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Helping the Environment

No description

Sania Julian

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Helping the Environment

Pics & Videos of our trips to the park!
What did our group do?
Where does our garbage go?
Thanks for listening to our environmental awareness presentation!
The Environment
Our group went to the park and picked up litter. But, we split into two groups so that we could clean the park up twice! Sania and Rebecca were one group and Julia and Gwyneth were another group. We also took pictures of our trip to the park, so you guys can all see what we did there. In the next frame, you will see the pictures of how we picked up garbage at the park.
Here's some videos about helping out the environment!
And How We Can Help Make Differences
What does it take to make a difference?
If we help the environment, how will it benefit us?
- pick up litter (go to a park and pick up
- don't litter yourself (throw things away in garbage cans or recycling bins)
- write to a person in charge of the
environment and ask them to stop oil spills or something to help the environment
- form a group to help raise awareness to make the environment greener! Just like we did..........
- research online and find more ways that you can help save our environment.
If we help the environment stay fresher and greener, we will have a nice planet to live on. If we don't, well that's a whole different story. Think about a toxic wasteland filled with garbage. Imagine living in such a dump! That's why we should help make our environment greener, just like our group is doing. Plus, if we help the environment, it will benefit our health. It's really bad for your body if you have to breath in toxic air. And it's also bad for animals. So let's all try our best to stay green!
Here's an easy way to start! You can help out the environment!
Our garbage either always goes to the landfill or to the Pacific Ocean's garbage patch. The landfill is basically a dump where people dump all their garbage into. The garbage patch is a large place in the Pacific Ocean that is kind of like the landfill, only on water. It is twice the size of Texas. Most of the garbage people throw away, are things that can be recycled and not turn into toxic waste. We have recycling bins, we have everything, it's just that people have to change their perspectives about how they want the world to look.
We hope you learned a lot about how we can help make differences in the environment!!!!
The YouTube video site names:
Video 1:
Drip Drop (Parody of Kesha's Tik Tok)

Video 2:
Minus One Project. Save Paper. Help the forests.
Julia & Gwyneth
So let's all work together to help raise awareness and save our great, great environment!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
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