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ILEAD Maine 2015:

No description

sonya durney

on 14 November 2015

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Transcript of ILEAD Maine 2015:

ILEAD Maine 2015:
Team Civic Engagement

What we set out to do
From our application:
Planning a Hackathon: 101

NCOC Webinar: Civic Tech Landscape Review and Toolkit documents http://ncoc.net/civictech
Reaching out to judges/speakers
Plan schedule /space / roles
Pivot Two: Meet with local
tech guru.
Affirmed it was an interesting
idea and challenged our
assumption that we could
dictate the solution.
Pivot One: When Plan A is not working or no longer makes
sense, move on to Plan B.

Plan B: Let's host a hackathon!!!
The Big Day!!!
What's Next? What Did We Learn?
For more photos visit our Flikr page.
And for more on the event, read our blog post about the day:

Our introductory ILEAD video explains it all:
BetsyRo will seek additional funding
The City Manager is engaged!
We will all stay friends :-)
We will share our mad Hackathon organizing skillz
Stay tuned....!
A hackawhaaaaaat???
Betsyro is a free and open source computer software project that helps individuals with time constraints or other impediments to be able to participate civilly in democracy. We are committed to offering the user of of Betsyro the continued freedoms set forth in the Free Software Definition through the usage and development of the highest quality free and open source software.
***please not this video contains some disturbing images, we chose to use these to highlight extreme
examples of incivility that can be found on the internet
And here is a video of our final presentation in Bangor!
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