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POVERTY: Homeless Teens in the United States of America

Poverty isn't just in other countries. It's here, in your country, your state, and even in your town.

Jaide Hunter

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of POVERTY: Homeless Teens in the United States of America

More than one in five
children in America
currently live in poverty Affecting the kids Millions of teens/children are affected by poverty everyday, and more people should be better educated on this topic. *Teens/kids don't develop in the same manner as a child their age who is nourished
*Brain can be under-developed
*Children worry about his/her next meal
*Concerned about where they sleep
*Trouble concentrating in school
*Wonder how they will survive http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/video/children-poverty-stat-reaches-147-million-14329047 Shelters There are currently 3339 homeless shelters and social services in America. there are 6 homeless shelters near us. How people can become Homeless Teens taken away from abusive/unfit parents
After foster care, these teens lack the ability to support themselves
They end up jobless, homeless, or in jail

A teen like this was 16 and had been in foster care after she was taken away from her drug-abusing mother

She looked for training but none was provided What is the government doing? The government is:
supporting organizations that help teens living in poverty/without a home
trying to prevent homelessness by providing resources for kids to get jobs and provide for themselves
Provide training for foster children so they acquire skills that help them live in the world The Government While the government is doing what it can to help this problem, there are many independent programs. Such as these below:
www.achildsplace.org POVERTY: Homeless Teens in the United States of America Becoming homeless starts with poverty www.voices.org Percent of children in poverty
-Cities: 19%
-Suburban: 10%
-Rural areas: 18%
-Urban areas: 13%
-South: 19% www.homelessshelterdirectory.org http://answers.ask.com/Health/Mental/how_does_poverty_affect_children http://abcnews.go.com/2020/video/happy-homeless-teens-trouble-12791136 CLIPS -Decatur GA Homeless Shelters
-Atlanta GA Homeless Shelters
-Tucker GA Homeless Shelters
-Stone Mountain GA Homeless Shelters
-Chamblee GA Homeless Shelters
-Doravilla GA Homeless Shelters All these places are trying their hardest to help this issue but they can't do it alone. If you can go to these websites and do your part by volunteering of donating food money or cloths to a shelter near you. What can you do How Can You help Ways to get involved in 15 min Ways to get involved for hours All of the above information from www.volunteerguide.org There are many different ways to get involved, here are a few: give food
treat homeless men/women with dignity
donate to families who are actually in need
donate clothes or hand-me-downs
promote community scholarships for schools
donate eyeglasses
donate toys to children
donate hair (locks of love)
provide micro-loans eyeglass drive
teach adults to read
food drive
donate bikes
reduce graffiti
donate baby kits
collect suitcases
provide a roll model for teens donate school supplies
knit/crochet a teddy bear
bake someone a birthday cake
help stock food banks
reduce street violence in the town
clothing drive
make hygiene kits for people To turn the situation around After that.... We need to educate so that:
Teens can provide money for themselves
They can manage their money
and they can be successful in living on their own The First Step The first step towards education is getting teens doing better in school.
We can do this by:
Providing school supplies for students who can't afford them
Providing free school lunch for people
and Making sure teachers engage with students After we have teens in school and learning:
we need to provide skill courses
teens can start having a better idea of how to take care of themselves If you would like to help you can visit
to get more ways to help and join in projects near you to. Statistics 1/4 of kids in GA are food insecure
1.8 million people in GA live in poverty
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