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The University of Oklahoma

No description

Katie McClelland

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of The University of Oklahoma

Advanced Programs
2013 North America Conference
Marketing Presentation
What is a Brand?

A brand is...

a promise
an attribute
who we are
a trust generator
a differentiator

What emotions do these images evoke?
The OU Brand
The University of Oklahoma brand is widely recognized. By centralizing the platform and positioning statements under one institution brand, OU communicates the value of a Sooner education in an easy to understand, fun and exciting way to the world. A unified branding effort will result in recruiting more top students who become successful alumni. We will attract top faculty researchers, inspire donors and tell our story more powerfully to a global audience.
What emotions do these interlocking OUs evoke?
Common OU Logo Violations
Using only approved logos, text, artwork, etc. helps maintain the design integrity of the University of Oklahoma brand and maximizes the effectiveness of each identifier.
OU Logo Safe Zones
Other Things to Keep in Mind:
All marketing materials require approval from Dr. Little and the AP marketing office prior to distribution. Please email materials to Chris and Lauren, and they will get necessary approvals.
Do not use the University Seal on any marketing materials. The seal is approved for use primarily on official publications (such as certificates and diplomas) only. If you feel like you need the seal for something, consult with the AP marketing office first.
Don't Forget Disclaimers!
Required on all marketing pieces, including ads, digital, and print materials: The University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity institution.
Required on all print materials (in addition to the above): Printed and distributed at no cost to Oklahoma taxpayers.
Required on all materials marketing an event (including, but not limited to: Classes, lunches, seminars, etc.): Accommodations may be made on the basis of disability.
Additional Information
OU Brand Guidelines: ou.edu/content/brand.html

AP Marketing Coordinator: Katie McClelland, kmcclelland@ou.edu

AP Social Media and Web Coordinator: Ann White, annmwhite@ou.edu

Created By: Katie McClelland & Amy Dickey
Why Does it Matter?
AP Marketing Process
When you fill out a marketing request form, it goes through these channels:
Chris Sartorius and Lauren Eichinger
Katie McClelland and/or Ann White
Graphic Designer
Back to you for review
Dr. Little for final approval
Outreach marketing for brand standard check and approval
But sometimes...
Chris Sartorius and Lauren Eichinger
Katie McClelland and/or Ann White
Graphic Designer
Katie McClelland and/or Ann White
Graphic Designer
Katie McClelland and/or Ann White
Graphic Designer
Outreach marketing for brand standard check and approval
Graphic Designer
Katie McClelland and/or Ann White
Dr. Little for final approval
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