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farah anis

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of dEAR MR. KILMER CHAPTER 2

In April 1917, America declares war on Germany. Americans will join the fighting in France.It is spring. Richard is in tenth grade. One day, Richard's teacher, Mrs.Hansen , reads a poem, 'Trees' by Joyce Kilmer, to the class. Mr. Kilmer is a famous poet who works for 'The New York Times'.
Mr.Kilmer is Richard's new hero because he is a poet who feels about nature like him and he is brave to fight overseas for America. Richard borrows Mr.Kilmer's book 'Trees and other poems' from Mrs.Hansen. He also writes down the address of the office of the editor for ' The New York Times' in his notebook.
After school, Hannah Schermer cries in the hallway because someone has scrawled 'Dirty Hun' all over her book cover. Richard tells some of his classmates like Abner, Harry Carver and Blanche Freebold about it, but they are mean to her and her parents. They say that the Schermers are huns and they are unpatriotic because they speak German and serve Hun food at their tavern while a war is going on againts Germany.
Richard reads Mr.Kilmer's poetry book in his room and writes a letter to him about his fears and problems. He tells Mr.Kilmer that he is alone and ask him if he should keep hiding his poems or tell everyone about them.
Abner Lewis grumbles that the poem and the poet are sissy. Mrs.Hansen explains that Mr.Kilmer has volunteered to fight for America although he is a poet. She then gives example of poets who died fighting for their country and poets who were bigger troublemakers than Abner to shut him up.
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