, clothes, accessories...)

1. Industry Perimeter
Amazon Fashion, Zalando, Zappos, Bergdorf Goodman, Asos, Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Avenue 32, 80’s purple, AllSaints, Ausemode, Birdsnet, Db3 Online, Blank Clothing, Blue Owl Workshop, Witchery.

2. Competitors List:
Y Axis: Luxury Brands dominance (1 to 10).
Axis Definition
X Axis: Quality expectations (1 to 10).
how it really is...
The idea of creating our own website originates from the idea of combining features that we like from each of the three websites. Something which could
the inimitable
fashion style of Net A Porter
, the
ingenuity of Yoox
with the
customer care of BuyVip
Online Shopping Community:

Finally you have the chance to meet some online shopping addicts like yourself. Gruppo Dieci provides you with a dedicated profile page in which you can meet, chat and discuss fashion related topics.
Fashion GURUS:

Gruppo Dieci has dedicated a special section in which you can contact our fashion GURUS in order to receive recommendations about items on sale, styles, trends, brands to look out for etc.
Weekly TOP DIECI Outfits:
Every week Gruppo Dieci creates 10 different outfits for men and women showing possible combinations of the best sellers of the week and the must haves!
Choose a personal shoppers according to your style. Once you tell them what you like, they will email you when any kind of item you like is available.
Increase Brand Awareness
The members:
Luca Romano
Ilaria Nucera
Jonathan Johnson
Jord te Brummelstroete
Letizia Bucci
Yige Tang

The Trend
According to the last report of Altagamma Mc Kinsey online sales are forecasted to increase from 6.2 billions to 15 billions in 2016 with a growth rate of approx. 141% in a five years period. The
share of online luxury expenditure will also increase as a percentage of total luxury expenditures
+ 141%
of global Internet users say they
purchase fashion items online
, second only to electronic products. (Capgemini, July 10, 2012)
Apparel and accessories
tops al category with
20% growth
online sales
year over year.
(Emarketer, September 1, 2012)
Love -

Increases awareness

Control Issue
Increase number of displayed items
Do not deliver luxury shop experience
Lower installation costs
Lower Impact
Solution? They should be complementary!
Which means:
1. Easy and free registration

2. ”Events” which can last from 3 to 5 days
Divided in “Today Events” and “In process Events”
Online chat
Live Shopping
Innovative Design
Plus some of our special features...
Temporary stores located in the main fashion cities (NY, London, Milan...), it would last for a month with special events each weekend;

Showroom displaying the most frequently purchased items on the website;

Paper version of the Edit to be handed out for free to customers.

assuming rental price of 7k Euros per sqm per year, 1 month's rent for 200 sqm adds up to a cost of approximately 116K Euros;

Hair and make up:
a team of makeup artists can charge from 5k to 100k $ depending on the specific task. However, make-up brands like Maybelline regularly sponsor fashion shows essentially providing their services in exchange for advertisement and recognition;

for unknown models the minimum price is 250 $.

to act as an attraction we want to invite celebrities to our events to sit in the front row of the runway. For similar events on can expect to be charged between 50k$ (Blake Lively) and 100k$ (Beyoncè) depending on the celebrity.

Production team:
costs amounts to between 50k $ and 300k $.

Investment: Paris Champs Èlysèes
Full transcript