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What is propaganda?

No description

Sophie Goldenberg

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of What is propaganda?

What is propaganda?
Hollywood vs. Communism
Post War Period
Kuwait's Adventure
Saddam Hussein
Iraq Kuwait
: Eliminate weapons of mass destruction/Petroleum
Practical Part
Bandwagon: Everyone is doing it...
Better dead than Red
Joseph McCarthy
Vietnam War
Anti – Communism
If we're forced to fight, we will fight...
Be a part of the crowd...
Don't get left out...
Where did it start?
France – Pathé
German film industry: UFA
The minister of propaganda: Joseph Goebbels
Hitler's Muse
Leni Riefenstahl
Triumph of the Will

Hollywood's response:
Year: 1942
Michael Curtiz's

Rick's Café Americain = Free world
Politics vs. Love story
America against fascism
Consequences of the Cold War
Reagan FBI
(House Committee on Un-American Activities)
1947 – Hollywood Blacklist
What happened?
November, 1947
Hollywood Ten defended themselves
– Anti-Communist Party
Witch Hunt
Garbo Laughs
Year: 1939
Director: Ernst Lubitsh
Disagreements about communism
Lubitsh touch: Art of suggestion
Capitalism vs. Communism
Cold War
The Domino theory
Impact on America
I do believe that movies are subject to a million interpretations.
– Oliver Stone

Dramatic History
Born on the Fourth of July
Year: 1989
Director: Oliver Stone
This is about freedom, not about oil...
Year: 2005
Director: Sam Mendes

No freedom of speech
Aim: To stay alive
Iraqui withdrawal from Kuwait
Sanctions against Iraq
Heavy casualties and destruction
Establishment of Iraqi no-fly zones
An effective means of propaganda
Seeing is believing
Propaganda = an essential
Think critically
Pussy Riot
Punk feminist band
Anti – Putin movements
Punk Prayer
Is Propaganda an
method ?
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