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C-Peptide Initial ELISA 3-14-2013

Testing the C-peptide ELISA for dilution and standard

Diana Xu

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of C-Peptide Initial ELISA 3-14-2013

Testing Dilutions and Standards C-Peptide ELISA Choosing Serum Samples Standard Curve Construction Next Steps... Picked samples at the predicted extremes of c-peptide concentration.
-IL-6 concentrations
-leptin concentrations
-Polyp number
Final list of samples
-low extreme: 14, 26, 81
-high extreme:23, 134, 12 C-Peptide ELISA Dilutions
- undiluted
- 1:2
- 1:20
- 1:100
Many concentrations fell below standard curve
- We can run samples undiluted
Samples 14, 26, 81 had lower concentrations
Samples 134, 12, 23 had higher concentrations Standard concentrations were not as they should be
-Leads to errors in calculating c-peptide concentration in samples 1) Run standards and some samples again:
Same method as Thursday w/ standards from the different bottles.
Serially dilute the 10 ng/ml standard to make our own standards

2) Construct new standard curves.
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