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Confusing adverbs and adverbial phrases

No description

Cory Richardson

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Confusing adverbs and adverbial phrases

Confusing adverbs and adverbial phrases
Hard / hardly
He can hardly see
Late / Lately
She works very hard
In the end / at the end
He is always late
He has been reading lately.
We argued but In the end I was allowed to go.
Especially / specially
At the end of the tunnel
How cute....
Every new eagle comes with a specially fitted camera.
At the moment / actually
I'm not doing anything at the moment.
This is actually a true story
Near / nearly
We are near the end
The winner nearly lost, and the loser nearly won.
Still / yet
Why are you still here?
You shouldn't have done it yet.
Ever / even
No, I never ever wonder.
He doesn't even lift..
Vocabulary page 29 Ex 2
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