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Dorothy Parker

No description

Sylvia Mireles

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Dorothy Parker

Childhood and Family Teenage and Adult years Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)
By: Sylvia Mireles Born in Long Branch, New Jersey.
Jacob Henry Rothschild was her father and Eliza Anne Rothschild was her mother.
She had one sister, Helen Rothschild
Lived in a summer beach cottage. Dorothy Parker was born on August 22, 1893.
Parker went on to work as a book reviewer for The New Yorker in the 1920s.
Graduated from Miss Dana's School in 1911, at the age of 18.
Following her father's death in 1913, she played piano at a dancing school to earn a living Significant info about author She was an American poet
Was a founding member of the Algonquin Round Table
Parker traveled to Hollywood to pursue screenwriting
Two Academy Award nominations, were curtailed as her involvement
Was liberal and radical in her political views Literary Elements in the poem: #1:Rhyme
Every other line in this poem rhymes. A Portrait by, Dorothy Parker Setting: Her emotions moving back and forth from her decisions.
Main characters: Her, her heart and her emotions.
Main Conflict: The author deciding on what her heart really desires. A Portrait: Summary This poem addresses the topic of love, and describes it as a very troubling thing. I assume the poet has had bad experiences in past relationships, but not just with a significant other. The line “Cut with a birth, a death, a bridal-day” indicates to me that as a child, she felt a strained relationship with her family as well. I think the poet is trying to convey that her failed attempts at love have proven it meaningless, and she is giving up on it. My heart is stubborn, and my spirit slow
Of weathering the drip and drive of woe?
What is my oath, when you have but to bare
My little, easy loves; and I can dare
Only to shrug, and answer, "They are so"? #2:Meter
Every Line has the same amount of syllables Because my love is quick to come and go-10
A little here, and then a little there-10
What use are any words of mine to swear-10
My heart is stubborn, and my spirit slow-10
Of weathering the drip and drive of woe?-10
What is my oath, when you have but to bare-10
My little, easy loves; and I can dare-10
Only to shrug, and answer, "They are so?"-10 Connection of Poem to Author Connection#1: This poem illustrated her inner feelings about loving people.

Connecion#2: This poem shows how she can not stick to one person, when she is in a relationship. This poem was very deep to her, showing mixed emotions.This poem meant alot to her. Awards/Impact of Author Nominated twice for an Oscar award
1.) Smash-Up: The Story Of A Woman(1947)
2.) A Star Is Born (1937)

Dorothy Parker was much more than a poet. She was a cultural icon. Parker was the voice of a new generation of women who claimed liberties formerly denied to them. She was one of the few authors to gain critical and popular recognition during her lifetime. Works Cited "Dorothy Parker ." Poets.org. Academy of American
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