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Students as Producers: Bringing the Digital into (and out of) the Humanities Classroom

Presented with Vivian Finch (HASTAC Scholar) at THATCamp Vanderbilt, November 1, 2013

Derek Bruff

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Students as Producers: Bringing the Digital into (and out of) the Humanities Classroom

Students as Producers
Bringing the Digital into (and out of) the Humanities Classroom
Derek Bruff, Director (@derekbruff)
Vivian Finch, HASTAC Scholar (@vivianfinch)
Center for Teaching, Vanderbilt University
Collaborative Documents
Annotated Bibliographies
Jason Jones' Assignment: http://is.gd/fLB1CS
"Macro," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
"Ghost Writer," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
Course Blogs
Humberto Garcia's blog: http://is.gd/jFyCgz
Derek's Course Blog: http://derekbruff.org/blogs/fywscrypto/
Crypto Posts on Wonders & Marvels: http://is.gd/vLKIf1
Alberto Perez's io9 post: http://is.gd/UaxUMq
Novelty is interesting... and challenging.
"Blue Lobster," Richard Wood, Flickr (CC)
Audience matters.
"Center of Attention," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
David Silver's Story - http://is.gd/Yp4DSF
Local Histories
Larry Cebula's Story: http://is.gd/b7w66i
Update: http://is.gd/ifu1DE
What are 3-5 technologies you have used (or seen used) in humanities courses?
“Spiral out, keep going,” Tawcan, Flickr (CC)
Legitimate peripheral participation.
Why digital in the humanities classroom?
Going Public
Photo Essays
"Like Father Like Daughter," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
See also: Digital Graffiti Gallery, http://is.gd/wc5ewa
Brian Croxall's Assignment: http://is.gd/XETIUe
See also: Mapping Novels with Google Earth, http://is.gd/twyYAY
See also: Vandy's Blog of Blogs, http://is.gd/Ua0113
Crowdsourced Projects
Laura Stark's Students: http://is.gd/W3y7Ul
"The largest QOTSA headline crowd to date," Matthew Field, Flickr (CC)
See also: Why Isn't DH Building Great MOOCs?, http://is.gd/YEH81k
Your Turn
Find 3-4 (new) friends, brainstorm ways to use these ideas in your classroom, contribute them to this very Prezi.

Each group should have a scribe, who should email derek.bruff@vanderbilt.edu with his/her Prezi email address to be added as an editor to this Prezi.

To view this Prezi, look for it on cft.vanderbilt.edu.
Other examples of this?
Digital Cookbook
For service learning project on diversity in Vanderbilt and Nashville
Timeline of Love and Marriage
Showing legal, religious , cultural representations of marriage in Europe and N America. Using visuals from contemporary culture as well
Walking tour podcasts
collaborative document in TEFL intro class
Blogs that students and faculty can contribute to @The Commons

Doing a photo essay project to trace local history

some ideas
1.students create and/or expand on wikipedia pages

2. Create and share media related to course content (zeega.com)

Have students edit Wikipedia
Students as Producers of Syllabi
1. Edit existing articles.
2. Fix translations (for language students).
3. Add info to Wikipedia based on course material.
4. Students work on historical archives and add info to Wikipedia.
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