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Strategic Planning

No description

Greg Geiger

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Strategic Planning

Public Relations
Utilize website, media, hard copy, and electronic communications with an emphasis on promoting the success of all students and staff.
Strategic Planning
Committee Updates
Student Achievement & Instruction
Culture & Climate
Goal 1: Utilize current spaces to better serve students and instructional programs.
Goal 2: Design avenues for students to utilize technology in innovative ways.
Prioritize budgets expenditures to support student achievement as outlined in the district academic development goals.
Goal 1
Goal 2
Culture and Climate Goal #1
Goal 1
Culture and Climate Goal #2
Goal 2
Goal 2
Team Members
Jenny Utinans
Create a welcoming and respectful environment for all students, staff, and community members
Kelley Dickson
Mark Kettering
Krysten Gross
Jim Mazzetta
Susan Schroeder
Sierra Schreiber
Phil Perlini
Promote a culture of high expectations that incorporates a variety of learning styles and opportunities for students
Goal 1
Team Members
John Bolger
Pam Pleviak
Stacy Perry
Nicole Swiercek
Becca Watters
Cris Tajnai
Establish the high schools as the center of the community promoting a collaborative partnership that yields strong student citizens and a healthy community.
Update websites more frequently
Student liaisons
Knight Times and Rampage updated software
Community Report
Coordinate Communication Media
Community Report
Create links with the business community
Host events for the whole community
Plan more cross town events
Implement current Capital Plan
Implement technology upgrades
Develop rigorous curriculum to support the needs of all students and ensure that graduates are college and career ready.
Design and implement curriculum and instruction that promotes creativity, problem solving and incorporates innovative technology into the classroom.
Team Members
Renee Zoladz
Tracey Landry
Student Voice
Fiscally support, through appropriate levies and other revenue sources, the focus areas of the Strategic Long Range Plan.
Rhett Taylor
Joan Leon
Mike Zelek
Tom Halloran
Jim Geary
John Christian
Donna Keesling
John Karol
Team Members
Maintain balanced budget
Accrual basis of accounting
AAA rating
ISBE Financial Recognition Award
Maintain current level of educational programs and extracurricular activities
Possible capital improvements to instructional spaces
Minimum fund balance 25%
Possible capital improvements to instructional spaces
Continuous attention paid to changes in state and federal funding

Melody Carey
Bob Denbo
Linda Soto
Michael Healan
Barb Georges
Rachel Lesinski
Mike Hutchins
Shirley Christian
Jen Welty
Michael Marassa
Team Members
Scott Gaunky
Greg Geiger
Tom Kim
Lori Defiore
Jaron Armiger
Madeline Bertermann
Jeff Nehila
James Roscoe
Ben Ault
Assess instructional spaces for future capital needs
Review existing space as instructional technology needs change
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