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Jonah Curtis - No Where To Call Home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Jonah Curtis - No Where To Call Home

Jonah Curtis
Chapter 2
In Chapter 2 Frances is not woken up by her workers. She wonders what happened and why they did not wake her up. When she walks into the kitchen she sees all of them. They all told Frances that the house is no longer yours and that she will have to move in a couple days to her aunts. She doesn't want to go to her aunts. Junius mentions tramping and that hes going to hop a freight. Frances wants to join Junius and become a bo. The workers try to tell Frankie hoboing is not for her and that she should go to her aunts. She is told that they ride the rails until they find work for money and food. She would have never tried hoboing because she rich but not anymore.
Chapter 3
Chapter 4-5
In the next chapter Frankie has to take a cab to to the train station for her aunts. She decides what to pack and when she gets their she tips a worker $1. She never had to worry about money before. She still wanted to try hoboing. She walked to the ticket seller and exchanged her ticket for cash and then hopped in a cab and then ditched it after a short ride and then she ran.
Chapter 6-7
Frankie want to look like a boy so no one thinks shes a girl so she buys boy clothes and she hops a freight cuts her hair and meets someone named stewpot. She shares food with him and plays music and stewpot tells r about hoboing. She wants a nickname so he calls her Frankie Blue. She was helping stewpot and stewpot helped her with some information about hoboing.
Chapter 1
In chapter 1 Frances is waken up to a strange sound that she can't recall. She wants to go talk to her father about whats happening but the workers at her house stop her not wanting her to see her father. Frances father was a great businessman and was never affected by the depression until now. Frances father didn't know what to do when it caught up to him so he suicides because of stress. Frances now recalled the noise. It was a gunshot. Frances was now an orphan and penniless
Frances is handed a train ticket and is told to wake up and take the cab to the train station at 8 o' clock in the morning. She decides what to pack and she still cannot believe that her father was dead she yells that her fathers a coward and gets angry. She eventually calms down and wants to try hoboing.
Chapters 8-10
In chapters 8-10, Frankie and Stewpot are on a train in pittsburg. They eventually got off the train and went down to a pond. Stewpot told Frankie to hop in the pond to bathe. Frankie eventually got in the ponde to bathe and Stewpot told Frankie there was a jungle ahead. On the way they found some of stewpot's freind. Frankie was surprised to see that some were girl hobos. They eventually got to the jungle and had to get food for the rest and them. They found a farm and worked in the field. They were given a lot of food and a picnic. Afterwards they headed back to the jungle with the food.
Chapters 11-13
In Chapters 11-13 They arrive back at the jungle with food. Stewpot's friend arrives with meat. He said he stole them and frankie was unhappy that he did. It was time to sleep and Stewpot Suggested that frankie should play the harmonica. All the bo's wanted to hear. So she played the harmonica and eventually went to sleep. Frankie and stewpot then left the jungle the next morning and hopped on a train. Stewpot suggested frankie to get a pocket knife. Stewpot asked how much money she had and was amazed when she said $53. Stewpot bargained until she got a knife for 25 cents.
Chapters 14-16
In the chapters 14-16 Stewpot showed Frankie something he made. He said he whittled it himself. Frankie was amazed he knew how to do that and asked what else you have made. Stewpot said he made money going to door to door selling homemade nighstands and sold them for money. Stewpot was going to teach frankie how to whittle. She was taught by stewpot and she was really proud of herself. Back on the train at their next stop frankie hopped off a moving train and ripped her pants. Stewpot was worried and brought her to a store with clothes. Frankie was happy to get the clothes and got some free food as they went back to the train. Frankie then pulled out some books and offered Stewpot one he wasnt a big fan of reading so he asked if frankie could read out loud. Stewpot actually enjoyed it. Stewpot told frankie that they were going to catch a train to St. Louis and they went on from there.
Chapter 17
In chapter 17 Frankie was sure of herself to tell stewpot she was a girl. Stewpot had figured that out and frankie was surprised. Later they each told each others names, not the hoboe names their birth names, Frances Barrow and James Haskrill.
Chapter 18
In Chapter 18 Frankie and Stewpot get arrested for hopping a train they were forced to sone night in jail and during that night stewpot was starting to get sick. The next day they had to hop a train to get out of town. Frankie wondered why they wanted us to hop a train if they didnt in the first place. At this time stewpot sickness was growing worse and worse.
Chapter 19
After that frankie and stewpot are heading to a mission. Stewpot doesn't want to go but frankie convinces him. When they got theor they had to separated because of genders. Frankie wanted to get back to stewpot afterward because she felt nervous. They had meals and after their stay frankie now knew why stewpot hated missions. Stewpot had woke up in the night coughing and thats when frankie knew something was wrong with stewpot.
Chapters 20 - 24
Stewpot and Franke re located in montana hoping to see the rocky mountains. Frankie wants to take stewpot to chicago but stewpot is determined to see the mountains. The train drives by it and Frankie gets sewpot and slides the boxcar door open. Stewpot was amazed to see the mountains and frankie was too. After the rocky mountains stewpot told frankie that they were going to Seattle to a hooverville. As they arrive in seattle stewpot is really weak and as they walked out the train station stewpot collapses. A man came to help and brought him to his hooverville house. Frankie hoped that he could help stewpot.
Chapters 25 - END
At the hooverville Frankie was told that the the man was training for a being a doctor. Frankie had hope. The man told Frankie that Stewpot had phenomenon. Frankie was more worried. The man told frankie it was common. Frankie ran to the hospital trying to find a doctor but she was told that stewpot had to come with her. She got a cab and rode back to hooverville and while dragging stewpot to the cab. Stewpot stopped breathing. Stewpot was dead. They made a grave for him and left the pocket knife. Frankie was sad. She lost her best freind Stewpot. Later Frankie went to the train station and bought a ticket to Chicago. When she arrived in Chicago she asked for directions to her aunts street. When she arrived she was happy to see a carving on the fence by other hobos. And then as she walked up to her aunts house she took the brass knock and let it fall.
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