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The Graphic Novel

No description

Kia Kortelainen

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of The Graphic Novel

FORMAT VISUAL DEVICES Super Hero Literary Crime/Action Gothic /Horror Secret Identity Sense of Power Super Powers (Conventional Good vs. Bad) "ALL IN
FOR A DIME!" What's a super hero without a super power? Cliche plot hook Protect love ones: Top 10 (America's Best Comics). - ALAN MOORE
-entire population has powers, and alter egos, and costumes. What is normal when everyone is special? Superman and Batman: Generations (D.C). - JOHN BYRNE
An Elseworlds tale The Dark Knight Strikes Back (D.C). - FRANK MILLER
-Sequel to The Dark Knight Returns Examples D.C. & MARVEL The Crow (Titus Books). - JAMES O'BARR
-Gothic as you can get, movie based off of it.
Sandman (D.C./Vertigo). - NEIL GAIMAN
-A milestone for GNs, he recreated a golden age character
as a creature of the night. Many spin offs.
-Hellblazer (D.C./Vertigo). - ALAN MOORE
-Bloody hard hitting and dark fantasy Gore Landscapes of the Mind Firearms!! Love and Death 100 Bullets (D.C./Vertigo). - Various
-An ex-government man hands out a gun
to victims with 100 untraceable bullets
Sin City: That Yellow Bastard (Dark Horse). -FRANK MILLER

Transmetropolitan (D.C./Vertigo). - DARICK ROBERTSON AND
-Crime noir thriller set in a dysfunctional future Autobiography Slice of Life A Contract With God (D.C.) - WILL EISNER
-Series of disassocited stories, strongly autobiographical.

-retelling of the Holocaust using mice as the main protagonists,
also strongly autobriographical.

Stuck Rubber Baby (D.C.) - HOWARD CRUISE
-based in 1960s in Southern America, about the Civil Rights Movement Experimental Observing and Recording Inspiration Referencing Planning Script Full- Script Plot-First Telling the Story Writing Styles Grammer (Point of View) Briefing an Artist Setting Research Materials Character Sheets Page Layout Frame Sizes Think like a Movie Director! Publishing! Submitting Self- Publishing NEIL GAIMAN British Writer Works include: Short fiction
Comic books
Graphic novels
Audio & Film Popular Works: "The Sandman," "Death: The High Cost of Living,"
"Marvel 1602," Best known for reinventing the old
D.C. character The Sandman into
Morpheus, Lord of the Dreaming The Sandman #19, "A Midsummer Night's Dream",
won the World Fantasy Award in 1991 for Best Short Fiction Won
26 Eisner
Awards Fantasy, horror,
science fiction,
dark fantasy Genres: ALAN MOORE Art Spiegelman One of the most popular graphic novelists Popular Works: "V for Vendetta,"
"From Hell,"
"The League of
Extraordinary Gentlemen," British Writer Science fiction,
fiction, non-fiction,
superhero, horror Genres: Works Include: Comics, novels,
short stories,
scripts, music,
cartoons, magician "Watchmen," (Cave Paintings & Hieroglyphics) Graphic storytelling has been
used since prehistoric times Images were used to convey thoughts and ideas (Most people
were illiterate) Manga would become a major graphic novel genre in the late 1990s in America, eventually becoming one of the biggest sections of the graphic novel trade MULTIPLE GENRES, each aimed at a specific age or type of reader. Omnibus volumes featuring several collected story arcs are called soshuhen. FUN FACT: There are more comics and graphic novels sold in Japan than the rest of the world combined. Has a unique stylization that is instantly recognizable In Japan. The west most likely knows Japanese comics best through TV reincarnations known as Anime. Japanese manga have their own terminology. A manga is usually a single issue of a continuing series, equivalent to an American comic book. A one-shot is called a yomikiri while a single volume collecting the story
arc from a series of manga is a tankobon
equivalent to a graphic novel. In 1842, the first major 'graphic novel'
was published in the United States. THE ADVENTURES OF OBADIAH OLDBUCK 1895 God’s Man, Madman’s Drum Sexual themes and drug related culture Will Eisner THE WATCHMEN Reformed comic books ...and do it in a sensitive, adult manner. Genres flow into each other, blurring the lines A new take on the
traditional 'super hero'. American Swedish Writer Works Include: Popular Works: Genres: Part of the counter-cultural underground comic movement inconsistent veriety of styles and genres as
Spiegelman tried to find his artistic "voice" "Breakdowns,"
"In the Shadow of No Towers," Graphic Novels
Cartoons :biographical story of Spiegleman's parents during the Holocaust.

Nominated for several literary awards.

Special Pulitzer Prize (1992). “An overpriced Comic Book or a kid’s comic
with delusions of grandeur,” Rodolphe Toffler. THE YELLOW KID EUROPE OVERVIEW NORTH AMERICA -into softcover "album" form. Cupples & Leon collected comics such as Bringing Up Father George McManus Tillie the Toiler Russ Westover Published regularly from 1915 - mid 1930s Whitman published prose novels based on comic strip
characters such as Little Orphan Annie, Smilin' Jack,
and Blondie, among others. What People Think: ANALOGY A GRAPHIC NOVEL is like a full length
feature film complete with special
effects and stereo sound. A COMIC BOOK is like an
episode in a TV series. ***back when each episode closed with order restored "Maus: A Survivor's Tale," At first it would seem that graphic novels were created to deliberately stay away from costumed heroes and character clichés POST WW I Pulp magazine novels Male Audience Pulp Heroes The Spider, The Shadow, Doc Savage Most Pulps had spectacular covers and illustrations. Superman came in around in the late 1930s Some claim that the graphic
novel dates back farther... 1930s Lynd Ward created novels that were told
using woodcut images. ***No narrative or dialogue text. 1915 1950 IT RHYMES WITH LUST Arnold Drake and Matt Baker First popularly printed graphic novel. 1967 His Name is Savage Gil Kane (Green Lantern,
The Atom) ***beginning of underground comix 1950s -60s THE CLASSICS Pop culture heroes Novels -> Graphic Superman, Flash Gordon H.G Wells, Dickens, Jules Verne 1954 Led to a growing social concern over the content of horror and crime comics aimed at children. SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT Frederic Wertham's Mmmm, MMMN,
Good. ***Western and TV stars became the popular subjects
- Sales in the graphic novel
and comic industry began to drop Parental Concerns began
over shocking content Publishers needed a way to control the decline A more bland, acceptable type of subject was created This is where comic books adopted the children's fare cartoon characters and super heroes. 1966 It is also where graphic novels genres
began to go down hill. The Comics Code -created to satisfy parental complaints
of violence and sensationalism Led to the stagnation of graphic novels in America Subject matter became a means of bouncing from genre to genre to find
a hype. Mid-1960's UNDERGROUND COMIX Self published Used satire to comment on political and social issues (Vietnam War and the Civil Rights movement) Didn't conform to The Comic Code Like regular novels, graphic novels also fall into several types and genres 1969 Author John Updike posed a question: "I see no intrinsic reason why a doubly talented artist might not arise and create a comic strip novel masterpiece," Stated that novelists could and should create intricate comic novels. Graphic Albums & Picture Digests France & Germany 1930 Belgian artist, Herge created Tintin. Phillipe Druillet 1970s Lone Sloane/Delirius and Yragael/Urm Examples Corto Maltese Asterix, Lieutenant Blueberry Italy France and Belgium Examples Marvel
Comics 1st original mass-market THE SILVER
SURFER Stan Lee and Jack Kirby trade paperback graphic novel 1970s-80s Retailing changes Eliminated local small retailers. Fantasy/Science Fiction Malls
Mass merchandisers $$$$ $$$$ Comic publishers sold to the direct market (Stores that strictly sold graphic novels and related merchandise) Direct Market Target Audiences Creators Graphic Novels based on specific themes Overseas market had been creating for years Full copyright ownership and sales royalties. 1978 SABRE (Eclipse Comics) Don McGregor and Paul Gulacy A CONTRACT WITH GOD (the first creator owned and published graphic novel) "I sat down and tried to do a book that would physically look like a 'legitimate' book and at the same time write about a subject matter that would never have been addressed in comic form, which is man's relationship with God." -Eisner The term was found on the dust jacket of "Bloodstar." "BLOODSTAR is a new, revolutionary concept--a graphic novel, which combines all the imagination and visual power of comic strip art with the richness of the traditional novel." VISUAL STYLE CROPS SOUND EFFECTS SPEECH BUBBLES TYPE OF HERO LANDSCAPE COLOUR
Line Background
Splash Page Formats Landscapes of the Mind Beyond our World Character Description Realistic Characters Examples Conan the Barbarian (Marvel) - Robert E. Howard and Roy Thomas -A classic full of swords and sorcery

Alice in Sunderland (Dark Horse) - Bryan Talbot
-Explores Lewis Carol's fantasy world, focusing on its historical and mythical aspects

The Adventure sof Luther Arkwright (Dark Horse) - Bryan Talbot
-Originally a British underground comic, this story is more adult in tone and has aspects of history, politics and mythology. It's set in an apocalyptic world in a parallel universe. Kickstarter
Amazon’s Kindle
Direct Publishing
Barnes & Noble’s PubIt!
Smashwords Many say Will Eisner coined
"Graphic Novel," 1976 Examples Where did "Graphic Novel," come from? Robert E. Howard MANGA 1978 Comic book format could be used to deal with any subject Akira (1988) Battle Angel Alita 1985 Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons collected series graphic novel MEANWHILE Artists from underground comix
got involved with self-publishing graphic novels. MAUS: A SURVIVOR'S TALE THE FUTURE OF THE GRAPHIC NOVEL? 1978 -Shounen
-Magical Girl Mature Audience Lengthy Superior Production Value Experimental "It was intended as a departure from the standard, what we call 'comic book format," Katsuhiro Otomo Yukito Kishiro multiple layers break-up overlapping frameless Zoom Ordering Create short 'preview' books of your graphic novel idea Synopsis Good Pitch Genre Textually Dense vs. Visually Driven Expository Sections Pace Graphic Novel Page Number Double Spaced Script page
(Keeps Manuscript in order) Instructions for the artist (Done in small case) Panel numbered to maintain
story's chronology Characters indicated Narrative captions are labeled (Presented in order of appearance) Narrative and speech in capitals (Like a mini-movie) Writers are in full control.

Are able to go back and re-write sections.

Using your own time. Once a script is written and delivered its too late to change anything.

If you're not a visually thinker your script could lack descriptions that could help the artist.

Slower than plot-first, not good fro tight dead lines. Pros Cons Pros Cons Artist can do some of the writers work for him.

If something is forgotten in the plot it is easy to fix. Artwork could come back unsatisfactory.

A writer may not like the artwork. Numbered Script Dialogue and narrative captitalized Single Spacing Captions and character names underlined
and numbered Captions and speech is numbered.
(Helps with bubbled and panels) Lines indicate panels (Time-saver) Thank You! A GRAPHIC NOVEL is like a full length
feature film complete with special
effects and stereo sound.
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