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USAID Small Businesses Expansion Project in Polog

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Transcript of USAID Small Businesses Expansion Project in Polog

Tearce Tetovo Jegunovce Želino Brvenica Bogovinje Vrapčište Dolneni Kruševo Demir Hisar Bitola Resen Mogila Novaci Prilep Nuriman Veliju Green Product Agroprodukt
Greenhouse MEBI-PRIMA
Collection Center Tutto
Collection Center Vezë Sharri Hajdar Kurtishi Renova Worker's University Access to Finance Conference Gostivar Mavrovo and Rostuše Public-Private Dialog Working with municipalities to find local SMEs that can impact key supply chains
Strengthening the capacity of Regional Development Centers to support SMEs from the region
Changing the way local government thinks about regional economic growth
Working with strategic partners on developing economic growth initiatives Job Creation Maximizing the creation of new jobs by developing and growing key supply chains that link many SMEs
Implementing pilot supply chain activities that will catalyze regional economic growth by serving as a successful and replicable model
Assisting with workforce development in order to fill in labor gaps and create new jobs
Improving access to private sector finance and EU developmental funds in order to support SME expansion and job creation Donor Coordination Coordinating activities with other donors and USAID projects working in the region
Implementing joint activities with regional partners and other donors Polog RDC GIZ RED Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia Krivo. Vigan
Collection Center Subcontractor Subcontractor Subcontractor Association for Local and Rural Development Vitamil First project IPARD applicant Project Launch
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