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Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants.

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Harley Wurst

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants.

Best Fast Food Restaurants.
#2 McDonald's
Mcdonald's belives that continuous improvement is a journey, not a destination.

For more than 55 years, they have evolved their menu to meet the changing needs of their customers.

They're commited to giving "delicious" choices.
#4 Starbucks
Starbucks began in 1971
The holidays at Starbucks are a time to celebrate with sweet traditions rooted in more than four decades of passion for coffee, food and the holiday spirit.

They're on a mission to hire military veterans and spouses, creating a workplace that recognizes and celebrates service.
#5 Wendy's
"Quality is their recipe."
Wendy's opened their first restaurant in Coumbus in 1969. A frosty was only 35 cents.

Their motto came out in 1970.

#6 Dairy Queen
"Fan food, not fast food."
In-N-Out Burger
Their Burgers are made from fresh, it's 100% pure beef.

They individually inspect every single chuck they recieve to make sure it meets their standards.

They say that doing things the old fashioned way is the freshest idea of all.
Best American Fast Food Restaurants
#3 Subway
The Subway brand understands the importance of offering a variety of healthy options and providing access to complete nutrional information for their customers.
Dairy Queen has its own
gluten free and allergy sensitive guide so everybody can eat there!

Dairy Queen has been out there serving great food
for over 70 years!
By Harley Wurst
Fast food fact:
Most restaurants offered at least one healthy side option and three-quarters increased healthy beverage options and McDonald's changed happy meal sides to automatically include half portions of french fries and apples.
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