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Color Theory

Religion class project on the 7 CST Themes.

Julianne Ferrie

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Color Theory

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Color Theory By: Julianne Ferrie Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple Pink White Brown Black For me, black is a mysterious dark color that send chills down the back of my spine. When I think of the color black, of think of bad luck. I think of black magic and the bad luck of black cats. I also think of mysteries and murders and solving crimes. This color remids me of death taking over your body and leaving you laying there as your soul is carried away. I associate the color black with the letters D, T, I, and L, and also the number 1. White is a pure color the seems to wash away all the evil of the colr black. It reminds me of a dove, because of it's purity and cleanliness. This colr also reminds me of weddings because of the bride's beautiful white dress, and because weddings are such a happy time, the color white is a happy color to me. I associate the color white with the day Saturday, the letter O, and also the number 0. Purple is a very spunky and rockstar color for me. it reminds me of gothic people and rock concerts where everyone goes crazy and there are a bunch of electric guitars. But, at the same time it is a very soothing color for me. It reminds me of meditation and candles and lavendar fragrences that take all the stress away. I associate the color purple with the day Thursday, the letter B, and the number 3. When I think of the color red, I think of juicy, ripe apples and also school. I associate this color with anger, but at the same time I also associate it with love and Valentine's Day.
I associate the color red with Monday, the letters A, M, and N, and also the number 3. The color blue, just like the color purple, is a soothing color for me. It reminds me of the sky, and how it can be so peaceful, but can be also be so rough. It reminds me of Downy, the fabric softener, because it cleans your clothes and leaves them smelling fresh and clean. It also reminds me of bluebirds, and the wuiet chirps they make. I think of peacceful meadows where flowers bloom. I associate the color blue with Tuesday, Friday, and the number 5. The color brown is a very artistic color for me. It's a very creative color and it is a calming color. It reminds me of pigs, and how they roll in the mushy brown mud. I think of the mountains and how they strectch out across the sky and how they seem to go on forever. It reminds me of teedy bears and how they are warm and fuzzy and you feel like you could just hug them and hug them forever. This color also reminds me of wood and nature, and how everything in the world is unique and different in its own way. I associate the color brown with the letters W, X, and Y. This is a very girly color for me. The color pink reminds me of frilly lace and beautiful gowns that are covered in rhinestones and that rich people wear when they go to fabulous balls. This color also reminds me of rare gems and beautiful flowers that smell so sweet. I associate the color pink with the day Sunday, the letter J, and also the number 9. I associate the color orange with the number 2. The color orange is a very fun and floral color for me. It reminds me of fun patterns and dresses and the summer. I always imagine myself slowly running and laughing and playing with my friends in my backyard when I think of this color. I also think of fruits and things that are natural. I associate this color with the day Wednesday, and the number 6. This is a very bright and uplifting color to me. It reminds me of the sun's rays shining and beaming on a small countryside. It also reminds me of popsicles and licking them on a hot summer's day with all of your friends sitting on the green grass outside. This is a very hapy color. It also reminds me of crystal light because of it's bright packaging and fruity colors. This is a very sweet color, but at the same time it can be very sour. I associate this colr with the letters G and E, and the number 7. This color is a very natural color for me. It reminds me very much of nature and all things natural, especially vegetables. It also makes me think of grass, and fruits, even though they aren't green. It also make me think of animals because they are a huge part of nature. It also reminds me of trees standing tall and firm in forests and rain forests.
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