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Innovations in Adhesive Technology

In an effort to better serve our customer’s needs, the experts at Master Bond are constantly developing new products that utilize cutting edge technology. These adhesives feature LED curing, NASA outgassing approval and high temperature resistance.

Master Bond Inc.

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Innovations in Adhesive Technology

in adhesive technology

has been crucial in providing compounds
One component, no mix,
LED curing adhesive, sealant,
coating and encapsulant. Cures
completely tack-free without UV light.
Two component epoxy system with long working life. Has a Tg of 170°C and offers exceptional chemical resistance properties.
Soft, resilient urethane modified epoxy system for sealing and encapsulation. Superior dimensional stability and
acoustical dampening properties.
NASA low outgassing approved, electrically conductive, room temperature curing epoxy adhesive. Excellent toughness and high peel strength properties.
Super Gel 9
For more information on our product line
Contact our technical representatives:

cutting edge
products feature advanced technology
They have been designed to provide:
Improved productivity Lower energy costs
Increased efficiency Enhanced quality control
new product development
customer needs.
that fulfill
Master Bond's long term emphasis on
performance capabilities
convenient processing
We have a stellar record in offering

that feature improved
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