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Education: Our society Vs. Brave New World.

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fatima samreen

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Education: Our society Vs. Brave New World.

Thank you for being such a great audience! THE END Us vs. Them A comparision of education systems Why are we so different? Teaching style Technology
taught everything
set guidelines
freedom to think
caste plays a role
taught only relevant things
everything must benefit everyone

us: tools relevant to subject internet
YouTube them: hypnopaedia
neo-pavlovian conditioning only one teaching style
status dictates quality of education
don't ask, don't tell policy

So, how are we the same? Is education liberating?

It's a key to the door of opportunity helps us get farther up in status education=more money= more privileges eradicates competition for basic needs but, is education imprisoning too? taught very little
reasoning and curiosity discouraged
manipulated by superior entity
bribery in education
education being controlled by a group of people

Is it successful? us: no drugs
encouraged to dabble in everything
freedom of thought
freedom of religion
we choose our own path

drugs are encouraged committment = unnatural
brainwashed, not taught
everyone belongs to everyone else
pre determined destiny
Isn't it the same though? catchy tunes=hypnopaedic slogans
belief in a higher power
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