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Douglas MacArthur L And L Test

No description

Shawn Groves

on 19 October 2017

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Transcript of Douglas MacArthur L And L Test

Douglas MacArthur L And L
Earth is basically a sphere turning on an axis. The North Pole is at the one end of the axis. The South Pole is at the other end. Exactly in the middle is an imaginary line called the equator. This equator is how you get latitude. Latitude goes to 90 degrees. These lines go up and down which is North/South. Latiude is the first number for example 40s 50e.
Although Earth turns on the equator there is also another way the Earth is separated. Which is how you get longitude. Longitude is gotten because of the prime meridian. Longitude goes from 0 degrees to 180 degrees. Longitude goes East/West. Longitude is the scond number. The Prime meridian is also split by an invisible line cutting the world in half
The Way Latitude And Longitude Work
Lets say the first coordinate is 45s and 60w The X on the Grid shows you where it is. let me do another example for you lets say you have 60n and 90e. You see how they change areas South is downward past the equator which is highlighted by a line and theres another line which is the prime meridian the prime meridian is the line that turns this map into a hot dog fold while the Equator separates it into a hamburger fold one thing you need to do is focus on the numbers on some maps you can find numbers on both sides of the map west and east and you could also find it at the top and bottom.
What lines go side to side?

What lines go up and down?

Which line is the Equator on?

Which line is the Prime Meridian on?

Which number goes first latitude or longitude?

Bonus: Whats Jordans favorite color?

Here im doing a final problem on this map i hope you also understood how South and North work at the same time i also hope you know how East and West work with latitude and longitude lines my final problem will be 40s and 60w




the lines that
spilts us into a
hamburger fold
the line that
splits us into
a hotdog fold
What lines go side to side?
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